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Appic Softwares can leverage its services to various industries and provide numerous digital solutions like mobile app development, website development, and more.

Revolutionary Software Solutions Across
Every Industry

Software solutions have become an integral part of almost every industry, from logistics to healthcare. Appic Softwares cater to all industry needs by using the latest technologies and providing custom solutions.

01 On Demand Industry

Our developers can build a highly customizable on-demand application that can cater to various services like food delivery, grocery delivery, home service, grooming, and many more. For this specific industry, we will be creating 3-4 different applications one each for end-users, drivers, vendors, and admin.

Some features we can deploy in your apps are-

  • GPS Tracking
  • Dynamic Menu
  • Secure Profile Creation
  • Report & Analytics
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Case Study

It’s an online platform that allows you to create a portfolio of your products and services in a QR code format. The QR code can be used to create portfolios in multiple languages and currencies. Additionally, our developers created a dynamic menu that can be customized to the end user's liking.

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02 Automotive Industry

We will provide a real-time access plan for your automotive and transportation software. There are various services we can list in your apps like a car service management system, vehicle renting, vehicle listing, and many more. We can build a feature-loaded application with features like-

  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Profile Creation
  • GPS Tracker
  • Appointment Booking
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Case Study

Taximo is a limousine and taxi service-providing app that allows users to either schedule or book a taxi instantly. We created two different apps for them one for the drivers and another one for drivers to accept or reject a request.

03 Ecommerce & Marketplace Industry

Online shopping is on a boom and to help you reach the global market our software developers use the latest cutting-edge technologies. They can build ecommerce stores around Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, WordPress, and Webflow. Some features we can deploy in your ecommerce app are-

  • Store Locator
  • Seamless Zoom In, Zoom Out
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi Payment Gateway
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Case Study

A resale marketplace rendering app that helps customers to list and purchase used items. We embedded several features in this app to make it unique from the other already existing apps. To fulfill the needs of our client we added several features like community-based resale marketplace, secure cashless payments, in-app transportation solution, secure chat feature, and many more

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04 Healthcare Industry

To enhance medical care we can build a highly secure healthcare app that provides accurate information related to customers' health. To make your app highly engaging we can include various services such as a patient engagement system, medical software development, AR medical app development, etc. Moreover, our developers can include various features in your healthcare app-

  • E-prescription
  • Wearable Information
  • Video & Audio Conferencing
  • Doctor & Patient Profile Creation
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Case Study

A healthcare software that delivers drugs and medicines at home. We equipped this software with a custom coupon code feature where the admin can create and accept coupons. Moreover, our developers added a GPS tracking feature to enable drivers to deliver the medicines on time.

05 Education Industry

Making learning easy and fun, our education app developers can build a user-friendly education app that can be used by any age group of people. We believe that education should not stop any matter what age you are and thus, there are various education apps that we can build like corporate training apps, induction apps, skill-boosting apps, and so on. The features we can include in your apps are-

  • Lecture Scheduling
  • Subscription Plan
  • Classroom Forums
  • Test Series
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Case Study

A step ahead of its time software provides informational and educational content. Students and teachers can also create separate groups and interact, share notes, and more. We added several unique features to this project such as a categorized subject management feature, a community building and management feature, and, a marketplace feature where end users can buy and sell their content, etc.

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06 Finance Industry

Appic Softwares offers a wide range of fintech app development services like online banking solutions, stock trading, online wallets, insurance solutions, salary deployment solutions, and more. The features our finance app developers can include in your app are-

  • Loan/Tax Calculator
  • E-wallets
  • Stocks purchase/sell
  • Payment Automation
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Case Study
Avas Financiers

Avas Financiers is a leading home loan-providing company. We created software for them that can be easily integrated with third-party applications. Furthermore, our developers also created a dummy database so that the earlier existing database is secure and does not get hampered.

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07 Astrology Industry

Our astrology software solutions will help you make revolutionary changes in the astrology industry. Apart from the normal horoscope information, we can build various software for the astrology industry such as health/wealth reports, palm reading through AI, tarot card reading, and more. We can even include a marketplace inside your software so that you can sell stones, idols, merchandise, and more. The features we can include in your app are-

  • Celestial Calander
  • Video/Voice/Chat Feature
  • Appointment Booking
  • Push Notifications
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8 Logistic Industry

We can create a dynamic app that solves your logistic requirements. The services that we can include in your logistic apps are asset tracking software, transportation management software, order management, warehouse management, and many more.

  • GPS Technology
  • Order Tracking & Updation
  • Push Notifications
  • Branded App
Case Study

Another marketplace software that we created also had warehouse management features in it. We created software from that that assists the admin to track and keep a check of all the items in the inventory. Additionally, we enabled a GPS tracker, a dynamic menu feature, and more.

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09 Social Networking Industry

Our social networking app developers can develop apps for enterprises and for global use. The solutions we can provide in an enterprise are a knowledge base, document collaboration system, enterprise webcasting, and many more. For the global market, we can build dating apps, messaging apps, video uploading apps, social game apps, and many more. The features we can include in all these apps are-

  • Real-Time Chatting
  • Image/Video Editing
  • Media Uploading/Sharing
  • Profile Creation
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10 Real Estate Industry

Our real estate software development solution assists customers, sellers, and real estate agents. The services we can deploy in your real estate apps are mobile app consulting, online property booking, enterprise solutions ( co-working space ), etc. and the features we can include are-

  • Global Buyer Access
  • Maintain Large Inventory
  • GPS Tracker
  • Verified Listing
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Case Study
Rocca Box

We crafted Rocca Box to help customers' property searches be easy. The app was created with dynamic features and an effective property-hunting algorithm. The features we added to make it stand out from the competitors are category property management, detailed property description, custom filters, a search bar, etc.

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11 Events Industry

To make your events app techy we use technologies like AI, React, Flutter, etc. Furthermore, we can include various services in your event software such as corporate event management, trade shows, ticket booking, sports/entertainment booking, and more. The features we can deploy in your apps are-

  • Event Creation
  • Event Search
  • Event Calander
  • Ticket Booking

12 SaaS Industry

industry are SaaS app development, SaaS app optimization, SaaS app designing, and more. Additionally the features we can deploy your application are-

  • Unique Architecture
  • User-Friendly App Design
  • Workflow Automation
  • Data Management
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13 Mobile Game Industry

From high-graphic games to educational games, our developers can help you create apps as per your needs. There are various gaming apps that we can AR/VR games, 3D games, Metaverse games, Web 3 game development, etc., and the features that we can incubate in your apps are-

  • Real-Time Score Update
  • Push Notification
  • Live Streaming
  • In Game Communication

14 Fitness Industry

Our fitness apps can tackle both the physical and mental health of humans. The list of services we can deploy in your fitness apps is meditation mindfulness, mood tracking, sleep cycle analysis, diet planning, personality development, and more. We can also include various features-

  • Heath Tracking
  • Online Consultation
  • Rewards
  • Social Media Integration

15 Travel & Hospitality Industry

We deliver top-notch hospitality and travel software solutions for our clients. The software solutions we can provide in this industry are hotel booking/listing, travel portals, flight booking portals, hotel management software, and so on. Just like every other industry, we can include various features in this industry as well-

  • Customer Database Management
  • Menu Optimization
  • Dynamic Hotel Profile
  • Custom Coupon Codes

Success Stories of Our Clients

Be it a simple app or an enterprise-grade complex solution, we have expertise in industries we serve and we have developed the perfect applications for brands and companies across the globe.

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