The question is, “When working with an outsourcing team, how can I maximize productivity?” – questioned a well-known company’s owner from one of our outsourcing specialists. The owner was preparing to bring in an Indian outsourcing team to handle development work for his company. 

He wanted to know if he could truly examine how a group of people committed to his company’s success were positioned in a different part of the globe. 

Many of you could identify with him!

You’re all interested in learning how to truly simplify the process of evaluating the output of an outside contracted specialized development team. 

This comprehensive training course is intended for those of you who wish to increase the output of your “outsourced team.”

(We will go through all the steps involved in selecting the ideal IT team for your company as well as the parameters to use to determine whether their output is in line with your goals). 

So let’s get going!

25 Tips To Get Maximum Productivity Out Of IT Outsourced Team

  • Clear Objectives: Ensure that everyone understands the project objectives and their roles in achieving them.
  • Effective Communication: Use various communication tools and establish regular meetings to keep everyone informed and aligned.
  • Set Realistic Deadlines: Avoid overloading the team with unrealistic deadlines. Set achievable timelines to maintain quality work.
  • Task Prioritization: Use task management tools to prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Foster an environment that promotes teamwork, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among team members.
  • Training and Skill Development: Invest in training and development programs to upgrade skills and stay current with technological advancements.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Implement a system for providing and receiving feedback to continuously improve performance.
  • Utilize Agile Methodologies: Consider implementing Agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban to manage projects more efficiently.
  • Remote Work Best Practices: Establish guidelines and best practices for remote work to ensure productivity isn’t hindered by the distributed nature of the team.
  • Recognize Achievements: Acknowledge and reward individual and team achievements to boost morale and motivation.
  • Transparent Workflow: Ensure transparency in workflows, allowing team members to understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture.
  • Regular Performance Evaluations: Conduct periodic performance evaluations to identify strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks: Identify and resolve any bottlenecks in the workflow that hinder productivity.
  • Task Automation: Where feasible, automate repetitive tasks to save time and streamline processes.
  • Encourage Breaks: Encourage short breaks to prevent burnout and boost overall productivity.
  • Conflict Resolution: Establish protocols for resolving conflicts promptly and professionally to prevent disruptions.
  • Stay Updated: Keep the team informed about industry trends and technological advancements to stay ahead.
  • Risk Management: Have a risk management plan in place to anticipate and mitigate potential issues before they escalate.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Offer flexible work hours, if possible, to accommodate different time zones and individual preferences.
  • Encourage Innovation: Create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation among team members.
  • Document Best Practices: Document best practices and standard operating procedures for easy reference and consistency.
  • Encourage Time Blocking: Allocate specific time blocks for focused work to minimize distractions.
  • Promote Healthy Work Culture: Prioritize a healthy work-life balance and encourage mental and physical well-being.
  • Client Feedback Integration: Integrate client feedback loops to continuously improve deliverables and customer satisfaction.
  • Regular Team Building Activities: Organize team-building activities to strengthen relationships and foster a sense of unity among team members.

5 Tools To Increase Productivity Of Remote Employees

With its capabilities, helps teams work more efficiently by facilitating the sorting, categorizing, and retrieval of assets. The nicest aspect is that it can function as a central repository for all of the media and interacts with Google Drive with ease. That way, you and your colleagues won’t have to waste any more time hunting for your digital stuff. And there you have it: a rise in output!


A powerful, enjoyable, and pleasant tool makes project management simple. Trello is just the tool you need if you’re seeking for one. It can make your work easier than before and have a big positive impact on the organization and its personnel.

Work is done on boards on Trello, which are further subdivided into lists. Furthermore, every list has its own set of cards. You can now organize and compile steps for your team as needed.


It’s possible that you are already a Slack user!

If not, allow me to explain the situation. One of the main issues remote teams encounter is communication. While working from a physical office makes things easier, having a strong communication tool might be essential while working remotely.

Slack offers a simple onboarding and installation process. You are prepared to work with an always-on community process since you have already signed up. Start by having your work chats, where you may share media, create reminders, remark, and trade ideas all within the Slack tool. Teams in different time zones can also benefit from it.

Depending on their requirements, departments and teams can create their own private or public channels here. For businesses that use Slack, emails have gradually started to be replaced by this platform. Additionally, Slack provides iOS and Android smartphone apps.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on how to get maximum productivity out of your IT outsourced team. Moreover, if you are looking for a company from where you can outsource your IT operations, then you should check out Appic Softwares. 

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