15 Popular Brands That Are Using Adobe Commerce

15 Popular Brands That Are Using Adobe Commerce

brands using Adobe Commerce

You can confidently launch, manage, and grow your business with the aid of Adobe Commerce’s feature-rich tools. These technologies include the ability to host several products on a single platform and cloud deployment. The native integrations with other Applications like Analytics, Target, Experience Manager, and Creative Cloud, on the other hand, support the advancement of personalization. More than 4,000 out-of-the-box extensions were produced as a result of the completion of more than 75% of an Adobe Commerce Cloud business in less than 6 months.

Scalability, off-the-shelf expansions, an infrastructure for developers and developers, and drag-and-drop adaptable web page building are some of the characteristics. A strong e-commerce platform is Adobe Commerce Cloud. Furthermore, it offers:

  • Handling of information.
  • Tracking of inventories in real-time across the distribution network.
  • Customized marketing and catalogs.
  • Features for mobile devices.
  • UIs for APIs.
  • Marketing via search engines.
  • Order processing from all retail channels is centralized.

Top Brands Using Adobe Commerce

Food Service Direct, Inc.


When FoodServiceDirect.com (FSD) was first established in 1992, the original concept was that the majority of American retailers were online and catered to all consumer needs. The food service industry developed more slowly than other businesses, relying largely on traditional transportation and discount store sourcing strategies while other industries swiftly embraced the possibility of e-disruptive commerce. FSD is attempting to fix this.

B2B customers continued to be attracted to the brand as FSD grew; today, they account for 50% of their clientele. To maintain this pace, the company planned a significant redesign of its online sales platform that was tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

FSD has surpassed its pledge to accomplish its targets while causing the least amount of disruption to its business operations since launching its new e-commerce website. By using Google Merchant Manager to develop and maintain advertising for FSD using their product catalog data, a large portion of new business acquisition may be attributed to Google Advertising.


Localizing experiences for various locations can be difficult when you run a big, international technology company. Use HP Inc. as an example. HP Inc. has a thriving global e-commerce sector as one of the leading manufacturers of desktop computers and printing equipment worldwide.

The contemporary, 450,000-square-foot headquarters for the Asia-Pacific division is staffed by more than 3,000 employees from more than 35 different countries. HP may utilize Adobe Commerce to greatly improve the user experience and deliver new features more quickly in order to accomplish their commerce goal. In the previous year, they launched 116 web pages using the agile methodology, and they aim to provide an additional 110 in the following year. 


Hans Liebherr launched the company in Germany in 1949, the same year he produced the first transportable tower crane. By 2015, the company employed about 41,500 people and generated 9.2 billion euros in yearly revenue. Because a sizable percentage of Liebherr’s revenue comes from major operators, it was imperative that associates be promptly integrated into the platform and able to communicate with customers and delivery services.

The company must also create a bespoke B2B e-commerce purchasing system that allows customers to track orders continuously. The B2B e-commerce platform must also be simple to integrate with Liebherr’s Baan ERP system. After collaborating with Netz98 GmbH, Liebherr chose Adobe Commerce as the potential B2B e-commerce system that offered a superior user experience and could meet the business’s growth goals.


Adobe Commerce store of Shoebacca provides a wide range of features, including an improved interface to connect their back office systems invisibly. With the help of the new website, Shoebacca was given access to a consolidated e-commerce platform from which they could manage all parts of their company, including marketing, shipping, customer relations, and sales across numerous platforms.

Adobe Commerce improved the Shoebacca experience for both customers and the company by 25% and increased revenue and traffic. They noticed a 30% increase in market transactions and decreased customer acquisition costs. Sales from those platforms increased by 30% as a result of the improved marketplace presence, and Shoebacca.com’s updated website has seen a noticeable uptick in customer browsing and purchase activity. Their overall sales have increased dramatically during the last three years—by an astounding 1,400%.


The development of the new Rossignol website on Adobe Commerce aids in the integration of their complex, siloed organization with a number of brands operating on several back-end platforms. Rossignol started the project with its cycling brand, and time, and integrated Adobe Commerce with the company’s back-end systems. The Adobe Commerce solution helped the brand’s income double from the previous year and enabled them to sell almost 25% more products online than they had projected.


  • All sub-brands should be combined into a single e-commerce platform.
  • Boost a profitable loyalty program
  • Improve the client experience

Rossignol’s new e-commerce campaign is successful due, in part, to its improved user experience and Adobe Commerce’s trustworthy technology, engagement rates grew by 70%. They now have reaction speeds that are a great deal quicker than what the old system offered. The ambitious growth strategy of Rossignol is still in its early stages.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is an expert at weathering blizzards. A Norwegian navy officer named Helly Juell Hansen’s need for a more effective defense against Scandinavia’s harsh winds and seas led to the establishment of the firm in 1877. Captain Hansen and his wife Margrethe founded a business that produced water-resistant oilskin coats, pants, and wrappings using coarse linen saturated in linseed oil.

In 2016, European Hammond, who was frequently spotted exploring fjords and climbing mountains in Norway, agreed to work with Helly Hansen as they launched a new e-commerce company. They switched platforms in 2016 in order to introduce our digital transformation approach. They were the first customer to accomplish it.

SCUF Gaming

SCUF Gaming in Suwanee, Georgia, invents and produces high-performance controllers for the 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, ranging from amateurs to 80% of e-sports professionals. SCUF handsets are handcrafted, independently tested, and protected by far more than 100 patents that improve comfort and gaming. There are millions of possible combinations.

Companies may now offer a differentiated experience that boosts revenue, customer happiness, and loyalty thanks to advancements in digital commerce. SCUF was given the go-ahead to switch to Adobe Ecommerce from the older Magento integration platform for its e-commerce portal. To fulfill SCUF’s rigorous vision, this technology offers maximum integration, toughness, secrecy, and adaptability.


SalonCentric’s websites all share the same design and feel thanks to a platform from Adobe Commerce. Storefronts don’t need to be updated separately and can have different product configurations, inventory, and prices. The newest B2B portal has been widely awaited by RDA merchants. SalonCentric will be able to handle 200 locations thanks to a special Adobe Commerce instance, and 55 people have now signed up.

Over 180 store-specific managers and more than 100 various price schemes might be supported by the new RDA e-commerce solution. RDA can manage over 15,000 SKUs and 90 separate inventory streams thanks to Adobe Commerce.


Lovesac Beckett and her team are dedicated to maintaining this increasing trend in development. In August 2020, Lovesac made the switch to Adobe Commerce for their online presence. Users may completely personalize their Sactional using the integrated digital configurator on the official Lovesac website, powered by ThreeKit, from any location, and on any device.

Customers have an almost limitless number of alternatives, allowing them to design and purchase sofas without ever leaving the comfort of their homes, including the variety of sides and sitting, the type of mattress fill, the countless coverings, and decorations. 60% of Lovesac’s customers made their purchases through the company’s website and physical stores. 

Marc Fisher  

Lee Bissonnette, managing director of e-commerce and virtual effectiveness advertising at Marc Fisher Shoes, swiftly switched Easy Spirit from its Demandware infrastructure to Adobe Commerce, reversing the company’s fortunes. They made the decision to unite their several footwear businesses into one, consolidated e-commerce platform after Marc Fisher Shoes acquired Nine West in 2018.

From a developer and administrative perspective, Adobe Commerce is simpler to manage. When a specific patch needs to be applied, it only needs to be done once because the management and the data are both unified at Marc Fisher Shoes.


Lafayette 148, a well-known women’s fashion brand with headquarters in New York and a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and modern sensibility, was one of the companies that altered course right away.

Lafayette worked with Adobe Ecommerce during COVID-19 to improve their current e-commerce infrastructure, adding more contactless installment financing options so customers could swiftly order clothing online. The switch from Said Lafayette 148 to Adobe E-commerce has generated a great adventure in a variety of ways.

Deadly Ink 

Since one of Killer Ink’s objectives for global development was to establish locations across multiple countries, the company needed an eCommerce system that could handle massive international commerce activity. It decides to transfer easily and securely using Adobe Commerce. The website launched in September 2020 and has thus far generated notable outcomes. There are also 10% faster page views, 9% higher conversion rates, 33% higher level values, and 96% higher order values, in addition to 59% more overall revenue and 96% more revenue from mobile devices.

Thanks to the change to Adobe Commerce, Killer Ink is now better positioned for rapid organic growth and market expansion. For example, the business’s “Killer Beauty” line of long-lasting cosmetics products is currently in operation, and killerink.com is being purchased in anticipation of its forthcoming entry into the American market.

Alshaya Group

Alshaya started using Adobe Commerce in 2017 when the company’s overall revenue from digital sales was a small but growing portion of it. As a result of significant shopping holidays like Black Friday, traffic immediately rose. Thanks to this steady growth, the company tested and enhanced its online functionality, guaranteeing it could endure heavy demand.

At this time, Alshaya also unveiled applications for 2 brands to offer its customers cross-channel interactions. Due to these activities, the company’s e-commerce websites witnessed a 15% increase in online conversions, and e-commerce websites increased 268% annually. The accomplishment doesn’t stop there, though. As Alshaya expanded in the region in 2021, Adobe Consultancy Services provided help.


Four in-house developers who hold Adobe Commerce certifications built the Shinola website from the ground up. Additionally, when the business expands its product lines—which it has done countless times to include goods like pendulum clocks and voltage regulator cords—updating the website is quick and easy. When Shinola was ready to reach foreign markets, Adobe Ecommerce was there to support its initiatives with a number of storefronts in different countries.

Shinola is making a lot of effort to broaden its product offering and enhance the digital consumer experience. Whatever direction the company takes in the future, Adobe Commerce will enable Shinola to sell anything, wherever.

Wyze Labs

The core concepts of a customer-centric strategy and production performance must be applied with particular care when upsetting a market. The founders of Wyze Labs, who met while working in management at Amazon, adopted this tactic when they introduced the first service in the sector in 2017. Amazon has perfected it over the past 25 years.

Additionally, paying a server company $30,000 per Aws cloud for a single launch is too much for a business like Wyze Labs, which has a very irregular economic cycle. In order to support Wyze’s quick commercial expansion as a single e-commerce organization in a venture with 50 employees, Potgieter realized Wyze needed to build an e-commerce infrastructure that could grow. 


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