A Complete Guide To Hire ReactJs Developer In 2024

A Complete Guide To Hire ReactJs Developer In 2024

A Complete Guide To Hire ReactJs Developer In 2024

Gallup’s 2022 research indicates that the percentage of remote workers has increased significantly globally—eight out of ten people work remotely today—and will keep rising over the coming years. As a result, a lot of nations, including the US and Ukraine, have taken this approach and made significant investments to grow their IT workforce and supply top-tier developers to the international market.

Therefore, you are no longer restricted to your local market if your firm needs to engage a React.js developer for prospective development projects. However, it’s not always easy to hire the top expert because of React.js’s widespread use and high demand. Because of this, we have put up the comprehensive guide to go over everything you need to know before hiring a React.js programmer.

This post will provide you all the important information you need, from the typical salary range for the role to the several kinds of engagement you may pick from and the questions you should ask a React.js developer during an interview. First, let’s examine React.js’s enormous popularity and how it influences the hiring process.

Does React.js Popularity Affect Senior Developer Hiring?

One of the most well-known open-source JavaScript frameworks is called React (or ReactJS, React.js). Developers use this framework to design the user interface (UI) of websites. Massive corporations and internet portals such as Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, and Airbnb consistently employ React.js developers to enhance the user experience on their websites.

According to studies, React.js and Node.js are in competition for the title of most popular UI framework. The most intriguing data, though, is that the majority of developers intend to learn React.js shortly. Software engineers are aware of React.js’s steady rise, and 22,54% of them wish to work with it.

What do those statistics indicate for the next hiring process at your company? Well, it’s getting harder to locate a top-tier React.js engineer because of this huge demand. Nonetheless, a variety of factors can affect the hiring procedure.

Therefore, if you want to be sure that you will hire a good React.js developer, we have compiled all the wise things to do. Let’s examine each of those options in turn, starting with a global analysis of the average salary of React.js developers.

How Much Does Hiring a React Developer Cost in Various Nations?

When employing a React.js developer, it’s critical to consider the wide range of pay disparities among nations in order to determine the most cost-effective option. Let’s examine how the average income of React.js engineers varies according to their location.

The information in this section is derived from data that we obtained from Glassdoor. It is based on anonymous pay reports that users of Glassdoor have filled out.

Remember that the data from a single platform cannot provide you with a complete picture of the state of the market as a whole. Our observation is that real salaries are at least twenty percent higher. Senior developers naturally command greater wages than average—this is the most common request from established startups.

Simultaneously, examining this data can help you comprehend a broad pattern and how certain areas are more costly to hire developers than others.

Average React.js Developer Rates in North and South America

American React.js developers earn the best salary worldwide, as most of you may imagine. As a result, the average salary for a React.js developer in the US in 2023 will be roughly $92K.

Nonetheless, the average pay is lower in South American nations due to the reduced cost of living.

Therefore, even though professional software engineers are highly sought after in many South American countries, their annual salary is significantly less than that of US developers. For $43K a year, for instance, you can hire a front-end React.js developer in Mexico.

Country Junior Developer, $ Middle Developer, $ Senior Developer, $
Mexico $27,000 $43,000 $72,000
Brazil $14,000 $42,000 $73,000
Costa Rica $15,000 $39,000 $67,000


Average React.js Developer Rates in Europe

The countries of Western and Eastern Europe also differ in terms of income. More specifically, earnings in Germany and the UK are significantly higher than in Bulgaria or the Ukraine.

Thus, Western European countries offer React.js developers greater average earnings, primarily because of their developed economies and higher cost of living. For example, an experienced software engineer in the UK makes about $59K a year, while a React.js developer in Germany makes an average of $81K.

A developer from Bulgaria makes an average of $51K, while a React.js engineer from Ukraine makes about $27K.

Country Junior Developer, $ Middle Developer, $ Senior Developer, $
The UK $46,000 $66,000 $97,000
Germany $38,000 $62,000 $89,000
Czech Republic $27,000 $52,000 $81,000
Poland $21,000 $48,000 $73,000
Ukraine $14,000 $29,000 $57,000


Average Developer Rates for React.js in Asia and Africa

Some of the lowest average salaries in the world are found in African and Asian nations like South Africa and India. Therefore, a React.js developer in India makes about $25K, in contrast to salaries in Western Europe and the United States. As a result, the average salary of an experienced software engineer in South Africa is $43,000.

Country Junior Developer, $ Middle Developer, $ Senior Developer, $
India $9,000 $25,000 $37,000
China $25,000 $47,000 $71,000
Philippines $22,000 $35,000 $49,000
South Africa $21,000 $45,000 $78,000
Egypt $9,000 $18,000 $34,000
Kenya $7,000 $16,000 $33,000


How Can You Use React Developer Salaries Information to Benefit Your Business?

For business owners that need to recruit a top-tier React.js developer but cannot afford the US (or Western European) professionals’ salaries, knowing the average salaries is essential. For the same reason, many companies would rather spend money on other options like contracted development teams and temporary staff augmentation through platforms like Appic Softwares.

You can save money by employing professionals from anywhere in the world and taking advantage of the advancements in remote working. Having said that, let’s examine more closely the many methods available to you today for affordably hiring a qualified React.js developer.

What Does Appic Softwares Say About the Hourly Rates for React.js Developers?

Our platform’s ability to connect with the major development shops in Latin America and Eastern Europe is one of its best features. Because of this, we are able to locate a suitable fit far more quickly than any other outsourcing firm could on its own.

Because we were able to gather information from a larger range of sources, our data regarding the rates of React.js developers is more trustworthy than Glassdoor’s statistics thanks to our access to hundreds of development agencies.

Minimal Rate Maximal Rate Average Rate
Junior React.js Developer $25 $96 $36
Middle React.js Developer $45 $134 $44
Senior React.js Developer $55 $180 $54


You can estimate the cost of development based on these rates and your technical specifications. For instance, you should be prepared to pay $95K a year to add a top engineer with more than five years of expertise to your team.

What Choices Do You Have When Recruiting React.js Developers?

After looking at the salaries of React.js developers around the globe, we should examine your possibilities for selecting an engineer. Depending on the type of engagement and the location, there are several methods for finding applicants.

While the choice ultimately depends on the requirements of your business, let’s examine each option.

Hiring a React.js developer: Based on geography

Let’s say you require React.js developers to be hired. Then, depending on your location, you have three options to pick from: hiring an offshore developer, hiring a nearshore individual or team, or employing engineers in your local market.

Local talent: There are many areas to find a professional if your firm decides to recruit a React.js engineer from the local talent pool. The majority of businesses decide to post job openings on internet job sites such as Glassdoor.com and Angel.co. Organizing a local tech event, such as a conference or hackathon, is another wise move that will help you draw in the engineers you require.

Lastly, you can always use your HR services to look at your local market or ask a headhunting organization for a local React.js engineer.

Nearshore and offshore developers: You have a variety of options if you decide to work with nearshore or offshore React.js developers. When hiring remotely, the most crucial thing to remember is to always work with development organizations that have excellent ratings and evaluations. There are numerous B2B internet platforms, such Clutch and G2, for this purpose.

One excellent strategy to be sure your developer has the experience and ratings you require is to work with a B2B partner. Your involvement in local hackathons or tech conferences is another way to help with the hiring process for nearshore engineers.

Employing a React.js developer: contingent on the nature of the project

You can select the ideal engagement type for your requirements while working with a React.js engineer. The four main forms of interaction are in-house development, staff augmentation, freelancing, and outsourcing, while there are more subcategories as well.

Types of engagement: In-house developer

You can expand your permanent development staff by bringing on an in-house React.js developer. As a result, your new React.js developer joins your team of front-end engineers and is paid either monthly or upfront for the entire year. Regretfully, it also implies that you are responsible for covering all worker benefits, both monetary and non-monetary.

However, if you require someone to work from your office, you can look for them by looking through the local talent market.

Types of engagement: Staff augmentation

All you need to do to use staff augmentation is select a top-tier React.js developer from a dev shop. This professional is formally engaged by their development firm and will join your team. You will manage them for as long as you need them. Appic , our online platform, is another option for you to accomplish it. Staff augmentation is the ideal option if you require a full-time, committed React.js developer to work on your projects on a temporary basis.

With staff augmentation, you can identify a qualified React.js engineer anywhere in the world and hire them fast and simply after they’ve been screened by the platform. Staff augmentation is a highly popular alternative for both startups and large organizations from pricey countries such as the US, because to its reliability and affordability.

Your software development resources can be easily scaled up or down with workforce augmentation.

Types of engagement: Freelancing

Another brief form of engagement is freelancing, which is similar to staff augmentation. You can hire a freelancer for a short software task, such as a React.js engineer, on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal.

Because of the intense competition on these platforms, freelancers are the most cost-effective hiring option because they get paid after the project is completed. Freelancing, however, is a risky alternative because many businesses lament project cancellations or delays.

Types of engagement: Outsourcing

One way to think of outsourcing is as an alternative to staff augmentation. Since outsourcing is a more cost-effective option than developing internally, many businesses decide to outsource their development projects. You can select from a wide variety of developers and development teams thanks to outsourcing businesses.

Your business only needs to draft a precise project specification. In order to select the ideal applicant for your React.js development requirements, an outsourcing partner will conduct interviews. The developer or developers will begin working remotely on your projects after you make your decision.

Comparing React.js developers throughout the globe: Europe, Asia, and the US

After examining every option for hiring a React.js programmer, it’s critical to determine whether the more reasonably priced engineers in nations like India or Ukraine has the sophisticated skill set required for your projects.

The reason for this is that nations such as Ukraine are home to excellent software developers who frequently outperform more expensive experts from the US in terms of IT proficiency. More specifically, Ukrainian developers scored an outstanding 88,7% on all challenges, placing them in 11th place on HackerRank’s scorecard.

Conversely, Indian engineers came in at number thirty-one and US developers came in at number twenty-eight. It becomes clear that several nations, such as Mexico, Bulgaria, or the Ukraine, offer highly skilled, reasonably priced IT labor. To look at some additional factors, such time convenience and English competency, we have also made a table.

The US Ukraine India
Time Convenience Perfect for the US and Europe. Perfect for Western European countries and the US.  Significant time zones separate the US from Europe. Suitable for Australia.
English Proficiency Native  Intermediate to High level of English Basic to Intermediate level of English
Skills Ranked at 28th place Ranked at 11th place At 31st place


Interviewing a React.js developer: What are the most important questions to ask?

Interviews are essential, just like in any hiring process, to make sure you select the most qualified React.js developer for your projects. So let’s take a closer look at the key inquiries you ought to make at every React.js engineer interview.

Hard skills: It is crucial to confirm the developer’s technical proficiency first. It would also be ideal if you consistently inquired about their prior experience. Asking both more technical and general questions regarding React.js (i.e., using it to improve UI) will assist you in achieving that goal.

Soft skills: You should enquire about a candidate’s background and cultural fit after reviewing their skill set. Ensuring that each candidate is a fantastic team player and passionate about their work, making them ideal for your company’s requirements, is equally crucial.

What Is the Easiest Way to Hire a React Developer?

Appic Softwares is the greatest platform if you wish to use staff augmentation to employ a qualified React.js developer. Let’s examine all the reasons why, as a hiring manager, selecting us as your developers’ hiring platform is the most creative option available to you:

Numerous options: Appic Softwares makes it quick and easy to locate the top developers and firms. The top Latin American and Eastern European developers are vetted by our organization.

Employ top-notch developers: The Appic Softwares platform gives you the last say in the recruiting process, even if our developers are not independent contractors. You may select the finest React.js developer for your organization by doing as many developer interviews as necessary, allowing you to evaluate their skill sets.

No unstated expenses for our customers: Hiring a React.js developer through Appic Softwares eliminates risk in the sourcing and interviewing process.

Several positive testimonials from former customers: You can review all the reasons Why Appic Softwares is the greatest option for you on our platform. 


Employing a ReactJS developer will be crucial for web projects in 2024. You now have the knowledge and skills needed to identify and assess exceptional potential thanks to this book. Seek for excellent problem-solving, communication, and ReactJS capabilities.

For your project, you can select a skilled full-stack developer from Appic Softwares. Our full-stack engineers have a wealth of global project experience and are highly skilled in soft skills.

You will be able to supply top-notch developers for your project if you choose to collaborate with them.

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