Cost Of Creating An App Like Wag

Cost Of Creating An App Like Wag

Cost Of Creating An App Like Wag

Dogs, cats, and other four-legged pets have legendary status as man’s best friend. Who else but a pretty little puppy or kitten would be so sweet and loyal? Dogs are among the cutest creatures on the planet.

When you take care of a pet, it’s more than just a dog or cat. All the things that will make you happy and bring you pleasure and joy for the rest of your life are yours to keep. (I bet a lot of my dog-owning pals will understand). However, keeping a pet and caring for it are not as simple as they may appear. 

Having a pet is like having a child since they are defenseless and can’t express themselves. You’re responsible for providing for their every dietary, medical, and hygienic requirement. 

Today’s society has become dependent on modern conveniences and technology, and its members seek them out wherever they can. People rely on mobile applications for everything from getting on-demand home services to getting courier delivery. And the same inclination to rely on smartphones for pet care holds true for them. Dog walking apps, dog care apps, and pet nutrition apps are some of the most downloaded categories of apps in the app store right now.

The dog walking software has become popular because it allows pet owners to delegate a burdensome task to a reliable third party. The significance of developing a dog walking app and other pet care applications will be discussed in this article. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s a good idea to create an app to help pet owners and how much it might cost.

So, let’s look at what this post is about to find out more:

Market for Pet Care Today

The pet and animal care market has exploded during the past decade. One estimate puts the size of the pet care market at roughly $223 billion in the United States in 2019. Over the following six years (2020-2026), expansion of 5.9% is predicted.

Technology now plays a significant role in the expansion of the pet care market. Various devices and dog care apps allow people to keep an eye on their pets even when they can’t be there themselves.

Apps like Wag and Rover have become popular for hiring dog walkers. Dog walking apps are popular, but so are those that help with pet feeding, pet sitting, grooming, and health.

Here are a few examples of evidence supporting this claim.

  • About 78 million canine companions and 85.8 million feline friends share our homes today.–
  • reports that 44% of American homes include a dog.
  • In the United States, 85 million households include a pet.It’s a franchise, so it must be good! –
  • According to, the European pet market was worth over €39.5 billion in 2018.

Thus, it can be shown that technological progress is directly contributing to expansion in the animal care sector. Due to the increasing number of pet owners, this industry is poised for rapid growth. Let’s talk about why dog walking apps are so popular in the pet care sector.

What’s With All These Dog Walking Apps?

In today’s smartphone world, dog walking apps have become increasingly common. The increasing reliance on the internet and evolving nature of technology have had an impact on how pets are cared for. 

The dog walking software appeals to its users since it allows them to delegate their usual dog walking responsibilities to reliable third parties. Users can find out information on dog walkers, the length of time spent walking, and any fees associated with the service thanks to these apps.

The typical structure of a dog walking app (also called a dog walker app) is outlined below.

Please elaborate on each of the following:


The app’s registration process is quick and easy for both the user and the dog walker. Anyone may join by signing up with just an email address, phone number, or social media profile.

The applicant for the position of dog walker must provide basic personal information such as name, age, occupation, and contact information.

Also included are the owner’s name and contact information, as well as the dog’s name, age, breed, health report, etc., if the prospective client is interested in hiring a dog walker.

They can create a profile by signing up and filling in some basic information.

Timetabled Stroll

When you’re ready to connect with a dog walker, it’s as easy as using an online taxi booking app and creating a profile.

In the dog walking app, the user is presented with a list of potential dog walkers in their immediate neighborhood who meet the user’s specified criteria.

When you choose a walker, they’ll provide you a walk schedule that includes details like where and when your dog will be picked up for their outing.

This eliminates the need to have a flurry of last-minute discussions about where and when to meet a dog walker to take Fido for a stroll.

Walking the dog

The dog walking is completed once the full details, including the dog walker’s ratings, the route the owner has selected, and the projected time the dog will return, have been sent to the owner.

As with online food delivery applications, many of these also include real-time tracking so you can see exactly where your package is and how long it will take to arrive. 


Both post-payment and prepaid plans are available within the app for users to choose from. Subscriptions to dog walking plans can be cancelled, and one can also pay as needed.

The usual payment gateways are available, and one-time passwords (OTPs) can be used to further secure financial transactions. Amazon Pay and Google Pay are two of the most well-known digital wallets currently available. Payment methods such as cash on delivery and conventional internet payment platforms are therefore encompassed.

Factors that Raise the Price of Developing a Dog Walking App

The fundamentals of a dog-walking app have been revealed. The price of the dog-creating app can be adjusted in a number of ways depending on the features you want to include or exclude. Features are illustrated in the infographic below.

1. Simple Signup Procedures

Registration on the app should be as simple as entering an email address and password, or linking an account from another service. It’s recommended that you sign up using a phone number,

Once you’ve completed the registration process. After registering your mobile device, you should be able to log in to the app with just a tap or one-time password (OTP).

2. Bulletin Board of Data

Users (both dog owners and dog walkers) make use of the profile hub. Owner information, including the owner’s name, the dog’s name, the dog’s age, and the dog’s breed, is posted on a board.

The canine companion also has their own section of the owner’s profile. The dog’s temperament, any known allergies, and a full medical history should all be described briefly. In tandem with that, the owner’s contact information should be crafted.

Name, age, and occupation of the dog walker should be prominently posted. Along with that, the other sections should have data as well, such as ratings, comments, and the total number of dog walks completed.

3. Timing Slots

Dog walking time slots are quite important. Once the dog walker has been appointed, the dog walking app should provide a schedule that includes the day, time, and location from which the dog should be collected.

This function aids in preventing a single individual from being inundated with requests to walk multiple dogs at once.

4. Notifications that Push

If you want to keep your app’s users interested, you’ll need to come up with a variety of marketing campaigns and special offers. You also need to keep them updated with push notifications on new app features and other noteworthy developments. 

This can only be achieved by continuously updating them via alerts. The app’s users and dog walkers will receive the message thanks to a function called push notification. The sender can transmit these at any time and from any location they see fit. 

5. Control display panel

An app’s dashboard is its nerve center. Equal weight should be given to the value of the dog walker, the user interface, and the administrative dashboard. The control panel allows them to function within the parameters set by the mobile app.

The user of the dog walking app should be able to perform any action or view any piece of information by simply clicking the appropriate tab on the app’s dashboard, which should be intuitively named and located.

6. Wireframes

Wireframes play a crucial role in ensuring that the program has a straightforward structure that improves the user experience. Wireframes are useful for creating the navigational elements (such menus and buttons) of an app.

Convincing wireframes call for extensive development work, which naturally impacts mobile app development costs.

7. Chatbots

Adding Chatbots to your app makes it more user-friendly, which boosts client happiness and loyalty. Your users can benefit from these chatbots’ knowledge of topics like- 

  • When and how can I schedule a dog walker?
  • How do I make a payment?
  • How to find a new pet sitter.
  • Tips on Locating Your Pet Dog.
  • When should I go for a walk with my dog?

These are reasonable inquiries from the general public. Those concerns can be quickly answered by a chatbot.

8. Allowing Filters

The matching and filtering process is similar to that of Bumble and other similar applications. In the end, canines are nothing but love.

But seriously, a dog walker should supply information and specifications that are consistent with what the dog’s owner values, and vice versa.

To achieve this, customers can utilize a selection criteria based on the dog walker’s star rating, closeness to their location, price, the type of dog they have, etc. Both the dog’s owner and the walker will appreciate the time savings.

9. On-Demand Streaming

Pet owners are increasingly asking for cutting-edge features like this one. Streaming in real time. Live streaming can be activated by the dog walker whenever they take a dog for a stroll. 

The app lets the user see a live feed of their jogging pooch. This ensures that their dog is well supervised at all times and helps them keep better track of where he is. The happiness of your customers will increase.

10. Studies and Reports

The dog walker and the administrator could each utilize this tool, but they would each have access to separate options. The number of requests for dog walking and the number of walks attended can both be viewed in detail on the administration panel. They can also find out the overall amount of money made through sales and commissions.

The amount of requests the user has fulfilled as a dog walker is displayed in the corresponding panel. How many stars do they give the app on average? How much money have they made using it? 

Insight is gained from this. It was possible to retrieve reports from a specified time range.

The Typical Cost to Develop an App Like Wag

Now that we know what features are essential, we can evaluate potential dog walking apps. A ballpark figure would be somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000. Integration of features and functionality increases the budget. 

If you’re worried about going over your estimated budget, starting with the basics is a good idea. You can add more high-end features in the long term as money increases.

Alternatively, you can work on regions by restricting them or setting a revenue and commission mode that does not impact costs. You can ask the app’s creators questions to get additional information.


Wag and similar dog walking apps became popular when its creators identified a clear demand in the market. The pet care market is growing rapidly, as this blog post demonstrates. An emerging market with few existing competitors is ideal for launching a successful app.

Also, if you’re looking for a company that makes apps for tracking your pet’s health, you should check out Appic Software. We have a team of skilled developers who can use any technology to make your app.

Today’s generation is known as the “fast lane” generation. They are in such a rush to complete their work and their chores that they often forget to pay attention to the things.

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