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Pega Consulting

Appic Softwares is a leading Pega consulting company that can provide out-of-the-box solutions to your requirements. We have an experienced team of Pega consultants that have worked on various projects across different industries.

Our Pega Services

Apart from consulting, we provide four different Pega services that you should check out before moving further-

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Pega Customization

Although Pega does not provide any customization features but still with use of the right tools like DX component, React Cosmos, React SDK, and more we can customize your previously build Pega software.

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Pega Integration

Through the process of data modeling, we can create a logical visualization of the data stored in your database and then we can integrate the data into your Pega software. We make sure that there is no loss of data while integrating.

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Pega Support

We provide 30 days of free post-maintenance support ensuring that all your maintenance and support requirements are heard.

Share Your Pega App Development Ideas With Our Experts.

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Pega Consulting Process We Follow

We follow an in-depth process of Pega consulting ensuring that all your ordeals are solved. Here is the process we follow-:
Creating A Roadmap
Analyzing The Current Process

We start the process by understanding and analyzing your Pega software. Then we conduct a SWOT analysis of your project.

Requirement Capture/Technical Gap Analysis, Scoping

Up next we create a business case that will resolve your problems like development, costs, idea implementation, and so on.

Mobile App Testing
Strategizing The Development

Our Pega consultants will develop a test product that will be bug-free and will solve all your problems.

Best Practices We Follow For Pega Consulting

Here are some of the best practices that Appic Softwares follow while consulting-

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360º View

Our consultants check your Pega software from all possible angles ensuring that they have a complete understanding of your business and IT structure.

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Strategic Blueprint

Once they gather a complete understanding of the structure and requirements, the Pega consultants will create a strategic plan on how you can implement your ideas in it and scale up the Pega software.

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Quality Solutions

We provide end-to-end Pega solutions like development, integration, customization, and so on. All of these services are provided to you at a low cost and with high quality.

Benefits Of Choosing Appic Softwares

  • 200+

  • $10M+

    Raised for startups
  • 15+


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We Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

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50+ Industry Expert Developers

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24X7 Customer Support

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ISO Certified Firm And Sings Non-Disclosure Agreements

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On-Time Delivery With No Hidden Costs

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The answer is simple, we have an experienced team of Pega consultants that conducts a checkpoint test of your application to better understand the flaws in it. Furthermore, we also create a strategic plan for you to implement it.

Although Pega does not support customization, still our experienced Pega developers can conduct changes in a pre-built Pega application with the use of the DX component, React Cosmos, React SDK, and Constellation JS.

Apart from consulting we provide development, integration, customization, and migration services related to Pega. Additionally, we also provide Salesforce development, Power Bi development, iOS app development, Website development, and many more services.

The cost of Pega consulting depends on the size of the project and how complex it is to analyze the project. However, Appic Softwares is competitive in the market and will provide you with the best pricing possible.
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