Hire Offshore Drupal Developers: A Complete 2024 Checklist 

Hire Offshore Drupal Developers: A Complete 2024 Checklist 

Hire Offshore Drupal Developers: A Complete 2024 Checklist 

Drupal developers with experience are hard to come by. There are various difficulties, such as:

  • inclining learning curve
  • restricted pool of talent
  • A specialized skill set is necessary.

Recruiters frequently encounter the difficulty of finding a Drupal developer who aligns with the company’s culture. In order to close your talent gap, utilize the checklist provided below if you are facing comparable difficulties.

Who Is A Drupal Developer?

Drupal developers are experts in using the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) to create, construct, and manage websites and web applications. Drupal engineers are proficient in a number of technologies, including databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Additionally, there are various kinds of Drupal developers.

Backend Developers rear-end Drupal developers are proficient in complicated code, server-side logic, and database administration. They also have a solid technical background. Through modules and components, they can assist in extending the functions of systems.
Frontend Developers Front-end The areas of expertise for Drupal developers are HTML, CSS, Javascript, APIs, and PHP. They turn designs into functionalities by using Drupal themes. They are also quite good at implementing responsive design.
FullStack Developers A fullstack Drupal developer is well-versed in the architecture and codebase of Drupal. Both frontend and backend development are skills they possess.
Support And Maintenance Developers Upkeep and assistance Website and application stability and continuous functionality are the responsibility of Drupal developers. They fix problems, implement updates, and enhance efficiency. 


How to Employ a Committed Drupal Developer

When selecting candidates for Drupal development projects, several factors must be taken into account, including:

Outlining the Needs for the Project

Describe the features, functions, and scope needed to create a Drupal app or website. Recruiters can now focus on Drupal developers with the appropriate skill set thanks to this step.

Assessing the Funds

Each business has a budget for employment. The project complexity, the skills required, and the estimated timeline were taken into account while determining this budget.

Choosing The Hiring Method

Hiring a preferred developer can be done in a few different ways. These include hiring directly, working with recruiting firms, looking through social media groups, exploring Drupal communities, and freelancing websites. 

Developing Detailed Job Descriptions

Make a thorough job posting that includes industry-specific, soft, and technical abilities. Emphasize any further qualifications that are unique to the position, such as knowledge of Drupal Migration, Drupal 10 or Decoupled Drupal. Post the requirement on the appropriate platforms, in accordance with the hiring strategy.

Examining Practical Experience

When hiring a developer, experience is a must. Select a developer who has worked with Drupal 8, 9, and 10 or other versions. The familiarity of an experienced developer with the coding will result in accurate project execution.

Assessing Task and Time Management Capabilities

Developers sometimes have to manage strict deadlines without sacrificing the caliber of their work. To effectively contribute to new initiatives, developers must master these abilities.

Evaluating the Willingness to Improve

Make sure the developer you are thinking about for your project has the time, enthusiasm, and expertise to provide it the best result possible. They must to be enthusiastic to pick up new skills and methods as well.

Assessing Communication Capabilities

Developers need to be able to communicate their ideas and potential problems clearly in addition to having strong technical skills. This guarantees compliance with the client’s requirements and promotes improved teamwork.

Evaluating Problem-Solving Ability

A strong foundation of problem-solving abilities is essential for any competent developer. It aids in the diagnosis and resolution of problems like coding snags, which unavoidably arise during projects. 

Verifying Their ID on GitHub

A fantastic resource for understanding a developer’s coding style, subject matter expertise, vision, and abilities is GitHub. Examining the applicant’s GitHub ID might help determine whether or not they are a good fit for the project.

Examining Community Participation

A developer’s reputation in the Drupal community may tell you a lot about how well-coordinated, collaborative, and communicative they are. Interacting with the community illuminates their past endeavors, skills, and knowledge. Sometimes developers don’t engage with peers as often, but they can still show productivity by using their profile.

Making The Last Decision

Make the ultimate decision on the Drupal project developer after they have been shortlisted based on:

  • Comprehensive Interviews: During interviews, assess candidates’ communication abilities, problem-solving abilities, and technical proficiency. Ask questions that are specific to Drupal and consult a technical specialist for a more thorough analysis.
  • Verify References and Portfolios: Speak with references that have been supplied, go over code samples, and determine whether the Drupal programmer’s work is up to par and in line with the project’s specifications.
  • Cultural Fit Assessment: Assess a candidate’s communication styles, cooperation inclinations, and work patterns to make sure they mesh well with the dynamics of the current team.
  • Assess their practical skills by giving them a job that is unique to Drupal to gauge their level of coding expertise and familiarity with industry best practices.

Building A Sturdy Drupal Development Team

 Our process for hiring a Drupal developer consists of the following steps:

Community Engagement: We regularly participate in the Drupal Job and Slack communities to establish connections with potential candidates. We also build enduring relationships with them on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

  • Relationship Building: We work to strengthen ties between members of the Drupal community on various platforms by sharing knowledge and acknowledging achievements.
  • Referrals: The recruitment staff at Appic Softwares places a strong emphasis on referrals from reliable sources, which highlight cultural fit in addition to skill sets.
  • Comprehensive Perspective: We examine applicants’ Drupal.org profiles, scrutinizing their prior undertakings, affiliations, and qualifications.
  • Contributions to Open Source: We assess their participation in the Drupal community to determine their level of cooperation, engagement, and support for open source. 

This strategy has enabled us to bring on board some of the best experts in the field, who have contributed to the completion of numerous projects.

How Appic Softwares Installed A Decoupled, Multilingual Drupal Platform In The Hospitality Sector

Appic Softwares collaborated with Wunderman Thomson to help a client who owned a luxury resort streamline their content management system. The goal of this project was to provide a solution that looks forward and ensures consistency across all brands. The principal objective was to remove duplication, hence reducing development and maintenance costs. 

The cutting-edge technology enabled the client to launch more intricate marketing campaigns, made content management easier, and gave consumers access to modern content interactions.

The customer recycled data across devices to expedite content management and used decoupled Drupal 8 to provide a uniform editing experience. Brand inconsistencies were eliminated because content updates were consistent across all platforms. This tactical change improved their market positioning and increased profitability. 

Close Any Project Gaps by Hiring Drupal Professionals

Do you need assistance finding the right Drupal developer for your project? Consult with Appic Softwares specialists about using our personnel augmentation services to close any gaps in your delivery team.


By streamlining the hiring process for offshore Drupal engineers, our 2024 checklist guarantees a fruitful and effective hiring process. By following these guidelines, you may assemble a strong development team and attract top talent for your projects.”

Appic Softwares and other Drupal development firms are essential to the Drupal ecosystem. These companies provide a wide range of services, including site development, theming, module development, maintenance, and continuous support. They are specialists in Drupal development.

Even better, you may employ our committed Drupal engineers to manage your business.

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