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We offer a customer-centric food delivery app development service. The app is developed by our experienced food delivery app developers that have all the knowledge of the latest technology.

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Food Delivery App Development Services

We offer premium food delivery app development services, making your app feature-loaded. Some of the services we can include in your app are-

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Multiple Payment Gateway

We can integrate various payment features in your food delivery app like net banking, debit card, credit card, and cash on delivery. Moreover, we can create an app wallet too where your customers can deposit their money and make payments. You can also refund the returned product amount to the same wallet ensuring that the customers use the amount in your store in the future.

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Dynamic Inventory & Menu

The restaurant owners that apply to your food delivery app can create a dynamic menu consisting of images, food description ( what it’s made of ), nutrition value, product price, restaurant tour video, and so on. All these features will help you create a highly engaging app that attracts more customers.

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User Security

As your customers will be entering important information like their address, contact information, and card information, thus your food delivery app developers use the right technology and mechanism to create a secure environment in your app.

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Simple Yet Branded UI

If your app is easy to surf and order then there are more chances of more users loving it. Therefore, our developers make sure to build an intrusive interface that makes it easier for your customers to order the food. We can even deploy a tracking system in your app so that your customers know exactly how long they have to wait before they can feast.

Our Food Delivery App Development Features

We can create a feature-loaded app that can cater to the needs of your customers, restaurant owners, delivery drivers, and you as well. Some of the features we can include in your food delivery app are-

Customer App Features

Creating A Roadmap
Discount Coupon Integration

To gain more customers you can give discount coupons to them and ensure that they make purchases on your app in the future. We make sure that the coupon integration is done right and no malfunction in it.

Creating A Roadmap
Secure Login

Our food delivery app developers can create a highly secure login page that can allow users to log in via an OTP, biometric authentication, password, and so on.

Creating A Roadmap

A search bar wherein your customers can insert a particular dish they want to eat like pizza, burgers, nachos, etc. and the search bar will suggest to them the restaurants that serve the dish. Moreover, your customers can also search for a particular cuisine or a restaurant and the search bar will give them the result.

Creating A Roadmap
Reviews & Ratings

Through this feature, your customers can give valuable feedback for a particular restaurant, driver, food quality, and more.

Our Food Delivery App Development Process

Appic Softwares follow a consolidated food delivery app development process which ensures no extra time is wasted on non-resourceful activities. The process we follow is- :
Creating A Roadmap
Business Analysis

We have a team of business analysts that understands your requirements and create a strategic plan. They will even suggest you some unique features so that your app stays unique from your competitors.

Designing & Development

In the next step, our analysts will discuss the plan and your requirements with our food delivery app developers. They will then start designing your application using the latest app development technologies.

Mobile App Testing
App Testing

In the next step, our quality assurance engineers will do a checkpoint test of your application, ensuring that it functions smoothly.


Launching an app is as complicated as developing it, thus we use the perfect technology while launching your application. We also provide 30 days of free post-maintenance support on your project.

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Why Should You Partner With Us As Your Food Delivery App Development Partner?

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should partner with us.

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We Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

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50+ Industry Expert Developers

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24X7 Customer Support

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ISO Certified Firm And Sings Non-Disclosure Agreements

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On-Time Delivery With No Hidden Costs

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Secure App Development

Technologies We Use For Food Delivery App Development

Here are some of the technologies that we use to develop your food delivery app-
Sign in & Sign-out feature

Artificial Intelligence

Audio & Video Conferencing


Audio & Video Conferencing

React Native

Audio & Video Conferencing


Test Series & Quizzes


Payment Options


Payment Options


Classroom Forums


Push Notifications


Industries We Serve



Social Networking







Some of the features that we can deploy in your food delivery apps are-

  • Multipayment support
  • Secure login & registration
  • Order tracking
  • Dynamic menu and profile buildup
  • Promo code management
  • Customer support management And many more.
And many more.

The duration of food delivery app development depends on the features you want to include in your app. Although, once we get to know your project idea our business analysts will inform you of the exact timeframe.

We provide 30 days of free post-maintenance support. If you want we can also increase the days and will charge as per the work required.

The cost of food delivery app development depends on the size of the project. However, Appic Softwares can build your food delivery app within a budget of $10,000-$50,000 based on your requirements.
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