Gamified Learning Apps: Complete Development Guide 2024

Gamified Learning Apps: Complete Development Guide 2024

Gamified Learning Apps: Complete Development Guide 2024

One essential element of the contemporary workplace is the extended enterprise. So how can you create gamified training applications that are successful for your outside sales team? Check out this blog to learn more about Gamified Learning Apps.

Commission is a common method used in recruiting sales staff in many firms. The organization benefits from this as it lowers personnel expenses. Since commission workers are not considered official employees, the employer is not required to fund their benefits; yet, the majority of employers do, providing medical coverage and/or a modest base salary in addition to commissions. However, the company still needs to train its salesmen even though it is not required to offer benefits to employees. Enabling them to sell more increases profit margins for all parties involved. So how can you provide them with ongoing assistance? Let’s look at how to make gamified learning applications for your larger sales force step-by-step.

Steps For Creating Gamified Learning Apps

Steps For Creating Gamified Learning Apps

Examine Their Gadgets

Most likely, the tablets, computers, or cell phones of your external sales staff will be used for training. Rarely, do they gather at a single location to utilize training computers that are assigned to them. Obtain a list of prospective participants in employee training if at all feasible, and confirm the devices they use. Pay attention to features, OS, and brand. Make sure your app works on all of these devices before developing it. The last thing you want is to invest a ton of time and money into creating gamified learning applications that are inaccessible.

Think About Operating Expenses

External sales teams receive different packages because they are not eligible for conventional job benefits. They might not be under a long-term contract, but they might be provided phones by the office. It’s conceivable that the business pays for their data and speaking time. Take into account the monthly data allotment that your company pays for and develop an app that efficiently utilizes it. If you have salespeople who work from remote places, create offline training.

Determine Training Subjects

The level of your sales team will vary based on your product or service. Selling a technological product may need a tech-savvy salesperson who is familiar with its features and can walk potential customers through them. Some could require a more general sales strategy. Is there a software basics crash course your team needs to take? Do they require instruction in “how to close a sale” and “how to start conversations”? Add useful material to your gamified learning applications.

Make A Few Technical Choices

Are you using pre-made software to create your app? If so, should you import a template or is there one you like? Is the gamification app being created from the ground up? What language will you use to code? Have the appropriate professionals on hand? Make sure you have the necessary online authoring tools or the necessary technological resources to build your course. If not, choose to either purchase or use the required knowledge. To accommodate what you have, you may also modify your app development strategy. What gamification LMS, therefore, can provide you artistic freedom without compromising usability?

Create A Storyboard For Your Gamification Application

This will vary based on the resources you have at your disposal or the app developer’s chosen style. For sketching, some companies choose to use a stylus and tablet or a pencil and notepad. While some people are comfortable using Prezi or PowerPoint, others employ storyboarding tools. Every screen and concept should be displayed on a distinct page in the storyboard, which should be as thorough as feasible.

Verify Your Mechanisms

Content and layout will take center stage in your storyboard. It specifies the framework of the course and illustrates how it will go. Now consider the gamification components you want to use, such as features, in-game tools, leaderboards, badges, and level-ups. Some might need plug-ins that are compatible and can be applied to your platform. Some will need to be programmed separately, and for some functions, you might need to spend money on supplementary software. Including adaptable game mechanics in your gamification, the LMS checklist is an additional method.

Develop The App

Although it appears simple enough, your tools and procedure will determine how this is done. You can drag and drop components rather easily if your gamified learning management system (LMS) includes an app. When coding anything from the ground up, your coders, graphic designers, and content specialists collaborate. If the time is long, you might complete one section first, followed by the other. This is not recommended as there is a chance that the back and forth of different app creation components may result in timetable conflicts.

Try It Out

Prioritize content evaluation above technical evaluation of it. Verify that every feature is operational and that all topic matter is covered. After that, ask a user to evaluate its UX. Let them investigate it on their own for now. See where they become stuck since this will indicate areas for improvement. After that, take them to particular areas of the app and solicit their opinions. Make any necessary tweaks and test the changes with a new focus group. You could also watch how they react to specific game elements at this point to determine whether it increases their drive.


In summary, Appic Softwares proves to be a trustworthy collaborator in the ever-evolving field of gamified elearning app development. The thorough guide for 2024 navigates the challenges of developing apps for heterogeneous sales teams, emphasizing the need to comprehend devices, control operating costs, provide training topics, make technical decisions, design, and test thoroughly. Appic Softwares guarantees the smooth integration of technology and efficient pedagogical approaches, encouraging participation and expertise in the broader organization.

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