Stock Trading App Development 2024

Stock Trading App Development 2024

Stock Trading App Development 2024

Investors used to have to call the stock exchange, which would then put them on hold until they were connected to a stockbroker, who would then charge the investors money to buy stocks on their behalf. Today, brokerage companies and other financial platforms have transferred the whole stock buying and selling process to mobile devices. This has enabled investors to trade in their own time, without any extra direction, while on the move. In this post, we will lead you through the steps of getting started with Stock Trading App Development, including why it should be done and how to create a stock market app.

Understanding a Stock Trading App’s User Demographics

The number of people using stock trading applications is growing daily. You may be shocked to learn that the famous commission-free trading app, Robinhood, has been collecting users since 2014, although the service was formally launched in mid-2015. It is currently worth $91 million on the market.

Four types of consumers use stock trading applications, on whom you will concentrate your design, development, and advertising efforts:

  • Young individuals who are still unsure whether the stock investment game is right for them
  • First-time investors with little expertise who want to get started in the market immediately 
  • Professionals that are eager to get in and out and who value their time
  • Users who are tech-savvy and want to have all of their information and data in one location

Why Should You Spend Money Creating An App For Stock Trading?

Aside from the apparent fact that the app category has a large user base across age groups, the simplicity they provide is too important to neglect when considering the benefits of establishing the stock trading app. 

Applications for stock trading enable time-pressed investors to remain informed about the state of their holdings. They gladly consent to become paid app users in return for this convenience.

In general, creating a stock trading app has a lot of financial and public recognition possibilities. 

Now that you understand the benefits of creating a stock trading app similar to E-Trade or Robinhood, let’s discuss how stock trading apps work.

How Do Stock Trading Apps Function?

A stock trading app is, in short, an easy-to-use tool for buying and selling stocks. Applications for stock trading educate you on responsible money management, including lending, borrowing, investing, spending, and even safeguarding your funds. These applications use technology to assist users in more effectively managing their financial affairs.

Investment and stock trading applications provide total market access. Users may use these applications to track changes in market activity, obtain real-time stock prices, and more. By creating stock market applications, businesses are drawing young people’s attention to financing on a regular basis. 

The introduction of stock trading apps enables app owners to think creatively by enabling users to drive trades and investments without really charging them for each transaction, whereas traditional brokerages continue to frequently charge extra fees to traders and investors.

Top Stock Trading Apps


E-Trade was a trailblazer in the online investing space. The Silicon Valley-based brokerage started out by providing online trading via Compuserve and America Online (AOL). Soon after, they released one of the greatest stock trading applications, the E-Trade app.

The app allows you to examine investments and trade ETFs, equities, mutual funds, and other securities.

These are merely the top stock market business applications that you should strive for once you enter the space. The real list of operational applications is substantially longer.

Robinhood Stock Trading App

Robinhood has become one of the greatest stock trading applications available today by providing free stock transactions. The app’s main functions concentrate on tracking the stocks you hold, finding and trading stocks, and so on.

You may trade stocks, ETFs, and Bitcoin using the program’s free edition; however, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version if you want to invest in and out of mutual funds. 

Due to the abundance of excellent features available in its free version, Robinhood has grown to become a well-known resource for fintech app development companies looking to create automated trading software that users would find compelling. 

Stash Stock Trading App

The Stash Stock Trading App is specially made for novices who wish to handle their own money and be safe while doing so. It lets you start investing with as little as $5 and keeps you informed about the world of investing all along. 

Numerous tips and articles are included in the programs to assist you on your financial journey.

How One Can Create a Stock Trading Platform?

An online platform that allows users to purchase, trade, and manage stocks is called a stock trading application. Now let’s see how to make an app for stock trading:

Begin The Project

Start by putting together a group of stock market app developers with extensive backgrounds in developing financial applications. With their help, create the MVP, which entails the following actions:

  • carrying out market research 
  • Organizing sessions to learn what consumers desire and how your financial solution may help them. 
  • When prioritizing features for your MVP, make use of resources like the “pain and gain map.” 

Define The Project’s Scope

Establish the parameters of your trading mobile app development process with your team. Make a list of the features and functions you’ll need to create your trading app. Talk about how long it will take to build the app for your project. The developers would establish the primary timeline after gathering input from the project managers, clients, and sales force.

Make Your App Secure

One of the main things to think about while developing a trading app is security. Strict regulations already oversee the business as developing a stock trading app contains sensitive data. Reduce application security issues like injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), XML external entities (XXE), and so on. For further protection, make use of technologies and services like next-generation firewalls, multi-factor authentication (MFA), bank-grade encryption, and so forth.

Create The Key Features

To speed up your development process, make use of managed cloud services like Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS). After that, you might proceed to creating and building APIs to implement the necessary features. For non-core functions like push notifications, use third-party APIs. Make a mobile application with top-notch security, speed, and user experience.

Form Your App Development Team

The skills and knowledge of the development team you choose and put together greatly influence the central question of “how to make a stock market app.” Prior to creating a mobile app for stock trading, your team should possess the following abilities:

  • Web developers that use JavaScript
  • Designers of user interfaces
  • Android testers and developers
  • Swift programmers for iOS development
  • Engineers in DevOps

Create An API For Implementing Both Core And Non-Core Features

Your suggested app’s major features are trading-related. Begin by creating and building APIs to instantly implement functionality.

  • Utilize Postman and other similar tools to expedite the creation and testing of APIs.
  • Use your AWS account to host the API.
  • Reduce the risk of API security by utilizing encryption, authentication, throttling, quotas, and gateways.  
  • Check if the API is compatible with Android, web, and iOS devices.
  • Create relevant URLs to get effective requests and answers.

Testing, Delivery, And Upkeep

Now that your stock trading app has launched successfully, it’s time to start the challenging multi-device testing procedures. Your quality assurance staff will help find and fix any current issues and malfunctions. Testing apps on mobile devices is a useful way to assess applications. 

Both functional and non-functional demands are documented, and defects are found. 

Additionally, your app will require frequent maintenance and support, since technical improvements will necessitate upgrades.

Now let’s take a closer look at the feature set of fintech application development, which may help you find the best stock trading apps. How to make a stock trading app that is similar to E-Trade and Robinhood may be solved with these features.

Characteristics Of A Successful Stock Trading App

Check-In Procedure

The permission procedure must be incredibly simple and user-friendly. At this point, you should provide consumers with several check-in choices, such as using a PIN code or biometrics. In this manner, you can guarantee that their experience is safe. 

User Profile 

Users should be able to remember their personal information and preferences for alerts, as well as the frequency with which their accounts should be debited. 

Putting Trades on Stocks 

Giving consumers the ability to place orders and track their money flow is one apparent feature that should be included in your stock market app development process. 

Portfolios That Are Updated In Real Time 

Regardless of whatever fintech application development firm you question, they will all agree that nothing is more helpful than real-time updates when your customers invest their time and money in a stock trading app. Users should be able to monitor their portfolios in real time, and they should be updated on a regular basis to provide them with a clear picture of where they are in terms of investment. Furthermore, establishing an AI-powered stock trading platform has the potential to tenfold these capabilities.  


With the help of this feature, investors may easily and instantly see the status of their investments. 


Stock market players would welcome the ability to examine statistics and assess the outcomes of their trades, transactions, and so on. 

Push Notifications

Another crucial step in the development of your online trading app is the inclusion of push notifications. You should notify your users of how their stocks have changed but do it at a time that is not inconvenient for busy investors. 


Despite getting the least attention, one of the most crucial elements of stock trading software is the newsfeed. A newsfeed notifies a novice trader who belongs to the amateur category of stock market app development user study of current developments in the stock business—the winners and losers, newest M&As, IPO data, and so on.

With the feature sets for trading-based fintech software development services handled, you are now ready to take the next step and begin preparing the technical aspects of how your stock trading app will operate. Here are some essential tools and technologies to explore that we feel will give you the confidence to take the first step toward developing a stock-centric financial mobile app. 

Technologies And Tools Required To Develop An App For Stock Trading

With a clear vision of the end product in hand, trading app developers may move on to selecting the technological stack. A typical web-based platform would include a backend, a frontend, and a developer side. Angular and React JS are the most often used and well-liked front-end development technologies.

Both are very useful for developing stock market apps and are made for large-scale applications.

Next, DotNet and Java are the recommended technical stacks for backend technologies. Due to their ability to integrate several processes inside the application and provide complex functionality, both of these technologies are ideal for developing a mobile stock trading application.

How Much Does Building a Stock Trading App Development Cost?

The complexity, functionality, cloud solutions, operating systems, production schedules, and other factors all play a role in determining the price of developing a stock market app. When it comes to determining how to design trading software and how much it will cost, these are the things to consider. 

Fintech app creation is a demanding undertaking, but in order to increase client engagement, it should always be user-friendly. The total cost of developing a trading app is between $25,000 to $300,000. Obviously, the cost of app creation will vary depending on the features and functionality chosen, as well as the complexity of the program.

How Can You Make Money With Your Stock Trading App?

An app for stock trading is designed to help in selling and buying on trading platforms, as well as to monitor and maintain investment portfolios. Here, the commission is usually the main method of monetization. In this kind of commission plan, interest is assessed on user, deposit, and stock transactions.

This method can be used in conjunction with the freemium approach. All of the primary product features are available to users without charge, however access to additional services is paid for. In-app advertisements, commissions from guiding trade execution orders, and paid access to various tools and technologies, such APIs, are some additional revenue streams.


The development of a stock  trading app is a large-scale project that necessitates advanced app logic and design. You may determine its success by using the correct technological stack, features and functionality, and development pace. 

We attempted to answer your question about “how to develop stock market software” in this blog by offering comprehensive details about its development process, functioning model, must-have features, and monetization tactics.

If you want to make a mobile app for stock trading, you have to employ a specific fintech app development method. Hire a Fintech App Development Company like Appic Softwares to design a market-leading app. Allow our Fintech App Developers to assist you in selecting ways to achieve your goal. 

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