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How To Build An App Like Jahez In 2024

Build An App Like Jahez

There were 439.3K visitors in Jahez which proves the rise in demand for the app. If you too are planning to create an app like Jahez and looking for a guide then you are at the right place.

One of the top delivery applications in Saudi Arabia, Jahez connects customers with food service providers including restaurants and home diners. Service providers can follow up on orders, find service locations, and keep track of sales with this program, which offers precise delivery and follow-up services.

Summary Of The Blog:-

What are the key components for creating a food delivery app like Jahez?

You must have personally observed how crucial food delivery apps are in today’s society. These apps have frequently saved us while we’ve been in the midst of a pandemic. This is why, from a commercial perspective, there are many opportunities for on-demand app development. As a result, if you are prepared to invest in this business, you need to be aware of the fierce competition in the market. In order to start developing your food delivery software, just like Jahez, you should think of a simple user interface.

Nowadays, ordering food from restaurants, motels, etc. has become very commonplace. Therefore, streamlining the process should be the major consideration while building a food delivery app like Jahez. The user can view the entire menu directly on the app and, like on any other e-commerce site, add products to the cart and place orders. The steps below will walk you through different aspects of getting started with a food delivery app.

Additionally, it would be excellent if you familiarized yourself with the mobile app development process if you are new to the sector. We’ve created a series on mobile app development that will help you out step by step. Please look through the index. 

Statistics Of The Food Delivery Business

The food delivery industry is flourishing. The pandemic only caused slight damage, but it quickly recovered. If you’re concerned about who will order online when they go to the local restaurant, you’ll be shocked to learn that roughly 51% of customers prefer not to go outside. Additionally, they want people to order food via this app for delivery. The sector has a staggering $108 billion in revenues, which represents around 4% of all restaurant food sales worldwide.

Furthermore, if the market continues to grow at this rate, it will reach $300 billion by the end of 2030. All praise is due to technological advancements that have led to cheaper smartphones and the internet. Additionally, in the subsequent five years, growth is predicted to climb by 16%. 

Develop A Profitable On-demand Food Delivery App

There is no need to be concerned if you are unsure of how you will monetize the software. We are here to briefly explain it to you. Several developers have embraced the strategy after observing strong growth in startups and on-demand food delivery app development. When you look closely at applications like Swiggy, Zomato, and others, you will see that they are not only for ordering meals but also for finding all the nearby eateries. The corporation pays the delivery companies for these apps.

The crucial aspect is now here—how these apps are generating revenue. Let’s investigate:

If you look closely at these apps, even after they provide you with all these capabilities, you can still purchase the food for almost the same price. Furthermore, it appears to be identical to going to a restaurant. Three simple steps will help you understand it. All meal delivery apps follow established procedures; all they do is make minor adjustments here and there:

1. Shipping Fees

Users must pay a certain delivery fee when placing an order through the app. If an order is placed for more than $300, some models provide free delivery.

2. Restaurant Sales Revenue

Each time a customer orders food delivery door-to-door from a restaurant, the delivery apps are paid.

3. Advertising Cost

These applications also charge some marketing costs because they feature the establishment. When there are too many restaurants nearby and they want some visibility, it will now be very useful.

Food Delivery App Types

Understanding the type of service you are interested in when discussing meal delivery applications is crucial. Up until recently, the only restaurants that delivered food to homes were pizza shops. But times have changed, and market patterns have radically shifted as a result of these on-demand delivery services. 

We are going to briefly explore the two main categories of delivery services.

1. Delivery From Restaurants To Customers

The restaurant itself provides this service. The customers will have to download the restaurant’s own app, which means it will have its own. For instance, two significant chains that follow the same business model are Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

2. Delivery From Platforms To Consumers

This delivery method is currently growing in popularity. Users will be able to download an app that will allow them to search for all eateries in their area. Startups like Zomato, Uber Eats, Swiggy, etc. all operate under this paradigm.

Some Must-have Features on a Food Delivery App 

You need to be aware of a few key elements if you intend to develop your own app or invest in someone else’s concept. In order to prepare you for creating an app prototype, let’s go over the minimum features needed:

  • Online tracking

The location of the food must be communicated to the user after placing an order. You can estimate when their package will arrive by using live tracking.

  • Different Payment Methods

Nowadays, cash is preferred over digital payments. The capability is required because customers will want to make payments using the gateway that is simplest and most practical for them.

  • Prize Points

Occasionally offering rewards points will help retain current clients while also bringing in new ones.

  • Messages Sent Through Push

By providing them with information and offers, you may make full use of push notifications. To get the most clicks, you can time them to coincide with lunch and dinner.

  • Optional Customizations

while you have a variety of options while ordering lunch—or any meal, for that matter—it will be much better. For instance, you should be able to offer the option of adding more vegetables to the pasta in the meal delivery app you are creating.

  • Address Management

The user shouldn’t have trouble with inputting the address each time they want to have anything delivered to the business rather than their home.

The Process Used To Create The App For Food Delivery.

Choosing a development company with a solid track record is the best method to create an app. The ability to comprehend the requirements and guarantee quality production is the most crucial necessity. Your preferences must also be taken into account when it comes to the app’s appearance. Users can quickly detect this when navigating the app. 

There are a few extremely fundamental concerns highlighted that must be attended to:

1. Selecting A Niche

The niche you will service must be decided upon first and foremost. It basically means that you have to choose who your target market is. For instance, if you want to target students, you must collaborate with all the fast-food chains and eateries.

2. Simple UI

A very simple and clean user interface is another item you should pay attention to. Users ought to have no trouble navigating the selections and checking out in a few minutes. It will also provide you the advantage of being more user-friendly.

3. Use Artificial Intelligence(AI)

You can assist users identify the best eateries in the area by using machine learning (ML). The software ought to be able to recognize the patterns users adopt and display results accordingly in the future.

4. Effective Delivery

Finding the ideal team to timely deliver food throughout the day is the last thing you need to pay attention to.

Mock Drill For App Testing

It’s important to run a test where you let some consumers use the app before going live. You can begin this user testing by offering a program where users can sign up for the beta test of the application. To ensure that nothing is broken when the program is released to the public, you should do several tests. You will need to set up each portal, go through it, and ensure that nothing goes wrong as a result of a technological issue because there will be several gateways.

Launch and Promotional

We have arrived at the launch and marketing phase as we near the finale. No matter how well-designed and useful an app is, it will be useless until it is properly promoted. Here are some pointers to bear in mind when you approach the marketing campaign before the launch.

Utilize social media to ensure that the audience you are targeting sees the product you are offering.

Keep the posters and advertising efforts as eye-catching as you can. The marketing team should constantly be on the lookout for new customers and ways to maximize visibility.

Setting up stalls at ongoing neighborhood events is the ideal approach to service your customers and increase your market share.

Cost Of Creating An App Similar To Jahez

The price of creating a meal delivery app will vary greatly, according to various factors. An app like Jahez’s price can vary due to several production-related factors. These include the amount of fundamental and sophisticated features, the complexity, the tech stack, the app platform, etc. You may expect to pay between $20,000 and $80,000 for a typical app. The fee will increase with the number of hours worked. 

Furthermore, the price might constantly change depending on the team structure and their specific location. A team for creating apps needs the following individuals: Two Android and iOS mobile app developers, a business analyst, a team lead for both platforms, two backend developers with expertise in Node.js, two UI/UX designers, and two QA are also needed. 

Additionally, if we talk about the price of creating an app like Jahez according to their area, here are some ideas to think about: 

  • The price range for Eastern Europe is $50–100 per hour.
  • Western Europe pays between $70 and $120 per hour.
  • The price remains between $100 and $250, or per hour, for North America.
  • The price for the United Kingdom remains between $100 and $150 per hour.
  • India continues to charge between $25 and $60 per hour to create apps like Jahez.


By concluding the blog, we hope that you were able to gain full knowledge on creating an app similar to Jahez. If you are planning to create an app like Jahez and looking for a food app development company, then you should check out Appic Softwares. 

We have an experienced team of developers that can use all the latest technologies to craft your app. 

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