Healthcare Software Development Company

Healthcare Software Development Company

Appic Softwares is a leading healthcare mobile app development company that provides custom healthcare solutions to suit your needs.

Mobile App Development Company

Our Healthcare Mobile App Development Services

With a solid 6+ years of mobile app development services, Appic Softwares has already deployed more than 200+ applications across various industries.
Let’s look at healthcare mobile app development services provided by Appic Softwares-:
Patient Engagement System

Appic Softwares can build a remote patient monitoring system through which doctors can keep an eye on patients’ health virtually. The app can connect with wearable devices, IoT sensors, and more to provide the correct report of patients’ health.

mHealth App Development

mHealth apps allow you to streamline workflow and maintain patient data more efficiently. Moreover, we can also include various features in your mHealth App like voice-enabling, live chat, video chat, and so on.

Medical Software Development

An inbound software that can keep track of asset management, insurance management, electronic bill management, employee management, and so on. This software can efficiently manage all business operations and allows you to work on other important tasks.

AR Medical App Development

For a better understanding of medical sciences, an AR-led medical app can help increase vein detection, streamline patient care, wound care management, and so on.

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Healthcare Mobile App Development Features That We Can Include

Appic Softwares can deploy various features into your healthcare mobile app, let’s have a look at some of them-:
Sign in & Sign-out feature

Secured Payment Gateway

Lecture Scheduling

Audio & Video Conferencing

Audio & Video Conferencing

Reminder Notifications

Audio & Video Conferencing

Appointment Management

Test Series & Quizzes


Payment Options

Staff Management

Subscription Plans

Analytics & Reports

Classroom Forums

Doctor & Patient Profiles

Push Notifications

Wearables Information

Our Healthcare App Development Process

Appic Softwares has a unified application development process that is followed by our healthcare mobile app developers, let’s walk you through it-:
Creating A Roadmap
Healthcare Business Analysis

We have a team of business analysts that understand your needs, and then create a strategic plan that can help you scale the healthcare app at a faster rate. They will even help you get an in-depth analysis of future requirements so that you keep up with the latest trends.

Mobile App Development

Once we have created a strategy for your healthcare app our developers will take over and start designing it. While crafting your application, our developers make sure that it is user-friendly, has data security, is eye-catching, and is unique.

Mobile App Testing
Mobile App Testing

Before we launch your app, our testers have an all-around view of it and ensure that it’s not malfunctioning. We even provide a prototype of the app to you for a final check.


In the end, we will launch your app on all the mobile stores ( iOS & Android ) and also analyze its performance ensuring you world-class service. We even provide post-maintenance services to ensure you provide a glitch-free experience to your end users.

Why Choose Appic Softwares As Your Healthcare Mobile App Development Company?

Let’s have a look at the best reasons for you to choose Appic Softwares as your healthcare mobile app development partner-
Experienced Developers

Appic Softwares has an experienced team of app developers that can custom-build healthcare apps as per your need. The developers also ensure that the app is created within the time frame and at a set budget.

Customer Support

We provide 180 days of 24X7 customer support once your app is launched that too without any additional charges.

Certified Firm

Appic Softwares is ISO certified firm that strictly follows NDA policies. Moreover, we use big data to make sure that the in-app data is also secure from cyber criminals.

High Scalability

Appic Softwares create apps that can be easily used by any age group. We include features like voice search that create high engagement among the end users.

Modern Edge Technologies Used By Us To Deploy Education App

Appic Softwares uses a bunch of technologies to craft your application, let’s have a look at them-:
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

This technology can collect performance reports of your business and give you an overview of it. Moreover, AI helps in voice search, auto suggestions, workflow automation, etc. which makes an app stand out from the competitors.

Big Data
Big Data

Through this technology, you would get extensive reports related to your business. Some of the reports that you can get through Big Data are app traffic reports, particular page visit reports, daily tracking reports, and many more.


To secure your healthcare application’s data, we use Block Chain technology. It protects all your and your patient’s data from cyber criminals, giving you a secure environment.


AR/VR provides advanced medical science features like virtual classes to teach autism patients, vein detection, and so on. This technology also helps you over-powering your competitors.


Some of the features that you must include in your healthcare app are-:
  • Appointment Booking
  • Geolocation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Immediate Chat
  • Reviews & Rating

The cost of creating a healthcare app depends on the list of features you want to include in it. Although, Appic Softwares make sure to build a feature-loaded app within your budget.

A healthcare app can be created using technologies like Python, JAVA, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, and so on. However, our consultants will provide you with a detailed solution to this so that you get what you deserve.

Usually, patients download a healthcare app to track their wellbeings, and thus providing them with correct reports can ensure that your healthcare app is successful. Moreover, healthcare apps are also used by old-age people, thus making them user-friendly is also important.

There are various kinds of healthcare apps that can be created, let’s have a look at them-:
  • Doctor Appointment Booking/Scheduling Apps
  • Meditation Tracking Apps
  • Lifestyle Healthcare Management Apps
  • Electronic Health Recording Apps
And many more.
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