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How To Create An Astrology App Like Sanctuary?

Create An Astrology App Like Sanctuary

Do you know that the astrology business is expected to hit $22.8 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 5.7%? So, now is a good time to release your app about astrology. 

If you want to make an Astrology app like Sanctuary, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here is the cost of making an app like Sanctuary, as well as some extra details about it. Here’s what this post is about:

What Is The Reason Behind Sanctuary Success?

“Sanctuary: Raising Success Through Strategic Marketing and Customer Engagement”

AstroYogi and GaneshaSpeaks are both well-known astrology businesses that compete with Sanctuary. However, Sanctuary has carved out its own road to success through careful marketing and customer retention.

Using the trust of influencers: Sanctuary has mastered the art of collaboration with influencers by forming smart partnerships with well-known people in the astrological world. This smart move not only helps them reach more people, but it also strengthens their reputation in the astrology community. This helps them gain the trust and respect of potential users.

Customer Success Stories: Sanctuary has found that sharing real success stories from their happy customers is a powerful way to make an impression. These stories are strong recommendations because they show how Sanctuary’s services have helped real people in real ways. This strategy makes a brand seem more real and hits home with possible users.

Astrological Accuracy: Sanctuary’s commitment to giving accurate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes shows how serious they are about being accurate. These reliable insights not only make Sanctuary a better place for users to learn about astrology, but they also make Sanctuary a reliable source of astrological knowledge.

Content marketing skills: Sanctuary puts a lot of money into content marketing because they want to educate and engage their audience. Their interesting blog posts, insightful answers on Quora, and smart WhatsApp campaigns all add to their image as an astrology thought leader.

Unified Social Media Approach: Part of Sanctuary’s plan is to use the power of social media platforms by making advertising efforts that work well. By using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they get more attention and reach a wide group of users.

User-Centric Horoscope Delivery: Sanctuary shows how much they care about their users by giving them horoscope reports that are timely and useful. Giving information every day, every week, every month, and once a year keeps their audience engaged and interested.

Holistic Customer Retention: Sanctuary knows that keeping their current users is just as important as getting new ones. By putting together a dynamic ecosystem of personalized services, regular updates, and incentives to stay engaged, they make relationships with their audience that last.

Strategic Insights from Competitors: Sanctuary’s success is based on how well they analyze the environment of their competitors. By paying close attention to gaps and opportunities, they place themselves in a way that makes them stand out and makes sure they are relevant and interesting to their target audience.

User-centric philosophy: Sanctuary’s commitment to accuracy, value-driven content, and celebrating user wins shows that they are always thinking about what their users need.

Sanctuary has become a beacon of trust, sincerity, and wisdom in the world of astrology, which is a universe shared with industry leaders. They have earned a place among the elite by coming up with smart plans and sticking to them. They have also won the respect and trust of a thriving community.

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Cost Of Developing An App Like Sanctuary

The price of making an app like Sanctuary depends on a number of things:

  • The list of things you want your Astrology app to do
  • The technology stack you are using and the platforms you want the game to run on.
  • Complexity of design
  • The creator of the app charges. 

But if you work with an app development business outside of India, you may have to pay between $50 and $80 per hour. 

If you have your Astrology app made in India, it could cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, based on what you want it to do. Here is a list of all the ways you would have to pay, broken down by area.

Region Simple Moderate Complex
Development Time 400 Hours 500-800 Hours 800-1500 Hours
India (Appic Softwares)($30/Hour) $12,000+ $15000-$24,000 $24,000-$45,000
Europe ($67/Hour) $26,800+ $16,000-$25,600 $25,600-$100,500
USA($95/Hour) $38,000+ $47,500-$76,000 $76,000-$142,500

Must-Have Features To Create An App Like Sanctuary

Making an app like Sanctuary, which is about astrology and individual horoscopes, requires a few key features to make sure it works, keeps people interested, and makes users happy. Here are some must-haves to think about:

Registration of Users and Profiles:

  • Users should be able to make accounts and profiles.
  • Gather important facts like the date, time, and place of birth to make a horoscope.

Generation of Horoscopes:

  • Give correct horoscopes for each day, week, month, and year.
  • Based on the user’s birth information, make a custom horoscope.

Changes to your horoscope:

  • Allow users to customize their horoscope reports based on their interests or specific parts of their lives (love, job, health, etc.).

Functions of chat:

  • Users should be able to talk to astrologers and get unique advice and tips.
  • Add tools for instant messaging.

Stories of Success:

  • Show success stories of people who have used the app’s services and liked them.
  • Testimonials from other users can help build trust and get people involved.

Feed of content:

  • Give a feed of astrological insights, tips, and educational material.
  • Update the feed often to keep people interested.

Notifications on Push:

  • Send people customized alerts about their daily horoscopes, important astrological events, or other important news.

Sharing with others:

  • Let people share their horoscopes, observations, and stories of success on social media sites.

Recommendations that are unique to you:

  • Give suggestions based on the user’s horoscope and what they like.
  • For example, you could offer articles, services, or events that are relevant.

Engagement with Users:

  • Add game-like features to your app to get people to use it more often.
  • Offer rewards for reaching certain goals or taking part in neighborhood events.

Forums and the Community:

  • Make a place where people can talk about astrology, talk about their own experiences, and ask questions.
  • Help people feel like they belong and get involved.

Analytics for Users:

  • Collect and study information about how users act and what they like to provide more personalized experiences.

The way to pay:

  • If you’re going to charge for premium services, add a safe payment gateway that can be used for both recurring and one-time payments.

Ratings and comments from users:

  • Users should be able to give comments and rate the astrologers’ advice and the features of the app.

Admin Panel on the backend:

  • Create an admin panel where user info, content, horoscopes, and other app-related things can be managed.

Safety and confidentiality:

  • Protect user data and privacy by putting in place strong security measures.
  • Make sure you follow the rules for protecting info.

Compatible with more than one platform:

  • Make the app available for both iOS and Android to reach more people.

Help for Users:

  • Help users with questions and problems through different methods, like chat and email.

Getting local:

  • If you want to reach people all over the world, you might want to offer the app in more than one language.

Don’t forget that these features are important, but the success of the app also relies on how easy it is to use and how good the astrological insights are. Make sure your app meets users’ needs and expectations by doing a lot of study and testing with users.

How To Build An App Like Sanctuary?

The first step in making an app like Sanctuary is to work with an Astrology app creation company. The company would then do these things to make an app like Sanctuary.

There are many steps involved in making an app like Sanctuary, from coming up with the idea to building, testing, and launching it. Here’s an overview of the process to help you get started:

Thought and Study:

Define the main goal of your app, what makes it stand out, and who you want to use it.

Look into your competitors and apps that are similar to theirs to find gaps and possibilities.

Planning and coming up with ideas:

Describe the app’s functions, how it works, and how a user would use it.

Make wireframes or mockups to see how the style and layout of the app will look.

The plan:

Use the wireframes to create the app’s UI and UX.

Design the user experience, taking into account the brand, colors, and fonts.

How to Make a Horoscope and Algorithms:

Create or combine algorithms that can make correct horoscopes based on the user’s birth information.

Make sure that the forecasts in your horoscope are accurate and helpful.

Developing the back end:

Build the back-end infrastructure for user accounts, horoscope data, messaging, and other tools.

Create APIs so that the front end and back end can talk to each other.

Building the front end:

Use programming languages and tools (like React Native, Flutter, Swift, and Kotlin) to make the front-end interface.

Add things like customizable horoscopes, chat, success story displays, and more.

Registration and verification of users:

Build user registration and login tools with safe ways to verify the user’s identity.

Safely collect and keep information about users.

Changes to your horoscope:

Set up an easy-to-use system that lets users change the way their horoscopes look.

Functions of chat:

Add instant messaging tools so that users can talk to astrologers.

Set up alerts when new texts come in.

Story Feeds and Success Stories:

Create a content feed for astrology tips, success stories, and educational material.

Allow success stories to be shared on social media sites.

Notifications on Push:

Use push notification services to send users information and reminders that are specific to them.

Putting together payments:

For paid services or subscriptions, add a safe payment gateway.

The test:

Test the app carefully to make sure it works, the horoscopes are correct, and the user experience is good.

Test on a variety of devices, systems, and situations.

Feedback from users and changes:

Ask beta testers and early users for their thoughts.

Based on comments and test results, make any changes that are needed.

Safety and confidentiality:

Protect user data and transactions with strong security methods.

Make sure you follow the rules for protecting info.

Start up:

Get ready for the app to go live on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Make appealing descriptions, screenshots, and marketing tools for your app.

Promotion and marketing:

Make a plan for how to market the app using influencer relationships, social media, content marketing, and other methods.

Support and maintenance for users:

Offer ongoing help to users through different channels.

Update the app often to fix bugs, add new features, and adapt to what users want.

A team with artists, developers, QA testers, and maybe even an astrologer is needed to make an app like Sanctuary. Depending on how much you know about web development, you might choose to work with a development business, freelancers, or a team you put together yourself. Don’t forget that making good apps requires constant learning, adapting, and putting the user first.


Now, in the end, we hope that you know how much it will cost and how to make an app like Sanctuary.

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Also, we offer a free project outline service that will help you figure out how your app will look and work. 

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