Our Best Works

What we do is showcases here, high performing effective and reliable solutions


It is an on-demand taxi application available for all pick and drop services that manage taxis, trips, drivers and riders.


It is an online platform connecting professional interpreters with businesses all around the world.


It is a music app where one can pick their favorite song from a massive international catalog, and sing along with the music.


It is a home service mobile app provides most convenient and hassle free plan to get your household work done. 


It is an on-demand mobile app helps customers to order their food from various listed restaurants with ease.

Daalo hotel

It is a food ordering mobile application that allows you to order food any time at your doorsteps.

All in short

It is a news-based mobile application which delivers news on sectors such as health, wealth, politics, spirituality etc. 

Aavas financiers ltd

Aavas is engaged in the business of providing housing loans and is a leading finance company of Jaipur.


It is an online furniture shop with a wide range of quality furniture which help you pick the best.


It is an on-demand healthcare application created to help you keep track of what matters the most – your health.


It is a gaming application where you can use your cricket knowledge to earn money having fun.


It is a real-estate mobile application that makes your property searching process a lot smoother.


It is an e-learning app where students can learn their subjects and can check their performance in the quest. 


It is a resale Marketplace for people to buy and sell used items with unique connections to their communities.


It is an on-demand taxi application available for all pick and drop services that manages taxis, trips, drivers and riders.


Drectry helps to optimize workflow by improving access to work contacts and on-call rosters.