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Car Service App Project: City Of Cars

Making car service easy for every car owner

A car service app that understands the importance of transparency while servicing your cars. They connect car owners to top-notch service centers that are nearby their location.

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About City Of Cars

Rocca Box - About Us

City Of Cars is an on-demand industry application that provides car pick-up and drop directly from an owner’s home to the service center. It assists car owners to know the progress of their car service and what all pieces of equipment need service or maintenance.

With the USP of providing a transparent car service, COC ensures that a customer knows what is being done in their car without being physically present in the service center.

With a vision of eliminating inconsistent pricing and lack of trust, we helped the entrepreneur to create a feature-loaded application.

Benefits Of City Of Cars

  • Property searching
    Creating custom plans depending on the geographical location of the car model, brand, and type of fuel used.
  • Detailed property
    Nearby service center pairing.
  • Making property
    Home/other preferred location vehicle pickup and drop-off.
  • Availability
    Updates on the progress of the car service in real-time.
  • Customized Filter
    An inspection report for their car at both the pre-inspection and the post-inspection stages.
  • Categorized property
    Multiple personalized plans with an easy booking process.
  • Categorized property
    Under one profile, customers can manage multiple cars.
  • Easy enquiry
    Customers can add different cars across different cities.

Features In COC

To address the ideas and requirements of our client, we added several features and created 3 different apps. Here are all the features that we listed in the apps.

Admin App

  • Custom Plans

    Our client had a very specific demand that every city should have different pricing plans based on the brand of vehicle, its fuel type, and car model.

  • Order Management

    Through the admin app, the one using it can accept or reject a car service request. Moreover, they can even manually pair the customers with nearby service centers.

  • Customer support

    We added chat support in the app through which both customers and service center agents ( Scouts ) can raise a query and get it resolved. The admin will get a notification through email, every time there is a new query raised.

  • Customer Feedback

    Once the service is completed the customer will receive a customer feedback form. The admin can view the result in its app.

  • Preset Updates

    The admin can select and show plans to the customers based on the current market scenario. They can create 2-3 different pricing plans, save them and apply them whenever they want.

  • User Management

    Admins can activate or deactivate users or scouts as per their choice.

  • Role Management

    The admin can even distribute its responsibilities by creating sub-admins in the app.

  • Order Panel

    This panel will contain all the information related to the service requests made and the payment received.

  • Payment Info

    As soon as a payment is made, the admin will get notified about it in the order panel. Furthermore, if the payment is via cash on delivery then the admin will get notified once the dealer deposits the cash in their account.

Product Management
Product Management

Scout ( Vendor ) App

  • GPS Tracker

    We installed a GPS tracker in both the user and scout app that ensures easy vehicle pick-up and drop-off.

  • Pre-Inspection Report

    The scout can create a pre-inspection report that informs the customer what all things need servicing and the estimated cost of it. The report will be sent to the customer for approval.

  • Post-Inspection Report

    There are changes of a bit more services requirement once the mechanic goes deep into the vehicle, Thus, the scout can again raise a request and get approval from the customer.

  • Payment Info

    Scout will beforehand know the mode of payment which reduces confusion.

User App

  • High security

    Once the user schedules a car service they will receive an OTP that needs to be conveyed to the one picking up the car. This reduces the chances of theft.

  • Service Cycle Updates

    Customers can view every single update that is going on in the service center. This creates a transparent environment between the customer and the service center.

  • Multiple Car Listing

    Customers can list multiple cars in one user account. Moreover, they can even list cars from different cities and get them services while not being present at the location.

  • Service Approval

    Customers can decide on what maintenance they want in their car. They will get a list of repairs that needs to be done from the scout and the customer can accept or deny the request.

Product Management

Project Approach

Creating a car service app can be a complex task, that requires careful planning and designing to meet the expectations of the client. Here is an overview of the approach we followed while developing COC

01 Business Analysis

The first step in developing any software is understanding its requirements and getting to know the key features and functionality. For that, we did a virtual meeting with the owner of COC to better understand the requirements.

02 Designing & Prototyping

Once the ideas were clear, we started designing the wireframes, user flows, and more. We worked closely with the client and ensured that all the requirements are met.

03 Development

After the design was ready, we started developing the application by selecting a technology stack and writing codes. We followed the best practice while developing the app, such as using version controlling, conducting code reviews, and so on.

04 Quality Testing

Once the development was completed, our quality assurance engineers conducted high-intensity testing to ensure that it meets the client’s expectations.

05 Launch & Support

After our QA engineers give a green flag, we launched the app on the PlayStore and App store. Furthermore, we are providing them with free 45 days of post-maintenance support to ensure they don’t face any issues in their journey.


Mobile Frame

Technology Stack Used

Executing requirements
  • Executing requirements Frontend: ReactJS
  • Executing requirements Backend: Nodejs
  • User/Scout
  • Executing requirements Frontend: Flutter
  • Executing requirements Backend: Nodejs
  • Database
  • Executing requirements MongoDB Compass

Client Testimonial

Property searching
Ujjwal Verma

"I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for Shubham Jain. Shubham quickly assumed the leadership of the project during a critical phase when things were uncertain.

Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles along the way, Shubham remained a calm and steady presence, always putting the needs of the project first. He took the time to truly understand the project specifications and overall concept, diving deep to identify potential issues before they could become problems.

What impressed me the most about Shubham was his unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work. He consistently went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the project was completed on time and to the highest possible standard

Thanks to the whole team Dipendra, Jitendra, Rajat, Akash, Nitesh, Shubham Pareek for their hard work, leadership, and unwavering commitment to the success of our project."

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