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With 290+ branches Aavas Financiers is a leading home loan provider.

Aavas works on the motive to reach the audience who are left unserved and unreached. Its idea behind granting home loans is making a home accessible to each one in the society.

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2021 - Present
Aavas financiers

About Aavas Financiers

The success of Aavas is counted from zero to millions of satisfied customers across the country.

Aavas financiers 10+ years of hard work and dedication made them a top finance company of India originated from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Its major concern is to help people avail necessities to access a self-owned house raised Aavas not only as a leading company but also as a societal well-wisher.

Project Approach

Aavas project is focused on maintaining the internal standards on the admin panel.


Portal management is the biggest task in this project as we are providing internal support.

  • Managing internal Admin panel to coordinate the business actions and rearrange various factors
  • Solving day-to-day issues and updating the new factors.

To create a dummy database to integrate functions as Aavas has a confidential database.


Integrating third party APIs.


Working on a continuous project faces daily challenges while resolving issues, updating new functions, modifications, etc. The major one was:

  • Integration of third-party APIs.
  • Stuck up with new feature updation.
  • Creating a dummy database for smooth operational purposes and not to hinder the confidential database.
  • Monitoring, revising, and reworking on codes & functionalities.
  • Management of internal Admin panel.
  • Assuring the proper functioning of other admin panel features.

Product Management

Serving internal IT support to Aavas, we have started with enlisting all the major required tasks to be performed each day. This has given us a clear idea of the project requirements and major functions to be performed.

After requirement gathering, we listed all the tasks and functions to be performed with estimated time requirements. This has provided a broad idea of how tasks need to be performed.

Our duly and continuous assessment of tasks helped our client in the smooth functioning of its activities. We test and rework the tasks that need more effort to deliver solutions.

Also, client feedback is the notable factor to be checked and worked on. We adhere to providing work updates to our clients and consult them wherever we need their support.

Aawas - Product Management

Portal management for optimized customer experience

To maintain resources and content on the admin panel.

  • To deliver integrated solutions elongated with improved security and authentication.
  • Maintaining the business workflow through regular updations and by resolving upcoming issues.
  • Workflow automation and team coordination for smooth working in the organisation.

Integration of third-party APIs to add value to the product.

  • API integration to add new functionalities into the portal.
  • Functionality verifications after and before the implementation of third party API.
  • Checking inappropriateness, access issues, and hidden errors while integrating third-party API.

Dealing with database confidentiality issues.

Being a leading finance company it's compulsory to keep the data confidential, this made us redevelop a dummy database.

  • Before imputing live dummy data our developers ensured no impact on the live data or underlying data.
  • Differentiation in features leads to revising monitoring of the whole functionalities and codes.
  • Has some major enhancements in the dummy database.

Role management on multi-user login.

The panel has multi-user functionality. This function is introduced to make the admin panel accessible to multiple users. This simplifies various admin tasks by disseminating the duties.

The panel has roles and guidelines clarified. With this, it has super admin and administrator roles which means it controls access.

Aawas - Role Management

Tech stacks used for Internal support

The development technologies we worked on to adhere to our work parameters and to make sure the output quality.

Aawas - technologies
  • Cake PHP
  • Java

Admin panel support and maintenance.

For maintenance a steady process is working upon the admin panel on various aspects; working on modifications, new updations, changements, monitoring, verifications & bugs resolving.

The crucial part in maintenance is a report update, multi-user login, and continuous form modification. To troubleshoot various issues and to deliver zero bug solutions, developers have deeply monitored the functionalities and codes.

Understanding portal requirements and clarifying them

Being an internal support and maintenance partner, we provide the best services encountering all the requirements. Working on day-to-day updates of the portal and adding new functionalities.

One of the prime tasks assigned is updating forms of various domains according to the requirements coordinating with the dummy database that we have created.

Aawas - Understanding portal requirements

Value delivered

On grounds of working on internal support; we have to accelerate tasks on the whole admin panel, though delivered:

  • Verifications and modifications in the panel such as report update, product detail editings, forms creation, adding new functionalities in prevailing forms, functionality issue resolve, etc.
  • Third-party integration to the panel to add new functionalities avoiding the inappropriateness or hidden errors.
  • Adding multi-user login functionality to the panel helps provide access to multiple users to use the panel on their assigned roles.
Aawas - Value delivered
Aawas - Value delivered

Accelerate your business with our robust internal support management system

We ensure to work on redefining your work parameters by providing you with the best IT support.

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