Pet Care app development

Pet Care App Development

Pet care app development

Do you know, in 2022 pet industry revenue was $136.8 billion, and in 2021 it was $123.6 billion? This stat informs us that the pet care industry is growing at a faster pace and if you want to create an app for it then it’s the right time. 

In this post, we will inform you how you can create a pet care app and some unique features you can list in it. So, let’s jump in and check the content in this article-

7 Unique Pet Care App Features

Here are some unique app features that you can list in your app and enhance pet care-

  • Pet Identification Feature

A space in your pet care app that informs the customers about a specific breed. The information that this section can hold is-

  • Common health issues
  • Average weight
  • The category they belong to (Hound, terrier, toy, etc.)
  • Origin
  • Ideal food for them
  • And so on. 

This will basically be a pet encyclopedia that can be used by pet parents or future pet parents. This section will help you build trust among users. 

  • Pet Health App Development

You can create a separate app or list this feature in a single app. With this feature, customers can record and keep information about their four-legged friend. Some of the information that it can store is-

  • Vaccine due date
  • Last visit to the Vet
  • Allergies (What food or practices to avoid)
  • Prescriptions & lab bills.
  • Medicine reminder
  • And so on. 

Through this feature, you would create a one-stop solution for your customers. 

  • Pet Product Marketplace

Pet marketplace app development

An ecommerce marketplace from where customers can purchase products such as dog food, accessories, clothes, and more. This way the customers don’t have to stroll around the market to purchase a product.

Your store will be providing every solution to your customer making their life easier and increasing customer satisfaction in your store. 

  • Pet-Friendly Place App Development

A feature or app that allows customers to know places where pets are allowed. You can categorize these places under cafes, restaurants, or oven hotels that allow pets and have additional features for them. 

  • Pet Tracker App Development

Losing a pet is a nightmare for almost every pet owner. To help you cater to that you can create a pet tracker app that can link to any GPS device and provide their location. This app or feature can also be used when someone takes your pet for a walk. 

Inserting a camera on the dog collar will also allow you to know how the walker is treating your pet and your customers can take the necessary action against them. 

  • Pet Adoption App Development

Pet adoption app development

A pet adoption feature wherein users can list pets that need adoption and those who want to adopt a pet can find it. Now the pets will be listed for adoption based on their location, category, breed, and so on. 

  • Pet Social Networking

A feature wherein you can find different pets nearby your location which allows your pet to make new friends. There will be an SOS feature wherein if your pet is lost you can raise a request and find your pet. 

Whoever finds your dog can quickly reach out to you through the app. 

How To Develop A Pet Care App?

Partner With An App Development Company

The first step in developing your App is to find an app development company that can create a feature-loaded application for you. You can even develop an application that can be used on mobile and wearables which provides easy access of the pet to their respective owner. 

List The Features You Want In Your App

Once you have decided on an app development company, do inform them about the features your want to list in your application. Also, make sure to take some add-ons from the company on what they can include in your app. 

Decide On A Technology Stack

Inform the company about the technology you want to build your app with. If you are not aware of the latest technologies then we suggest you use Flutter or React. By using them you can develop an app for both Android & iOS using a single codebase. 


Now, in the end, we hope that you were able to gain fresh insights on how to create a pet care app and some unique features you can list in your app. 

However, if you are looking for a pet care app development company that can help you create an easy-to-use yet feature-loaded application, then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of developers that can use the latest technologies like AI, Flutter, Blockchain, and more to craft your application. 

Additionally, we are providing a free project prototyping service through which you can get the design of your application and know how it will perform. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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