A Complete React Native Developer Salary Guide 2024

A Complete React Native Developer Salary Guide 2024

A Complete React Native Developer Salary Guide 2024

React Native is an open-source system for making mobile apps that work on multiple platforms. It was created by Facebook in 2015. React Native has been the most popular framework for mobile development for a long time. Between 2019 and 2022, it will cover 42% of the world market.

The React Native community is still very busy, even though Flutter has passed it in terms of popularity. Companies are still looking for experienced React Native Developers to work on both new and ongoing projects. In this article, we talk about how salaries for React Native Developers change based on experience level and technical skill level, as well as a typical job path.

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Who Works as a React Native Developer?

The main job of a React Native Developer is to make the front-end screens for mobile apps. These screens are made for a number of different systems, such as iOS, Android, Android TV, and more. But React Native can also use the same base code to make apps that run on native devices.

So, in order to build UI components, a React Native Developer needs to know how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as API services and cross-platform infrastructure. Also, because React-Native is built on ReactJS, any experience with ReactJS is welcome, though it might not be necessary. 

Why do so many people like React Native?

The main reason for React Native’s growing popularity is the rise in mobile app creation over the last few years. The world market for mobile apps was worth $206.85 billion in 2018. It’s expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.4% to reach USD 565.40 billion by 2030.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that developing apps for mobile devices with platform-native tools is very time-consuming because apps need to be made from scratch for each platform. When it first came out, React Native was a big help because it was a cross-platform development framework that let you use the same codebase for more than one device. As if that wasn’t enough, it was a JavaScript platform, and most developers already used JavaScript.

Because of these things, its use for making mobile apps became very popular very quickly. In fact, React Native is used to make some of the best mobile apps, like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and Netflix.

What things affect the pay of a React Native Developer?

What things affect the pay of a React Native Developer?

Place in the World

In different parts of the world, React Native Developer pay is not the same. Most of the time, this difference is caused by different amounts of inflation, the cost of living, and supply and demand. In America, Canada, and most of Europe, producers make the most money. In Africa and Southeast Asia, on the other hand, they make a lot less. This table shows how much the average React Native Developer makes a year in different parts of the world.

Country Average Annual Salary
United States $125,945
Canada $90,526
India $6,000
China $36,000

Level of Seniority

The pay a React Native Developer gets depends a lot on their experience and how long they’ve been with the company. Experts with more work experience are more likely to be reliable, have great problem-solving skills, and know a lot of different things. The more experience you have, the better you can do things like handle projects and lead teams, which are skills that are useful in any field. Senior workers are paid more because they have a wider range of skills.

Set of skills

A lot of work experience is usually a sign that you are qualified, but with dedication and hard work, you can sometimes get to the level of skills needed by a Senior React Native Developer early in your job. Because of this, how much you can expect to be paid depends on how well you know the required skills. It’s always better to be good at a few skills than to know a lot of skills but not understand any of them.

Size and Status of the Company: 

React Native Developer pay are also affected by the companies where you work. The pay deals at different companies are different because they don’t all make the same amount of money. Bigger companies that make more money will always pay more than medium-sized or new businesses. 

How Much Does a React Native Developer Make in the United States?

In the U.S., there is a lot of competition for jobs as a React Native Developer, and salaries vary a lot based on the things we talked about above. So, let’s look at the average salary for a React Native Developer in the U.S. using statistics from the following reliable sources: 

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • PayScale


You can find jobs and companies on ZipRecruiter, which is a professional marketplace. There are job openings posted by businesses, and people can look for jobs and apply for them. ZipRecruiter also has a database with rates for many job openings from all over the world. 

ZipRecruiter says that the average pay for a React Native Developer in the United States is $139,250 per year. Junior workers can start out making as little as $37,500, and mid-level workers make $132,916. That being said, Senior React Native Developers make an average of $191,500 a year. 


Indeed is a job-search website that has about 300 million people every month all over the world.

On Indeed, the average pay for a mid-level React Native developer is $137,105 per year, while the starting salary for a junior developer is about $93,000 per year. As a senior react native developer, you can expect to make around $200,000 a year.

Average React Native Developer Salary Per Year – Indeed


Glassdoor is a website where current and past employees can rate and review their employers without giving their names. The reviews talk about their time at work, the culture of the company, and how much they were paid for their job. Another great place to find out about the general pay range for React Native Developers is Glassdoor.

Glassdoor says that the average pay for React Native developers is $104,418. Junior developers can make anywhere from $65,000 to $81,000 a year. Senior workers, on the other hand, make up to $170,000 a year.


Payscale gives a lot of information about the pay ranges for many jobs. Basically, the information is very specific and includes the possible pay range based on the job title and the skills needed for it. Along with helping you find better-paying jobs, it has a career tracker that shows you where you stand on the price scale compared to the market.

Payscale says that the average salary for a React Native developer is $100,000. However, a more in-depth look shows that the salary relies on your job title and experience. A junior React developer makes about $94,475 a year, while a senior developer makes about $127,958 a year. 

The table below shows the average yearly pay for a React Native Developer on each of the 4 platforms, broken down by amount of experience.

Experience ZipRecruiter Indeed Glassdoor Payscale
0 – 1 Years $108,000 $93,629 $81,000 $94,475
2 – 5 years $132,916 $137,105 $104,418 $100,000
6+ years $157,500 $200,770 $170,000 $127,958


Facebook made React Native in 2015; it is an open-source platform. It is the job of a React Native developer to make user interface (UI) parts for mobile apps that will run on multiple operating systems. Due to its cross-platform features, which let them use the same code base for multiple devices, React Native is the language of choice for most mobile developers.

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