A mastery of multiple skills would be necessary to create a productive and functional piece of software. A highly competent, committed team of designers, developers, and strategists is required for app development.

If you have been stumbling around trying to figure out how to create your own mobile application, this blog post can be of use to you as it contains the people and skills needed to create software.

A large, talented, and committed team of app developers is needed to create a high-quality application. It is feasible for one person to plan and create an application by themselves, but it would be easy to distinguish between the applications and determine whether they were created by a team of specialists or by a single person.

Before beginning to develop mobile applications, a team member must complete a number of duties within a certain time frame. Having a strong challenge while developing a mobile application can also help you to test things and help you create a top-notch application. 

Even if someone creates beautiful software or applications, you can’t tell where you stand in the competition until you test them against the best.

Members of a team work better together and get along better when creating a mobile application. Everyone is thus assigned a position that suits them.

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A Dedicated App Development Team: What Is It?

A dedicated app development team is a contemporary kind of collaboration in which a client works on a long-term basis with an externally recruited group of software experts. This is one of the most common models of collaboration available on the market, comparable to the time and material (T&M) and fixed price (FP) models. 

Hiring a mobile app team gives you access to a group of seasoned experts who are all invested in achieving your company’s goals. This app development team seems and functions as an internal team that works directly for you. 

But unlike your on-roll staff, you won’t have to worry about the administrative, social benefits, tax, and human resources issues of a committed workforce. Instead, it frees you up to concentrate on your company’s other main focuses, as this team will take care of the mobile app development on its own.

Statistics for the Mobile App Development Market:

Because they allow us to accomplish nearly any job imaginable on a daily basis, mobile applications have emerged as one of the most significant components of our life. 

These applications are made to work on a range of portable devices, including tablets and smartphones. Offering consumers a practical method to use internet-enabled services on their portable devices is the primary goal of mobile apps.

The market for mobile app development has been expanding annually as a result of digitalization efforts and rising high-speed internet usage. Here are some figures and patterns that demonstrate the global mobile app market’s extraordinary rise. 

  • Per the research company
  • According to Market Research Future, by the end of this decade, the market for mobile applications would have grown to USD 366.34 billion.
  • This assessment period will see an incredible CAGR of 23.80% for the market.
  • Thanks to its inventiveness, the iOS platform will dominate the market.
  • This decade, gaming applications will rule the market.
  • The world’s largest market for mobile app development will be found in North America.
  • Future growth in smartphone usage, gaming, fintech, and AR/VR apps will all contribute to the need for mobile apps.

Things to Take Into Account When Hiring Dedicated App Development Team Members

Things to Take Into Account When Hiring Dedicated App Development Team Members

This is a team of individuals who work together to accomplish a variety of activities. It takes a team of experts in app development to possess the entire spectrum of skills necessary to create applications that are truly exceptional.

To work at their peak, every employee in the company is involved in the Android or iOS application development process. Let’s take a closer look at the team members that are needed and how to hire a development team.

1. Project Coordinator:

This person is in charge of overseeing the project development activities and maintaining the relationships across various divisions. They are also accountable for carrying out the project in its entirety and delivering it to the client.

He is responsible for communicating openly and honestly with the clients regarding any concerns related to the development of an application, as well as resolving any disputes that may arise.

Proficiency Needed for This Position:

  • When it comes to the company operational tactics needed for mobile app development, one should be an expert.
  • He should be knowledgeable about the technology that can be applied to a certain project.
  • For a project manager to understand the wants and requests of their clients and respond to them at the appropriate time, they should have solid experience in psychology.
  • He needs to be careful. Verifying details is crucial, and use them in accordance with the decision.
  • Our task administrators are also prone to running multiple errands at the same time because here is where their job tends to converge.

2. Creators:

Although the work assigned to UX/UI designers may initially seem straightforward, this isn’t actually the case. Their duties extend beyond creating the application’s user interface (UI). They also provide specialized documentation, as it is necessary to build the entire process module by module in order to produce a high-quality final product.

In the beginning, as they are breaking down and elucidating the documentation process, designers must also create wireframes. 

Depending on the type of project, they next move on to testing UX and UI for the Android and iOS platforms, assuming that all goes according to plan at this point. 

It is the responsibility of designers to create an amazing structure that is also enticing by utilizing all the latest innovations that align with the application’s design.

Required Proficiency:

  • capable of creating UI designs.
  • A remarkable portfolio with comparable successful projects.
  • exceptional design skills.
  • proficiency in image editing programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Amazing communication abilities.

3. Developers of Mobile Applications:

The most important part of developing an application, or rather, creating an application’s structure and utility, begins when we create the user interface and client experience. 

Developers for Android and iOS are now applying their skills to create a portable application. We set the obligations for mobile application developers.

  • Write excellent code by interpreting wireframes and structures.
  • Put together and maintain high-quality, reusable, and reliable Java code.
  • Assure the best possible display, quality, and application responsiveness.
  • Determine bottlenecks, deal with them, and fix all the bugs that need fixing.
  • It supports the maintenance of computerization, association, and code quality.

4. iOS Programmers:

Objective-C and Swift are used by iOS application developers to create incredible mobile applications. Xcode is a tool used by iOS developers to provide an environment in which to build applications. 

Only the last two iOS OS versions (iOS 10 and11) have iPhone application design engineers, which is not quite the same as that of Android designers. The following skill sets will help you select the finest iOS developer for your team developing apps.

Required Proficiency:

  • proficient in the programming languages Swift and Objective C.
  • familiarity with the Xcode framework from Apple.
  • expertise configuring UI and UX.
  • Illustration structures in 2D and 3D, such as SceneKit and SpriteKit.
  • acquainted with iOS 10 and other modern OS versions.

5. Android Programmers:

Kotlin, Java, and C++ are used by Android application developers to construct mobile applications. Android Studio is the foundational environment used to create apps for Android devices.

It is quite important for Android app developers to know what kind of gadgets people are now requesting, as cost and development time heavily depend on it.

Required competencies:

  • Good knowledge of the Android SDK, different Android versions, and handling different screen widths.
  • ability to connect Android applications to back-end services using RESTful APIs.
  • knowledgeable about best practices, examples, and standards for Android UI structure.
  • Details on the libraries available for simple assignments and the open-source Android environment.
  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
  • The ability to understand and use third-party APIs. This is a benchmarking and development skill.
  • knowledge of the UI guidelines and standards for Google’s Android strategy.
  • competent understanding of code-forming tools, such as Git

6. Analyst of Quality:

After the application has been developed, it is crucial to test it to make sure everything is operating as intended and to see if any changes need to be made to the design. Quality assurance engineers are responsible for making sure the application functions exactly as intended. 

The developed application must go through an additional testing process that is completed by the quality assurance team (QA) in order to help them understand how the application functions under different circumstances. 

The QA masters will submit the application back to the designers for revision if they discover any bugs. The application will be approved for deployment once QA gives their approval.

Required competencies:

  • Testing the product and identifying its shortcomings.
  • Provide solutions for identified item problems.
  • Examine product quality to make improvements that will lead to customer loyalty.
  • Create, implement, and manage the overall Quality Planning process.
  • Identify the bottleneck in the quality confirmation process and suggest improvements.
  • Oversee ongoing tasks for improvement and gather high-quality data.
  • Determine the important KPIs for product quality.

7. Analyst for Business:

Not every team developing apps has access to a business analyst. In addition, our company employs business analysts that assist the project manager in identifying and deciphering all possible scenarios that may arise during the development process. 

The business analyst’s main goal is to identify the problems the client is facing and provide the most effective solutions.

8. Department of Sales and Marketing:

All clients get in touch with the sales staff to request that an application be developed by a certain company. 

Project managers provide clients with broad information about the company and the technology that will be utilized in the creation of mobile applications. 

Project managers notify clients of the total cost of application development following the mobile application estimation. 

As a result, the team lead transfers overall associations to the project director upon the client’s confirmation of the value.

What Advantages Do Dedicated Development Teams Offer?

Hiring a dedicated app development team through traditional ways comes with a price tag that includes office space, training and onboarding fees, as well as other administrative and legal expenditures.

The specialized mobile app development team can be engaged remotely, which allows you save all these expenses without sacrificing the caliber of the work.

The following are some essential advantages of working with a specialized mobile app development team.

Absolute authority : With this model, you can directly oversee the selection, direction, and inspiration of your app development team members. It is up to you to create processes, give them assignments, monitor their development, evaluate their work, and get in touch with them. 

In terms of total control over the development process, hiring a specialized remote-working mobile app development team is undoubtedly not comparable to working with your in-house team. On the other hand, you may always designate a specific project manager to oversee day-to-day operations.

Global talent availability : This enables your company to connect with the correct group of skilled individuals who can assist in giving it a niche focus. These specialists can enhance the capabilities of your tech stack for a significantly lower price thanks to their technological know-how and knowledge. 

You can benefit from hiring mobile app development experts from India. Indian software engineers are capable of providing state-of-the-art technological solutions at a reasonable cost. They can also assist your internal IT teams in creating solutions specifically designed for your company.

Dedicated and focused methodology : A devoted team of mobile app developers is an essential component of your company and is fully committed to the goals you have set forth. 

They are committed to your company’s mission and are motivated by established management procedures to help you reach your objectives without hindrance. With this kind of dedication, the app development team can successfully grasp your business and provide a great product.

Fast Reaction Time:  You need to make sure your mobile app launches quickly if you want to be able to outperform the competition. Dedicated app development teams perform better here since they are suited to operate in a variety of business settings and guarantee the timely completion of your projects. 

It is important to keep in mind that having a well-defined project plan and timeframe in advance can aid the development team in finishing the project more quickly.

Enhanced Efficiency : In today dynamic software sector, productivity and the speed at which development work is completed are critical factors for every firm. By optimizing these factors, you can take advantage of chances that have never been seen before.

Dedicated mobile app teams can easily integrate into your company because they are familiar with the working culture of outsourced businesses. Increased productivity and efficiency are guaranteed by the vast industry experience that a committed app development team brings to the table.

Swiftness : Your company can benefit from the ideal balance of business process agility when you collaborate with an outsourced mobile app development team. Since traditional in-house teams are required to apply the same specializations and talents on every project that becomes available, they typically lack this flexibility and agility.

On the other hand, you can obtain the required dynamism and precision without affecting the job by using a specialized mobile app team. Additionally, having access to individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets facilitates experimenting with cutting-edge technologies.

An entire service stack : You may take use of services like creating unique mobile and web apps, creating eye-catching user interfaces and user experiences, testing and quality assurance, post-deployment maintenance and support, big data analytics, data backup, migration services, and AI/ML capabilities with this model. 

You can get access to a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure by hiring a specialized team for the creation of mobile applications. It optimizes your return on investment by utilizing experienced and reasonably priced IT specialists.

Increased Adaptability :  A specialized mobile app team gives your company a lot of freedom. They can focus intently on a single assignment, and you can work on other essential activities and competencies.

This extra degree of group leadership and control guarantees businesses a vital flexibility to adjust to any obstacles. All you have to do is give the team the task, and they will complete it according to your specifications without continual supervision or management.

Excellent Infrastructure : Establishing an internal IT department with cutting-edge tools and technology to develop, test, and implement sophisticated mobile applications was too expensive.

Therefore, in order to achieve the desired outcomes, it is always preferable to outsource the process of developing mobile apps to an app development business that has the infrastructure in place to manage complex projects of various sizes, types, and complexities.

By lowering the cost of purchasing contemporary hardware, software, human resources, development approaches, and virtual tools that are not essential to your primary firm, this aids in capital expense conservation.

Care and Assistance : Product design, development, and delivery are only a few of the tasks carried out by committed mobile app development teams. They provide sufficient maintenance and technical support both before and after your mobile application is put into use.

Additionally, they will provide you with full-time training on their newly developed business processes and new applications. It raises consumer happiness and fosters long-term involvement.

How to Get Past the Obstacles When Employing an App Development Team

The dangers and difficulties that come with hiring a specialized app development team could jeopardize the progress of your project if they are not properly managed.

Here is a summary of some common problems and the preventative steps you can take.

Inflation of Budget: This is one of the most prevalent risks, where expenses may increase as a result of unforeseen events or challenges.

One needs to pay more attention during the requirements gathering phase in order to avoid this kind of circumstance and reduce the risks related to the budget.

In order to highlight the types of professionals required for your project, it is imperative that software development organizations produce a comprehensive inventory of all their business and technical requirements.

You will have a good notion of the first cost for these candidates once you have created the profile of a potential expert.

You will have greater visibility and financial flexibility when you ask an agency to provide app development services for your company.

Resource Deficit: It is possible that an app development team you hire for your project will work on other projects in addition to yours.

Using a variety of monitoring systems, the majority of hiring firms provide a thorough picture of the tasks allocated to and accomplished by the developers.

You have two options: collaborate with an experienced IT employee or hire a reputable software development company to handle your app development needs.

Your crew can be readily scaled in this way to meet the changing needs of your app development project.

These kinds of companies typically have access to a pool of seasoned consultants and developers who can provide you with more resources as needed.

This will help you to minimize problems with scarce resources and guarantee that your project is completed on time.

Giving up command of the Project:

When a business hires a dedicated app development team, their biggest concern is usually about losing control. The committed team members often handle the jobs in accordance with the client’s instructions.

You can use the following tools to oversee the team and have total control over the team and app development process:

  • Harvest’s time tracking and billing
  • JIRA task management for projects
  • Source code organizing tools: GitHub and GitLab
  • Jenkins, Continuous Integration, and GitLab CI

In addition, the development team needs to be adaptable enough to fit your organization’s development methodology.

The software development approaches listed below are essential for developers to know and understand because they improve process control and efficiency:

Scrum: With a small team, it works well for medium-to large-scale projects.

Lean: This methodology works well in environments that require a high level of flexibility and quickly changing project requirements.

When you need to quickly provide security updates, bug fixes, or new features to your application, you use the Kanban method.

Problems in Communication:Your ability to communicate and use resources effectively may be hindered. You should be very concerned about an app development team’s written communication skills and fluency in English before employing them.

When employing the crew, you need to go over all related details to avoid any problems later on. You have to assess their documents and speaking skills to make sure they fit your needs.

Make sure everyone on your app development team is familiar with the most popular platforms for collaboration, like:

Tools for screen sharing and video conferences (such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

  • Tools for project management, such as JIRA and MS Project
  • Document sharing (e.g., Figma or InDesign) for editing

Variations in Time Zone :  

A team developing an app may be dispersed over many locations and time zones in this day of globalization.

This time zone discrepancy may cause inefficient communication, which could be detrimental to the development of your software. But it might work to your favor as well.

For instance, you can send your requirements to developers working with a team from India or Eastern Europe (such as Ukraine) and they can address them early in the morning before your operations begin.

In this manner, the next day, you will receive the necessary information straight. Always ensure that your company has effective communication channels in place when employing a committed workforce from a different continent or nation in order to reduce potential risks.

Cultural distinctions:

You have to make sure that there are no cultural disparities amongst any stakeholders when working with an app development team.

You need to be aware of the following in order to select a development team with a minimal amount of cultural problems and a concentrated business approach:

  • Willingness to perform all operational and administrative duties
  • Assurance of employee retention
  • Ability to quickly grow the team with experienced members
  • On-demand professional support
  • willingness to complete the technical duties and conduct the technical assessment
  • Provide advice and support for ongoing development

Risks to Security and Data Privacy:

This is one of the most important problems you could have since a stolen piece of data or code could ruin your company’s reputation.

Make sure the app development team you choose signs non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), since this will guarantee sufficient security for your original app concept and company procedures.

To stop your paperwork and intellectual property from being misused, you must have strong access restrictions and security procedures in place. Expert app development firms constantly make sure that your private information and trade secrets are protected from unwanted access.

When recruiting a specialized app development team, it’s critical to take the aforementioned factors into account.

By choosing a well-known app development business with a track record of successfully completing multiple projects, you can lessen the obstacles facing your project.

What Characteristics Make a Mobile App Development Team Productive?

Competent Management of Teams:

Each of the two divisions that make up a mobile app development company plays a vital part in the creation of the application. In any event, it is challenging to oversee every division’s authorities and the manner in which they fulfill their duties. 

For this reason, each division should have a group head who is responsible for all the work that their specialists do. In addition, proficient group pioneers ought to scrutinize the job procedure within their area of expertise. It will ensure that the process will proceed sensibly and that no problems will arise.

Completion of Deadline:

When developing a mobile application, every member of the application development team should be acutely aware of the task completion deadline and adhere to the established timeline. Regardless, work deadlines must be reached. 

The development timeline will be affected, unless the client decides to add something new to the program. The development team members should all be fully aware of the work schedule and the relevant information.

Collective Assistance:

Given the complexity and wide range of professionals involved in the application development process, it is imperative that all tasks be completed collaboratively.

UI planning, quality assurance, and application development cannot be completed by a single professional. In this way, everyone fulfills their obligations and supports one another when needed.

Compliance with Proficiency Level:

A highly skilled development team is always looking for challenging tasks and projects. Furthermore, since each member of the group promises to perform exceptionally well, they expect their colleagues to perform to a comparable caliber.

Respect for One Another:

Everyone in the team as well as those outside of it should understand that developing mobile applications involves various work steps, each of which calls for specific skills, effort, and time.

No member of the development team is able to flag their own portion of the work as becoming more difficult, important, or laborious over time, and then blow the deadline by putting in additional time to finish it. 

The same is true for clients: they should be informed that no advancement may be expedited just because it seems less complicated or important to them.

Activities Your Team Will Complete to Develop Mobile Apps

Draft Strategy for Developing Mobile Apps:

This stage is the beginning of everything. We should be aware of the kind of application, how it will operate, and the difficulties it will face. A team focused on portable advancement is building use cases that a potential future application could execute. 

Determining the business estimate for the upcoming undertaking is also crucial. Now that we have conducted reliable research, we may go on to the next phase.

Make SRS Records:

In this case, a practicality assessment is crucial to determine what backend should be developed and which frameworks can (or cannot) be used. It is often completed with the aid of an application usefulness assessment.
Other than that, as the Android and iOS operating systems have different specifications, all requirements should be evaluated according to the platform. Similarly, the application development process depends on whether it is going to be a cross-stage, local, or combination application. 

As this phase comes to an end, you have the option to edit your application by adding new highlights or removing any that you feel are unnecessary for good reason, such as being unable to implement them.

Prototype Construction:

It is possible for the client to see how the application will seem and work thanks to prototypes. The foundation for developing mobile apps will be established by a model that is created right away. When it comes to preventing shocking upgrades in the future, the client has the ability to suggest changes, especially if funding is limited.

UX Design Construction:

It is the application enhancement process’s primary phase, to put it simply. UI/UX architects work on creating the application’s user experience; one of their goals is to make UX intuitive and understandable for potential users. 

This process takes a great deal of time and is rather lengthy. Android and iOS developers can view the full utility, how it should function, and which processes should be implemented when UX is ready.

Construction of Structure:

The application’s framework is created by Android and iOS engineers, who also give it life and functionality. Agile methodology is used to carry out the development process; it is the most beneficial approach that produces the best results.

Testing and Quality Control:

QA engineers work really hard to ensure that the product is completely free of errors. Mobile app testing comes in a variety of forms, and QA professionals aim to provide the application with all the testing options that are most appropriate for this specific scenario. The application can be sent to discharge once the final bug has been eliminated. It’s a happy ending!

How Much Does Hiring a Specialized App Development Team Cost?

Hiring a mobile application development team full of professionals takes more work than just matching someone to a job. If you decide to hire a group, you will then have to handle everything from legal concerns to human resources concerns.

The rates for mobile app developers located in the US and the UK range from $70-$250 per hour, while those situated in Eastern Europe charge between $50 and $150 per hour. However, Indian companies and designers charge between $20 and $70 per hour, which is the most reasonable pricing.


Outstanding software developers, testers, architects, and consultants are needed to create a successful app. If you invest the time and money to assemble a committed development team, you can create apps that meet high standards and reap all the benefits listed above.

Choosing a trustworthy technology partner can change your chances of developing an app and provide you with a host of advantages.

At Appic Softwares, we’ve implemented a tried-and-true process to put together a committed team of app developers based on your project specifications. In addition to handling legal and administrative matters, we can evaluate individuals, perform a selection process, analyze your project’s demands, sign NDAs, and integrate them into your workplace. 

Please feel free to contact our specialists with any questions and good luck on your app development adventure.

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