A Complete 2024 Guide To Hire Angular Developers In USA

A Complete 2024 Guide To Hire Angular Developers In USA

Hire Angular developers in USA

There are currently 989,236 live websites running on Angular out of which 471,489 Angular websites are live in the USA. Thus if you are here to know the guide on how to hire Angular developers in the USA then you are at the right place. 

When building visually appealing user interfaces for online applications, Angular is a strong contender, even if React.js sometimes eclipses it. 

Angular is a framework that web developers may use, supported by Google, to build attractive, dynamic programs that strike a good mix between speed and functionality. The compatibility of your developers with the aesthetic framework you employ to build your user interface is just as critical as the satisfaction of your users with that interface. 

The good news is that Angular’s developer community appears to revel in the framework’s ease of use, and keeps producing top-notch, reliable user interfaces. 

Here are a few arguments in favor of Angular that you should consider for your project.

What Is Angular?

Angular was developed by the Angular Team at Google and is a framework for building online applications. It evolved from a front-end framework to a platform for creating online and mobile apps. The current version of AngularJS was built in 2015 after a complete rewrite. 

Angular is not built in JavaScript like AngularJS, but rather in TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. Some maintenance benefits, like as improved IntelliSense in Visual Studio Code, and the ability to detect problems early are among the many advantages that TypeScript brings to the table. 

When it comes to its construction principles, Angular is likewise quite picky. Angular is often described by developers as a framework with strong opinions. 

How To Hire An Angular Developer In The USA?

You should hire an Angular developer and use Angular to construct your web app if you want to create something on a technology that will be there for a long time. 

Experts in Angular are in limited supply, even if the framework is quite popular. One reason for this is the relatively high learning curve of Angular compared to other frameworks such as React or Vue.js. On the other hand, Angular outshines other alternatives in terms of comprehensiveness and organization. 

What To Look For In An Angular Developer?

Here is what an Angular developer must be aware of when you hire them in the USA:

  • Master the fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Get good at using the Angular framework.
  • Create user interfaces for the front end using HTML, CSS
  • Utilize RESTful APIs
  • Get hands-on experience with Webpack and Node.js.

What Is The Cost Of Hiring Angular Developers In The US?

Based on statistics from Ziprecruiter.com, the average income for a Senior Angular developer in the US is $137,430 per year.

Moreover, you can save a huge amount by outsourcing Angular developers. Let’s understand the maths here by taking the example of Appic Softwares:

  • Hiring A Junior Angular developer in the US costs around $33/Hr. If they work for 8 hours for 22 days a month for 12 months then the total amount that would cost you is 33*8*12*22, which would cost you $70,000 Annually
  • Similarly, if you hire Angular developers from Appic Softwares then it would cost you: $15*8*22*12, i.e $30,000 Annually. Helping you save around $40,000 which can be used in marketing, operations, or more. 

Top Companies Using Angular

Here is a list of top companies using Angular:

  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • E-Trade
  • Autodesk
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • IBM
  • Upwork

What Is An Angular Developer?

Developers who work with the Angular platform or AngularJS to create web apps are known as Angular developers. 

Developers who have put in the effort to study Angular 2x are fluent in webpack and other related technologies, and they utilize TypeScript instead of JavaScript. 

Although some Angular engineers may be more interested in or experienced with NodeJS, the majority of them are front-end devs. 

Why To Use Angular?

Having a satisfying user experience is crucial if you want people to stay using your app. 

A well-designed user interface is crucial to making sure your app’s users have a good time while using it. 

The visual design of your app is important for several reasons, including making sure users can easily discover what they’re looking for and making sure their data is shown correctly to match their personal experience. 

For many businesses, Angular is the way to go; the type of experience you’re aiming to create will determine the best framework to use. 

Angular stands out from React, which is more of a visual library, because it is a complete visual framework. There are several benefits to this, one of which is a more stringent development environment that may better direct your progress. 

This is well-received by web developers as it replaces an ad hoc approach to user interface design with a standard “design language” that everyone can adhere to. For a long time now, Google’s Material Design philosophy has been promoting a certain design language. 

You can ensure that your app’s user interface remains consistent and reliable across devices by using a more organized design language.

A number of Angular’s features are designed to make development easier. So far, it has shown to be an exceptionally developer-friendly language. 

Angular is built to be utilized with Typescript, a popular choice among developers because to its user-friendliness. Test environments and modules that improve the readability and comprehension of documentation are only two of the many tools it offers to facilitate speedier development.

7 Advantages Of Angular

Advantages of Angular

Angular is among the most widely used frameworks in the industry, and there are many good reasons for it. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using Angular.


Reducing the amount of maintenance work a developer has to perform to keep code current is a major deal, and Angular 2 and subsequent versions are backward compatible. Because of this, you can update your Angular project without touching the codebase, making it more safer to update.


Based on TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, Angular was built. Visualize it as an improved JavaScript. Producing JavaScript from TypeScript is a breeze. TypeScript’s improved error detection when typing code allows developers to quickly repair problems.


Modules are the building blocks of an Angular application. Interdependent modules are necessary for your application’s many functions. Modules can be either custom-made or taken from the official Angular package. 

Additional pre-made components created by the Angular community are also available for integration. Furthermore, “lazy loading” is available, which allows your application to load only the necessary components, leading to improved speed.

Code Consistency

By forcing the developer to view their program as a collection of components, Angular maintains order. The components are more comprehensible and may be reused. When adding additional engineers to a project, this becomes quite useful. They will find it less difficult to grasp how the app functions as a whole. 

Easy Testing

Because of its modular design, Angular makes testing a breeze. In addition, there are many Angular testing solutions, such as Karma for unit testing and Protractor for end-to-end testing.


Building online, native, and mobile applications is a breeze with Angular. Progressive web apps, which are built using Angular, are online applications that resemble websites but include additional features often seen in native mobile apps.


The Angular community is highly engaged online. Additionally, there are a plethora of Angular conferences all around the globe, and forums like StackOverflow make it easy to exchange information. Angular is still very much in demand and shows no signs of going anywhere.

Why You Should Worry About Frontend?

As per a study, slow-loading websites cost their owners $2.6 billion every year. User experience (UX) is a far more telling indicator of your app’s success than most people give it credit for, despite its reputation as the most disregarded performance statistic. 

Interactions with your app make up a significant portion of the user experience, even if they aren’t restricted to the UI per se. 

Since the user experience is among the most crucial components of your program, a single negative encounter might permanently discourage users from using it. 

To accurately assess the quality of your user’s experience, you must be aware of how they engage with your interface. 

Make sure your customers’ experiences are uniform across platforms by utilizing a framework like Angular. 

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