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AI Camera Detection Case Study: Surf Eye & Wake Eye

Surf Eye and Wake Eye are two different platforms that provide surfers in Italy with their videos. Both platforms have an AI camera detection feature that detects surfers' faces and stores them accordingly on the website.

About Wake Eye & Surf Eye

About Wake Eye & Surf Eye


Surf Eye

Surf Eye covers 4 beaches in Italy and records videos of visitors who surf in the area. The AI camera automatically detects surfers' faces and stores the video on the website. The clients need to remember the date and time to get access to the videos.

The video stays on the platform for a total 8 days and then it automatically gets deleted from the server.

Wake Eye

Wake Eye on the other hand is a single beach camera setup with the same 8-day policy. However, both platforms have a separate subscription plan which we will be discussing further down this page.


Our Project Challenges

Our Project Challenges

AI CameraAI Camera Detection

The cameras installed at the beaches detect the faces of surfers and then store all the videos accordingly. Then through the backend, the videos get transferred to the website after getting compressed and optimized.

video compressingVideo Compressing

We created an interface with the help of AWS to compress the size of the videos that will be shown to the customers on the website. It was a necessary step as that made the website’s speed quicker and ensured it remained SEO-friendly.

video optimizationVideo Optimization

Compressing the videos caused them to get blurred. Thus our developers created a solution that optimizes the quality of the video before it gets published on the website. This lets the customers quickly identify their videos and purchase them accordingly.

video download panelVideo Download Panel

Once the customer selects the video and makes the payment it automatically gets downloaded in their video panel in HD quality and then they can access it anytime they want.

mark videos FavouriteMark Videos Favourite

Customers can mark video favorites after purchasing the lot, which makes it easier for them to access them anytime they want. It also allows them to manage these videos efficiently.

Used-Italian-LanguageUsed Italian Language

As our clients are from Italy, we ensure that the whole website developed by us is in Italian. With the help of our project managers who have a fluent knowledge of different languages, we were able.

Subscription-Plan-ManagementSubscription Plan Management

Surfeye has 2 different types of subscription plans 1st plan costs 5 Euros for 2 videos and the second plan costs 15 Euros with which customers can download as many videos at a single time and don't have to pay more than 15 Euros.

Wake Eye has 3 different subscription plans:

  • Day Pass: Customers can download as many videos as they want for a total of 24 hours.
  • Monthly Pass: Customers can download as many videos as they want for 30 days.
  • Session Pass: In this plan, the customers can purchase videos till a particular session ends.

Surf Eye/Wake Eye Features

Surf Eye/Wake Eye Features

Easy Sign-Up

Customers can either sign up through Gmail or can even create their credentials. Afterward, customers can easily log in and manage their videos as per their preferences.

Timeslot Management

To make it easier for customers to find and locate their videos we integrated a calendar that shows dates up to the previous 8 days as the videos available on the platform are for 8 days from the day they got featured on the website.

We even integrated a time slot feature that a customer can select based on the time they were on the beach. For example, if a customer is at 3 pm on a beach, they can choose it from the website and there they can find all the videos that were recorded between 3-4 pm. This makes it easier for them to locate their video, all a customer has to do is just remember the time they went to surf.

Video Compressing

To make the website lite and user-friendly, we ensured all the videos that get published with the Surf Eye/Wake Eye watermark so that the videos can not be stolen. Moreover, the videos get published on the website at a lower quality, but when downloaded the customers get HD videos in their “My Session” tab.

Whatsapp Integration

To provide robust customer service, we integrated WhatsApp into their website so that if customers have any query related to a video or any other query they can directly connect through WhatsApp and get their query resolved.

Beach Segmentation

The videos automatically get segmented depending on the beach it was recorded on. At the moment Surf Eye has 4 beaches under them, and the customers can just select the videos from the beach and download them.

Subscription Handling

There are two subscription models on Surfeye, that allow customers to either purchase 2 videos for 5 Euros or purchase more for 15 Euros.

Likewise, there are 3 subscription plans in Wake Eye one-day pass which allows the customers to download videos for 24 hours. A month pass that lasts till 30 days and the last Season pass ends on every 31st Orcotebr.

Wireframe & Project Goals

Wireframe & Project Goals


1. Project Ideation

The project development started with us understanding their need and creating a strategy for them. We crafted a plan that ensured the security of videos and there is always a watermark on the preview.

2. Project Planning

Up next, after conceptualization, we started the project development planning by creating an experienced team that had previously handled such projects. The team comprised of front-end and back-end developers, a project manager, and a QA.

3. Project Development

After creating an agile development process we began by creating a connection between the videos benign transferred from one of the backend storage to the website front-end. With the help of AWS storage, the videos get optimized and compressed before being displayed on the website.

4. Project Launch

Before making the project live we ensured to integrate it with Google login and Whatsapp (for customer support). And at last, once our QA gave us a green signal, we launched the website.

Tech Stack We Worked On

Tech Stack We Worked On

  • nextjs Frontend: Next Js
  • node Backend: Node
  • postgresql Database: PostgreSQL
  • aws Storage: AWS

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