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Case studies

Our projects reflect us and our journey working for successful development projects. We are the fastest-growing app development company working for market giants.

City Of Cars

  • Automotive
  • India

CityOfCars is a modern platform that bridges the gap between car owners and service centers. It’s an on-demand platform that through which customers can raise a car maintenance request.

  • Through this app, customers can track the progress of their car service in real-time.
  • Customers can list more than one car under a profile and that too across cities.
  • The admin can post blogs related to the product in their app.
  • Admin has full access to the app from profile management to accepting and refusing orders.
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  • E-commerce

Build to empower girls, Laiqa provides affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. They offer a wide range of products that range from period care products to intimate hygiene.

  • Laiqa was built on Shopify, which made it easier for the admin to manage its content. They can easily add or remove products from the website.
  • It is a dropshipping software through which customers can order products and they will get delivered to them in no time.
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  • Menu Service
  • India

A website that lets businesses, mainly restaurants convert their menu into a QR code. It has a user-friendly interface through which customers can create a QR code.

  • NoLimitQR helps in enhancing customer experience and streamlines business operations.
  • We integrated real-time tracking in NoLimitQR that allows the owner to track how it’s used.
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  • Real - ESTATE APP

An app dealing remotely to deliver a wide range of properties all over the world and delivering their dream house at their doorsteps.

  • Making property hunting process much smoother
  • Provides customized properties with enormous search filtration
  • Enable users to find the properties in different locations, generate an inquiry via call or via submitting a form and get guidance related to properties.
  • Allows real-time chat or calling to users and site view for showcasing properties to agent
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  • Product Delivery
  • Web & App
  • India

An on-demand marketplace through which customers can order groceries, food, fashion, etc from one place. Zonasol connects local vendors with customers that require products faster.

  • A wide variety of products from which customers can choose. The products range from kitchen appliances to pet supplies.
  • A separate app for drivers so that they can track the pickup and drop-off location of the store and the driver.
  • Admin can manage profiles, showcase advertisements, check business reports, and so on.
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  • E-commerce App
  • USA

TagHawk is an initiative to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers and to work on unique aspects based on - tags.

  • Minimize time, cost, and effort to furnish your new place.
  • To deliver a community-based marketplace where products resale transpire within the formed communities.
  • Easy browsing and searching for the product in need.
  • Risk-free and cashless payment options are available with in-app transportation.
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  • Edtech
  • Singapore

Klassbook is a modern education and technology fusion that brings education services to your doorstep allowing you to choose from a wide range of education service providers and the service providers can get a wide range of service users as well.

  • Allows a student to find a tutor agency of their choice and preference.
  • Provides a medium for Tutor Agencies to find students for both online and offline academic sessions on Klasssbook.
  • Students have access to the blogs and articles posted by different agencies.
  • Users can access the marketplace for buying the products posted over there by Admin as well as Service providers.
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Aavas financiers

  • Finance
  • IT support
  • India

Working as an IT partner with Aavas Financiers ltd. delivering then internal support and maintaining their web server

  • Monitoring, revising, and reworking on codes & functionalities
  • Creating a dummy database for smooth operational purposes and not to hinder the confidential database.
  • Assuring the proper functioning of other admin panel features.
  • Integrating of third-party APIs
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  • Furniture delivery
  • Web & App
  • Mauritius is a marketplace where one can get an enormous variety of furniture ranges in the premium quality and according to updated market trends.

  • Accessing you to find the best furniture and purchasing from the comfort of your home.
  • Delivering products while ensuring no product damage and dispatch the product to the client timely, securely, and ensuring quality.
  • Working on two major panels; the delivery for cost management and the complaint for creating brand image.
  • To fetch information from the deliverer about the product status through the image update and invoice generation.
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Surf Eye & Wake Eye

  • AI Camera Detection
  • Italy

Surf Eye & Wake Eye have AI detection cameras that detect the videos of people surfing on beaches. We helped them create an interface that compresses and optimizes their videos while showcasing them on their website.

  • We integrated 2 different subscription plans into their platform, helping them monetize the video content.
  • Our developers worked on AWS to ensure all the videos that will be showcased on their websites are fully optimized and do not affect the speed of the video.
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LienZone Case Study

  • Bond Management
  • United Kingdom

An app that calculates dates and notifies customers or staff when a bond or notice term expires. This is a more sophisticated calendar that facilitates the computation of the start or finish date.

  • The app helps in predicting the right date for when a particular bond will end. All the user needs to do is select the date on which the bond began and the app will automatically inform the end date, and vice versa.
  • Customers can add legal documents to the app, making it easier for our clients to manage the documents and arrange them.
  • A consumer can upload an image of the contract together with some further information, such as name, email address, and more if they want it validated before they sign a new one.
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MetrikFlow Case Study

  • Analytics Tool
  • Germany

With the help of technology, organizations and enterprises may use MetrikFlow, an EcoEmission Analyzer, to help them lead the sustainable transition with confidence and achieve climate targets.

  • The software provides easy data collection tools which makes it easier for customers to gain knowledge on their EcoEmission.
  • It comes with a dashboard that collects and informs the customers with the data. The dashboard is easy to use and reflects all the information needed by a customer.
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Plantifly Case Study

A complete nursery management solution that provides a QR code so that the owners can manage plants efficiently and also monitor their health. An easy-to-use solution that helps scale nurseries across different locations from just one software.

  • The app has a QR code functionality that allows the user to have unique QR codes for every breed of plant.
  • This project also has an admin panel that provides easy-to-manage functionality for the nursery workers.
  • We also integrated various other features such as task delegation, push notification, add images, and more.
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