8 Key Features Of Drupal That You Must Know!

8 Key Features Of Drupal That You Must Know!

Features Of Drupal That You Must Know

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re a company or organization looking at whether Drupal would be a good fit for you. Appic Softwares, a seasoned Drupal web business, has put together this comprehensive tutorial that answers all of your questions regarding this well-liked content management system. Drupal is always evolving; if you use this CMS frequently, this article will highlight the features you should be aware of. 

What is Drupal?

Drupal is essentially a content management framework, on top of which you may create a customized content management system (CMS), despite the fact that it is commonly mistaken for one. When compared to other content management systems, Drupal is somewhat unique due to this crucial differential. 

Instead of being restricted to the features and limitations of a standard CMS, Drupal offers the framework for creating a bespoke CMS that meets your unique needs. That is not to argue that every advancement requires you to start over. Drupal has a sizable development community and is available as an open-source project with “ready-made” distributions, modules, and themes. It does, however, imply that you have the choice to construct it yourself if what you desire isn’t available or if what is offered isn’t suitable for you. Views, processes, content kinds, fields, and more may all be defined, frequently with a simple point-and-click procedure. 

What makes a good CMS?

Putting technical distinctions aside, what qualities ought a content management system (CMS) to have, assuming you’re using Drupal for web content management? 

A strong CMS will serve as the foundation for your online presence. 

Selecting the ideal CMS involves both technical and business considerations. Your choice must take into account your future digital roadmap while also being forward-thinking enough to handle current company opportunities and challenges. 

When evaluating content management software, you’ll take into account a number of factors, including the functional requirements of the CMS, the users’ technical proficiency, your content delivery channels, and much more. Don’t forget about the expense!

Does adaptability matter?

It is not sufficient to think about how your CMS will supply web pages if you want your platform to aid in the expansion of your company. Your content management system (CMS) may be used for a variety of digital initiatives, including several websites and applications that are connected to your e-commerce, marketing, sales, and content delivery channels. 

For many different aspects of your organization, your CMS performs significant and frequently unique tasks. Before you take into account any end users who are in the public eye and are consuming your content or service, different teams within your organization will have different demands and requirements from your CMS. 

You must first decide what you want to achieve before selecting the best CMS for your company. It will be necessary for you to compile the specifications and demands for various teams, evaluate the relative relevance and priorities of each, and then match those with the appropriate CMS. Here are a few such questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your solution need to adapt to your business as it grows?
  • Who and how is putting the CMS into practice?
  • Which hosting choices are available?
  • Are you catering to audiences in your area, country, or world?
  • What are the essential features and capabilities?
  • Does integrating the CMS with other key business systems become necessary?
  • Who will be in charge of the system and what it can do?
  • What SLAs and hosting tiers are you in need of?
  • How are you going to define success?

Top 3 Websites Using Drupal

Entertainment Weekly

Time Inc. is the owner of the American publication known as Entertainment Weekly (abbreviated EW). The well-known magazine covers a wide range of entertainment-related media, including pop culture, movies, TV, music, theater, and books.

EW is well known for being a trailblazer in the coverage of everything Hollywood! From the newest movies and fashions to the glamorous lifestyles of its stars. Television ratings, box office receipts, production expenses, and even ticket sales for concerts are all covered by EW. One of the best resources for the world’s most popular shows, producers, showrunners, and more is their extensive content.

The site is unquestionably the most well-known Drupal website ever and among the best ones! Seranking.com estimates that Ew.com had approximately 10 million visitors per month from organic traffic in 2021.



Tesla is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about businesses in the world right now because it invented electric motors and sustainable energy.

The website of a billion-dollar business should be exceptionally well-organized, spotless, and great at displaying its goods. Drupal CMS’s power allowed for the completion of this.

In particular, we think their homepage is fantastic and strongly advise you to check it out. It’s the ideal website design for a tech company in the future!


As everyone is aware, NASA is the principal organization for the civilian space program, aeronautics research, and aerospace development within the United States government. They are at the vanguard of many of the most recent physics, astronomy, and engineering discoveries made worldwide, and their website is a refuge for science fans everywhere.

For individuals who wish to learn more about the universe we live in, their website offers download links to an almost infinite number of applications and educational materials, as well as details about both current and historical space missions. It also features incredibly high-definition images and movies of space. It’s a brilliant illustration of how Drupal CMS can be utilized to enhance user experience and provide beautiful information.

Must-have features of a CMS

There’s little doubt that your CMS will need to offer a wide range of capabilities for multiple use cases. While some of these might be specific to your company, the following are some essential qualities that you simply must have:

  • User-friendly and intuitive user interfaces: Your system may need to support a variety of technical skill levels, from content creators who may be less tech-aware to developers and marketers. 
  • Good user interfaces increase productivity and efficiency, whereas bad ones can irritate users and make them hesitant to interact.
  • Excellent content management tools: Although you would think that content management software would have these features at the very least, it frequently doesn’t. It’s essential to have good content editors who let you post various kinds of material, such blog posts, landing pages, and product highlights.
  • Support for numerous languages: If you intend to distribute material in multiple languages, you’ll need a content management system (CMS) that not only supports character sets but also makes managing language variants simple and fits in with your SEO requirements for multiple locations and languages.
  • Workflows and publication control: Authoring, editing, and scheduling may be the tasks of a large number of individuals working on your material. 
  • Built-in SEO support: If search engine exposure is necessary, then it’s critical to have help for your SEO activities integrated in. It’s important to know that your content management system generates clear, organized markup and search engine-friendly URLs in addition to helping you with content optimization. 
  • One of the most crucial things on this list is security and support: make sure the data you and your clients have is secure. It can be challenging to restore your brand’s reputation, so find out if your content management system (CMS) supports SSL, security upgrades, CDN (which can assist prevent DDoS attacks), and has an efficient patching procedure.

Key Features of Drupal 10

Claro Administration Theme

Claro Administration Theme

Drupal 10 brought with it a new administration theme called Claro. It’s made to offer a cutting-edge, intuitive interface for managing your Drupal website. Drupal versions prior to this one used the Seven administration theme, which has been replaced by Claro.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for administrators, Claro’s sleek and contemporary interface was created with accessibility in mind, making it simpler for those with impairments to browse and utilize the Drupal administration interface.

The Claro administration theme’s design is in line with the Olivero default theme, giving your Drupal website’s front end and back end a unified look and feel. This facilitates fast loading times, guaranteeing that the administration interface loads quickly and responds quickly—even on sluggish internet connections.

Olivero Default Theme

Olivero Default Theme

Drupal 10 brought with it a new default theme called Olivero.

This theme offers a clean and intuitive interface for your Drupal website. It is modern, completely responsive, and accessible. The Olivero theme is intended to be a simple, light-weight, and quick-loading theme that offers a strong base for website customization.

Olivero’s design complies with the strictest accessibility guidelines, facilitating the navigation of your website by people with impairments. It offers users on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones the best possible viewing experience and is completely responsive.

Olivero also has a slick, contemporary UI that is intended to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The theme has a number of different design components, such as unique typography, color schemes, and more.

Theme Starterkit Tools

A new tool in Drupal 10 called Theme Starterkit offers a place to start when developing custom themes. It gives developers and designers the resources and templates they need to create custom themes for Drupal websites.

  • It offers a selection of editable templates that you may utilize as a basis for making your own theme.
  • It is compatible with Sass, a well-liked CSS preprocessor that makes creating and managing CSS styles simpler.
  • Its templates and tools, which make it simpler to create user-friendly and accessible themes, are part of its accessibility-focused design.

Improved Multilingual Support

Improved Multilingual Support

With the introduction of the language type entity by Drupal, it is now possible to create new languages and manage them directly from the administration interface.

Its enhanced language recognition algorithms make it simpler to ascertain the user’s preferred language and provide a customized experience. This entails enhancing the translation management system and streamlining the process of managing translation workflows and translating content.

Additionally, it offers a more adaptable and customized language switcher that lets visitors to your website flip between several languages. With these improvements, Drupal 10 provides more flexible and strong multilingual support, enabling enterprises to design and manage multilingual websites.

Advanced Security Features

Although, Drupal placed a great emphasis on security services, which resulted in the development of various improved security features, such as stronger password policies.

By default, Drupal 10 enforces stricter password restrictions, which compels users to select passwords with greater security. Additionally, Drupal 10 improves third-party module security, which facilitates the detection and remediation of possible security flaws.

Drupal 10, like a lot of other PHP frameworks, offers frequent security upgrades to fix recently found flaws and maintain the security of websites.

Performance and Scalability

Better performance and scalability are two features of Drupal 10 that make it simpler for businesses to develop and manage high-performing websites. The following are some of the main aspects of Drupal 10’s increased scalability and performance:

  • Better caching techniques, which facilitate content caching and enhance website performance; this is especially beneficial for sites with a lot of traffic.
  • systems for delivering content to users that are reliable and efficient in terms of delivery.
  • Enhance database efficiency and lessen the strain on the database server to aid in database layer optimization.

Better Content Management

Drupal 10 streamlines the process of creating and managing content, freeing up users to concentrate on providing their users with high-quality content. It also offers a more versatile and user-friendly platform for website creation and maintenance.

It provides content editors with an easy-to-use content authoring interface for managing and creating information. Better content migration tools are part of this, enabling content to be moved and updated.

Moreover, Better tool integration for handling media, including photos and videos, is another feature of Drupal 10. Users will be able to examine content updates prior to publication thanks to an enhanced content preview mechanism.

Powerful Editing Experience

Powerful Editing Experience

The editing experience is improved in CKEditor 5 in a number of ways, making content creation and management simpler and more intuitive for users. Among the significant enhancements to the editing process are:

WYSIWYG Editor Upgrade

The new WYSIWYG editor in Drupal 10 offers a more contemporary and user-friendly interface for content editing. With enhanced toolbar choices, a more adaptable structure, and a more straightforward interface, the editor is made to be more user-friendly.

Improved Line Editing

With the new inline editing functionality in Drupal 10, users may make changes to content without ever going to the back end of the website. Users may change content more quickly and easily as a result, which enhances the editing process overall.

Improved Production of Content

Additionally, Drupal 10 offers a number of enhancements to the content production process, such as a new media library, enhanced media management capabilities, and more user-friendly content creation and editing forms.

Better Cooperation Functionalities

With the new collaboration tools included in Drupal 10, several users can collaborate on the same piece of content at once. This include managing workflows, checking and approving content, and keeping track of modifications.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on Drupal features. However, if you are looking for a Drupal development company, then you should check out Appic Softwares. 

We have an experienced team of Drupal developers that you can hire and let them manage your store. So, what are you waiting for?

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