How To Find And Hire NodeJS Developers In India

How To Find And Hire NodeJS Developers In India

Hire NodeJS Developers

After doing a ton of research, you’ve decided to start Node development by imitating businesses like Netflix, NASA, PayPal, and Uber. Best wishes! The “only” thing left to do is assemble your team with the top developers. How then do you approach it? The demand for Node.js engineers is higher than the supply, and the developers that are available are not always sufficiently skilled, making hiring them difficult.

To identify the finest candidates, it is essential to understand the Node environment, know what questions to ask, and know what abilities a developer should have. I’ll go over all of that in this post along with some insider knowledge that, from dealing with numerous clients, can help you achieve the best results for your company.

Node.js App Development

As was already noted, Node.js has proven beneficial to businesses like Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, and others. It’s a cozy framework that permits server-side code execution. Node.js eliminates the need for many languages by bringing app development together. Its primary focus is on developing web apps in real time. Furthermore, because of its package manager, ecosystem, and comprehensive solutions like Nest.js, it is appropriate for the creation of mobile apps.

Node.js is a favorite among developers because it allows them to work quickly and efficiently with multiple users. It is a set of frameworks, library, and app development tools that easily simplify the process of creating online applications. It employs an event-driven, asynchronous, non-blocking input/output approach and is based on the V8 JS engine found in Chrome.

Who are Node.js developers?

Developer demand for Node.js has been very strong. Job searches have increased since 2017 as a result of its growing popularity. There are already over 25,000 Node.js users on Github, and the number is rising steadily. Furthermore, Node.js scored 51,4% in the Stack Overflow 2020 survey for framework popularity.

Given that back-end engineering uses Node.js, developers ought to be able to connect the client and server side. Since the front-end is a component of Node.js services, developers are also familiar with the user-facing portion of the program. They ought to understand how the front-end and back-end components interact.

Aside from that, the following developer abilities are among the most often listed ones:

developer abilities

  • Acquaintance with Scrum and Agile
  • The capacity to create integration and unit tests
  • Familiarity with GitHub and Git
  • Procedures for Continuous Integration and Code Review

Are Node.js developers in demand?

Job searches for Node.js increased by 57% in 2019, and it is still predicted to expand and surpass well-known frameworks like Ruby on Rails, according to Indeed’s hiring lab. Node is a JavaScript runtime, so as JS becomes more popular, so will the need for Node. Currently, over 11,000 job offers for Node.js developers worldwide are available on

10 must-have skills of a Node.js developer


Your candidate must be able to traverse the variety of tools and IDEs that the Node.js library offers. A competent developer should have active involvement in and contributions to open-source projects, as well as having a few Node.js projects in their portfolio. This demonstrates the developer’s strong framework understanding as well as his or her enthusiasm as an engineer and team player.

Understanding of other front-end technologies

Of course, front-end programming is more than just Node.js. Since it relates to what end users see, Nodde.js engineers must have a solid understanding of front-end design and development, including HTML and CSS.

Efficient code

Your candidate should have written object-oriented code. Make sure they adhere to the recommended procedures for continuity.

Knowledge of Node.js frameworks

Frameworks provide features and functionalities to the Node.js ecosystem. It is crucial that your applicant is aware of some of them and is able to select the best one. The Express functional framework, MVC frameworks like Strongloop or Sinatra, and, of course, Nest.js for back-end development are the most frequently discussed topics here.

Error-handling skills

Verify the developer’s error-handling and error-logging skills before hiring them. Troubleshooting and syntax manipulation are fundamental problem-solving abilities of a proficient Node.js developer.

RESTful APIs and API Communications

Understanding API codes and managing cross-system interactions is a necessary skill for any Node.js developer.

Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous programming, which drastically reduces request waiting times, is the foundation of Node.js. Not every developer will be familiar with its workarounds because it’s still a relatively new notion.

Database scheme creation

Having proficiency with database management is essential for creating effective Node.js apps. The ideal applicant would be able to design them for business operations and have a smooth integration of many databases and data sources into one system.

User Authentication and Authorization

Working understanding of user authentication and authorization across many systems, servers, and settings is essential for a competent web developer.

Experience in Data Protection

In the case of web applications, security is paramount. To prevent security breaches and data theft, developers should make sure their program is secure by implementing data protection measures.

The top 10 queries to pose to a Node.js developer

Set up an interview after thoroughly investigating the candidates. There are a few fundamental questions you can ask them to make sure you hire the finest of the best. Among the most often queries posed to a Node.js developer are:

  • How are child threads handled in Node.js?
  • What are Node.js’s timing features?
  • What is REPL, and what is the aim of its use?
  • What does Node.js’ REPL mean?
  • How might a Node.js application be debugged?
  • What features does NPM in Node.js offer?
  • Describe the Node.js Reactor Pattern.
  • Event-driven programming: what is it?
  • In Node.js, what is callback hell?
  • Which Node.js modules are some of the most well-liked ones?

How to hire Node.js developers?

There are three broad options for recruiting a Node.js developer: outsourcing, employing a freelancer, or hiring inside. Let’s examine them more closely. There are benefits and drawbacks for everyone of them.


When businesses intend to produce their own product that will need constant upkeep and improvements, they choose to recruit internally. They can now use an on-site support crew, but the cost may be significantly higher than with outsourcing.

When hiring internally, there are a number of factors to take into account, including the labor-intensive hiring procedure, giving your team or developers a suitable workspace, managing pay after training, scheduling time off, etc. Internalization entails continuous expenses that are absent in outsourcing.


There are many platforms where you may get freelance developers, however they can be very dangerous. Hiring a freelancer gives you less control over the final product’s quality, and it may also limit communication and availability. On the other hand, scaling up requires paying more money overall. Furthermore, you run the danger of losing your idea because you are giving it to an unknown party.

Of course, hiring a freelancer can save costs, but this is best suited for temporary projects.


Two further subcategories of outsourcing exist: hiring a dedicated development team and team augmentation. Companies with an internal development team but limited resources or specialized skills choose option number one. Rapid scaling with seasoned engineers is possible with team augmentation. Visit the topic What Is Staff Augmentation to learn more about staff augmentation.

On the other hand, if you require a self-managing team that can take over and manage the project from beginning to end, hiring a fully-fledged development team is ideal. To free up your time to concentrate on the project’s business components, outsourcing companies can also supply you with qualified designers and QA engineers. See Outsourcing Trends In Software Development In 2020 for further information on the subject.

When talking about outsourcing, it’s important to note the best places to get seasoned experts; Poland is one of them. Polish programmers are renowned for their superior code quality and high degree of expertise. Poland continues to offer the best value for your money when compared to other nations. They also have a fantastic work culture, outstanding communication abilities, and dependability.

How to choose a software development company?

If you want to save money and time and do not want to hire a dedicated team in-house, outsourcing is the way to go, as was previously indicated. Similar to how you would look for a developer, you may find an outsourcing partner through similar methods, however the most common method is probably through specialized sites like:


As the phrase goes, they help you “get in touch with firms that deliver.” To find the results that best fit your needs, you can browse through different categories. Development houses’ profiles offer a wealth of information about their experience, average fees, technological stack, and recommendations from past clients.\


It’s a catalog consisting of development firms of all sizes and specializations, much like Clutch.

Without a doubt, go to the business’ website and read the following:

Portfolio: Case studies are an excellent way to see if the person has expertise creating solutions similar to yours by looking through their prior efforts.

Company blogs: these can be used to identify the most experienced engineers by showcasing posts that demonstrate expertise in the relevant field.

Customer endorsements: read what past customers have to say

Events: At Appic Softwares, we think that being involved in the community offers us a lot of chances to develop and learn.


Regardless of the technology, selecting the proper personnel to work on your company project is a process that requires time and effort. The Node.js technology continues to gain popularity since the market appears to be undersaturated. Businesses with success, such as Netflix and Microsoft, adopt it because of its asynchronous methodology and ease of growing.

It is important to determine whether hiring an in-house team or outsourcing is a better fit for your needs before you begin searching for Node.js specialists. You get varying benefits from each of them, but be ready to do a lot of research.

You don’t need to explore any further if you found this post while looking for the ideal outsourcing provider for your Node.js project. Appic Softwares can provide you with programming, design, and quality assurance professionals and help you translate your idea into a high-quality functional solution. For additional information and a free estimate, get in touch with us.

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