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A leading financial app development company that creates a secure transactional environment for all business needs.

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Our Fintech App Development Services

Appic Softwares offers a wide range of fintech app development that are user-friendly, highly engaging, and feature-loaded.
Let’s dive in and check out the different types of services we can provide around financial apps-:
Online Banking Solutions

Our online banking solutions provide a hack-proof solution. We can deploy this service for corporate and retail banks and help them scale up their business.

Stock Trading Solutions

Through the stock trading fintech apps developed by us, your customers can easily open a Demat account, purchase or sell stocks, invest in mutual funds, and so on. The created app will have all the information related to stocks like the stocks that are in high demand, stocks in which one should invest, and many more.

Online Wallets

An online wallet app makes it easier for its users to settle their dues by just scanning a QR code or entering the receiver’s UPI id. Our apps include a KYC platform that consists of all the KYC regulatory policies that one should follow.

Insurance Solutions

We assist insurance companies to build an insurance-selling app that can notify customers about the most promising policies, differentiate between policies, and more. The created app will be user-friendly so that it’s easy for all age-group people to access it.

Salary Deployment System

This app will automatically pay the deserving salaries to your employees based on the time duration they have worked, the number of days your employees have worked, and so on.

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Finance App Development Features We Can Include

As stated above, we can create a feature-loaded website. So, let’s look at all the features we can include in your fintech app-:
Sign in & Sign-out feature

Loan & Tax Calculator

Audio & Video Conferencing

Chat Option

Audio & Video Conferencing

Data Management

Audio & Video Conferencing

Secure Payment Gateway

Test Series & Quizzes

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Payment Options

Payment Automation

Payment Options

Multiple Account Management

Classroom Forums

Regulation Compliant

Push Notifications

Log In & Log Out

Our Financial Application Development Process

Appic Softwares financial app developers follow a unified path of app development, let’s check it out-:
Creating A Roadmap
Business Analysis

The app development process starts with our business analysts understanding your need, creating a strategy out of it, and conveying it to our developers. Our analysts make sure that the created strategy includes a foolproof future path for your app so that you stay trending all the time.

App Development

Next up our finance app developers start crafting your app keeping in mind its security and uniqueness. The created app will be full of features yet user friendly making it easier for you to scale it.

Mobile App Testing
Mobile App Testing

Once the app development is completed, it goes through a tunnel of testing in which our testers make sure that it runs smoothly. For approval, we can also provide you with a prototype of the created app.


After your approval, we will start the launching process on your desired platforms ( Android & iOS ). We even provide 180 days of free maintenance and customer support so that you don’t face any issues in your journey.

Why Choose Appic Softwares As Your Financial App Development Company?

From a wide array of reasons, we have gathered the top four reasons why you should choose Appic Softwares as your finance app development company. Let’s find out-
Dedicated Team Of Developers

Appic Softwares has a dedicated and experienced team of 50+ developers that have been building creative and unique apps from scratch.

Customized Solutions

We provide custom solutions as per your preferences and needs, making sure you don’t sacrifice on the requirements.

Secure App Development

We follow all the regulatory compliance while building an app. Moreover, we are an ISO-certified firm that follows all the international policies while creating an app.

Customer Support

Appic Softwares provides 24X7 customer support for 180 days after we have launched your app.

Technologies We Use For Fintech App Development

Here are some of the technologies that we use to build a secure and engaging finance app- :

To create a secure environment for your app, we use blockchain technology. It prevents all the data in the application from cybercriminals.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Through AI we can build a highly engaging app with features like voice recognition, auto-suggest, predicting user behavior, financial forecasts, and many more.

Big Data
Big Data

This technology helps you gather data like customer segmentation, customer experience, app traffic, and more on your app. You can use the collected data to manage risk and evolve your app from time to time.


To make an app more engaging, we can add games with rewards to your application.


The cost of building a fintech app depends on the features you want to include in it. One can not predict the cost of developing a finance app, but Appic Softwares will provide you with a cost-effective plan for building the app.

Yes, outsourcing app development helps you get new ideas on the table. Moreover, you would get a highly dedicated and experienced team of developers at a meager cost for your project.

The updation of your finance app depends on the marketing requirements. Sometimes accepting customer suggestions can also be the cause of updating an app. Appic Softwares also provide post-launch maintenance support so that it’s easier for you to make changes.

It depends on the customer demographic that you are targeting. 70% of the total population uses Android, whereas those who use iOS spend more on premium plans. Thus, creating a hybrid application can help you get the desired reach.

These are the features Appic Softwares can include in your fintech app-:
  • Chat Option
  • Data Management
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics
  • And Many More.
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