10 Must-Have Features To Include In Your Healthcare Mobile App

10 Must-Have Features To Include In Your Healthcare Mobile App

Are you an entrepreneur planning to build a Healthcare Mobile App? If yes, then we have curated a list of features you should include in your app to make it engaging and feature-loaded. The list we created will also help you create a future-proof healthcare app. 

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Different Healthcare Services

There are different healthcare services that you can provide through your app. We have listed some of them for you to gain a better understanding of the services you can include-

Patient Engagement System

A PES enables you to keep track of your patients remotely. You can connect your app with wearable devices like smartwatches, blood pressure monitoring systems, and more to get the exact data. 

Then your doctors can provide them with the support that they should get. For example, if the patient’s blood pressure increase then your doctor can connect with them and tell them the best medicine to control it. 

Diet Monitoring System

Diet monitoring system

Through a diet monitoring system, customers can input their height, weight, and age which will inform them about their body mass index ( BMI ). Once the app calculates the BMI you can inform your customers whether it’s high or low. 

Depending on the situation you can suggest different diet plans and exercises to them so that their BMI reaches a neutral level. 

Medication Providing App

Through this app, your customers can order medicines from nearby stores or stores far away. The app will consist of all the GPS tracking features, a list of medicines, a prescription submission button, and more so that there is no misuse of the bought drugs. 

10 Must-Have Healthcare App Features

Easy And Secure Login/Registration

Healthcare app security feature

The first and most crucial feature that you should include in your Healthcare app is an easy login and registration page. The registration information should be easy for your customers to find and list. Some of the information that you can collect are-

  • Full Name
  • Contact details ( Name, Email, etc. )
  • Reason For Joining ( This can be through a drop-down list of various reasons )

To make your login secure you can use OTP ( One-Time Password ) login. The OTP message can either be sent to the customer’s contact number, email, or both. This will ensure that you have a secure login page for your app. 

Data Security

As a healthcare mobile app contains confidential information about your customer like their medical history, the food they are allergic to, prescribed medicines, and so on. Thus, you should prioritize security in your healthcare app. Some of the features that you can add to your app to make it secure are-

  • Biometric Page Viewing
  • Strong hack-proof coding
  • Select A reliable backend

Live Video And Audio Consultation

Live video and audio consultations allow remote patients to get medical assistance in no time. By choosing this feature your patients can interact with doctors and convey their ordeal. This will make your app more engaging which reduces the churn rate. 

Health Activity Tracking

Through this feature, your customers can track various activities related to health like blood pressure, BMI, and so on. Your customers can even store the data and later view it for a particular month, quarter, or year. Moreover, you can even suggest different diets to your customers based on their illnesses. 

For example, if your customer is suffering from high blood pressure, then you can suggest a diet that reduces the pressure. 

Symptoms Examination

An advanced feature that informs the patient about the different types of diseases that they might be suffering from based on their symptoms. You can even add a feature that informs the customer about the consultant they should visit. 

For example, if a patient is suffering from muscle pain then the app should recommend them an orthopedic doctor nearby their area. 

Doctor Profile List

A list that contains information on all the doctors, their specialties, the area they serve in, and more. Customers can scroll through the list, check out their ratings, customer reviews, and more to choose from. 

Furthermore, you can also integrate your app with Google calendar so that your customers can book an appointment with the doctors. 

Push Notification

Push notifications assist you to perform marketing tasks on your app with ease. You can also remind customers through notifications regarding their medicines, water intake, diet follow-up, and so on. 

Reminder notifications for upcoming appointments can also be rolled out ensuring that no appointment is missed. 

Medical Device Integration

Several medical devices track the health activity of humans. For example, a smartwatch can track heartbeat, step count, monitor sleep, blood purity, and more. You can have a feature by which all these activities can be stored on your device or a cloud. 

This would make data accessible to customers for a long duration and helps them keep a track of it. 

Community Forum

A place in which all your customers and doctors can build a community and discuss different remedies, doctor info, and more. Creating a community will help you gain more loyal customers and get valuable feedback from them.

You can also create a different community for your doctors too. 


E-prescription allows your doctors to prescribe drugs virtually. Moreover, through the app itself, the customers can check their nearby pharma stores for the availability of the drugs. This will ensure that there is no misuse of the drugs and only those who require them can accrue them. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to know the top healthcare features that you must include in your healthcare app. We have also listed some of the unique services that you can enable in your app and make it more engaging. 

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