How To Create A Pet Care App like Rover?

How To Create A Pet Care App like Rover?

Pet Care App like Rover

Right now, on-demand apps for pet care like walks, boarding, and home visits are all the rage. With the market share for pet care apps expected to reach $5.14 billion by 2030, pet owners can go on vacation or take a day off without feeling guilty.

People used to pay their neighbors’ kids to walk their dogs, but now pet sitting has become a profitable, aggregator-driven business. The Rover walker app is one of these apps that is getting more and more famous in the field. Pet lovers can book a wide range of services through the app.

  • Getting On
  • Sitting at home
  • Child care
  • Walking a dog
  • Visits on your own
  • Online training for dogs.

Building an app like Rover has become a good way for new businesses to make money because of how easy it is to use and how much market share it has gained because of this on-demand ease.

Now, when businesses get to the pre-development stage, the first thing they usually want to know is how much it will cost to make the Rover app. The price can be anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. To get a more accurate quote, you would need to know more about the features, the UI/UX design, and the development. And that’s exactly what this article is going to talk about.

The main thing that determines how much it costs to make a pet care app and how well it does is what functions it has.

So, let’s look at what this post is about to find out more:

The most important parts of an app like Rover

The success of the pet care app creation space depends on having features that make booking services easy and reliable. When we talk about Rover in particular, the app has done everything it can to make the process of finding pet care good for both pet owners and service providers. The Rover mobile app has set a lot of standards for the pet industry to follow, from its well-curated services to the service promise it offers.

Features of the app for pet lovers

Signing up and logging in

When making an app like Rover, the first step is to make it easy to sign up and log in. With simple connections through email and social media, you can make it easy for pet owners to get into the app.

You can also give multi-factor authentication with fingerprints or one-time passwords (OTP).

My background

In this part of the application, you can add or change your contact information, location, information about your pet, etc. It would also be helpful to add a dashboard to the profile area that shows past and future bookings as well as payment information.

Look for services

Pet owners should be able to find services by using a smart search and filtering tool. If you want to make an app just like Rover, you can use similar services like boarding, house sitting, day care, dog walks, drop-in visits, and online dog training. An add-on would be an easy-to-use set of filter choices that can be used in more than one language and include things like location, price, and reviews.Find out more about a service company

The next most important thing that a dog-walking app like Rover should have is a part where you can see information about the service providers, such as their bio, price range, years of experience, and reviews.

Set up a service

This is the part of the app that makes it like Rover in that you can use it whenever you want. Through this module, cat owners can choose when they want the service to take place. Before the planned time, the app helps owners and service providers talk to each other to see if they want to take the booking early. Once that is clear, the application can be used to book the room.

Payments made online

Making online payments is another important part of developing apps like Rover for pet care. Usually, you decide which payment method to keep after doing a full analysis of which one your customers prefer. On a high-end level, however, it would be helpful to keep all of the most popular payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, BNPL, COD, etc.

Communication inside an app

The next step in making a dog-walker app like Rover is to add a chat or call service right inside the app. This will make it easy for owners and service providers to talk to each other over an internet-based call service.

Reviews and ratings

The last part of the MVP level Rover mobile app is a rate and review system that other pet owners can use to help them decide which service provider to choose.

Pet sitters or walkers

A lot of the features are the same as the ones for pet owners, like how to sign up, talk to people inside the app, and change your profile. There are, however, some things that only pet walkers and pet sitters have.

Features of an app for pet walkers and sitters

This is the dashboard.

The cat care app for sitters and walkers has a dashboard that shows past and future bookings, the total amount of money made, ratings and reviews, and other information. At Appic Softwares, we tell our clients that the dashboard or profile summary area should have a graphical user interface.

Handle reservations

People who use the Rover walker app and related services are looking for extra money, so it’s not guaranteed that they’ll be available at the time slot chosen by the pet owner. So, when making an app like Rover, you have to put a lot of thought into how to accept or reject booking requests.

Look at the pet’s profile

Pet walkers and sitters should be able to see the pet owner’s biography, which should include information about the pet’s habits and any special needs.

Take care of money

The next step in making an app like Rover is to build a system that lets service providers get paid, see how much money they’ve made so far, and know how much is still owed.

The cost to build an app like Rover includes the parts for pet owners and service providers, as well as the admin version of the app. Here, the focus is on making different architectures that would help with management and job handling.

Features of the app for admins

control customers: The app should have the ability to control the profiles of customers and answer any questions they might have in almost real time.

Manage pet sitters/walkers. This part of the Rover-like app is meant to make it easy to manage the profiles and questions of service providers.

Manage bookings: The admin of the app should be able to keep track of bookings, their progress, and any problems that come up during the service.

Deal with deals and offers – Your version of an app like Rover will have ads and deals that need to be updated and taken down at the right time.

Handle client support: With this feature, the app administrator or customer service team will be able to handle questions and concerns from users in real time.

Manage the FAQ and Terms & Conditions part. Whenever a business policy changes or a new feature is added, the FAQ and TnC pages need to be updated. When the app manager is in charge, the process goes more smoothly.

Tech support: There may be times when the application has technical problems that require the manager to log in to the backend or frontend of the application. It can be helpful to be able to make changes right in the app.

Have any other sets of features in mind?

Even though these are the MVP features of the Rover app, there are a number of other features that make the app better and make it pet owners’ first pick. Let’s look at these advanced app features for pet care before we talk about other parts of how much it costs to make an app like Rover.

Advanced level pet care app like Rover 

Even though the above features will help you get started in pet care, there are some other things you can add to directly compete with the Rover craze. Let’s see what they are.

Online lessons for dogs

One of the most important things about custom pet care apps like Rover is that they offer virtual dog training through one-on-one video chats with experts.

Rover promise

The thing that is unique to Rover gives pet owners insurance in case their pets get hurt. Every reservation made through the app is backed by $25,000 in vet care that can be claimed after proper claims are made.

Long-term care

When the pet walker or sitter has to stay or work longer than what was agreed upon, Rover charges the pet owner extra for the extra time.

Checking out

Verification of the service source is another useful thing to think about when making an app like Rover. The app does a full background check on pet sitters and walkers by checking their documents and doing a virtual “Know Your Customer” (KYC) check. This, in turn, has a huge effect on how much it costs to make an app like Rover.

Card Rover

Through Rover cards, the app lets pet owners know what chores the service providers have done for them. Using this feature, pet sitters and walkers can add details such as –

  • Toilet breaks
  • Food and water things to do
  • At least one picture and a small message, if you want.
  • A map of the walk with its total length

Web-based store

The Rover app comes with an online store where people can buy things for their pets, like toys and food. Making an on-demand marketplace app like Rover can give users a reliable way to make money.

Now that we’ve talked about how to make an app like Rover’s features, let’s talk about other things that affect how much it costs to make a pet care app.

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Things to think about when making an app like the Rover mobile app

The experience that an app gives to its users is what makes it a user choice or one that gets deleted over time. In addition to the functions, the way an app looks is also important in deciding how valuable it is.

The simple structure of Rover’s design is something that works in its favor. The app uses an easy-to-understand model that makes it easy for users to move around inside the app without having to learn much. It also has a media-based design structure that gives users enough white room to work in the app without feeling crowded or overwhelmed.

To make an immersive experience like Rover, you need to build a wireframe that gives each event its own place and has parts that make it easy to move around in the app.

Development of the Rover Walker app

After functions and app design, the next thing that affects how much it costs to make a Rover app is how it is made.

Most of the time, the development process has steps like –

  • Ideation of the app, which includes researching customers and competitors, deciding on features, etc. This is where the application starts from.
  • UI/UX design: Here, the design structure of the app is set, along with features that are unique to the brand and how the user moves through the app.
  • Technology finalization: At this stage, you add the technology you want to add, such as bitcoin, AI, third-party APIs, etc.
  • Features integration is the process of adding features to an app to make it more engaging and easy to use.
  • Quality assurance: At this point, the app is made secure against bugs and hacks by using strict quality assurance techniques.
  • MVP launch: Once the whole process has been finished, the MVP version of the app is put on the market.
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The steps above show how to make an app like Rover, but the development team structure also affects how much it costs to make an app like Rover.

Setting up a team to build an app like Rover

The cost per hour of development that comes with hiring this kind of team structure has a huge effect on how much it costs to make an app for pet care as a whole. For example, this team organization and the above-mentioned features will cost between $80 and $100 per hour if you work with an app development company in India. The same things will cost between $120 and 140 per hour if you work with a company in the US or UK.

All of this brings the Rover app development cost to between $15,000 and $30,000, a range that can go up or down based on your needs.

Find out how much it would cost to make an app like Rover.

Entrepreneurs need to know how much it costs to make a Rover app, but it’s just as important to know how they can get their money back. Here are some of those ways to make money.

  • Ads inside the app
  • Fee for putting pet owners in touch with service providers
  • Charge during busy times
  • Make a shopping site inside the app.

These are some high-level ways to make money that you can use in your own version of an app like Rover. Depending on the business plan you choose, there may be other ways for you to make money with your app.

This is the end of our look at how to build an app like Rover and make money from it. But it’s important to remember that the success of your final app will rest completely on the on-demand app development company you choose to work with.

How can Appic Softwares help with making an app for taking care of pets?

At Appic Softwares, we have a team of technology experts who are available on-demand and who are pros at making instant business models. We have helped a number of startups and businesses make apps that make it easy to offer real-time services.

What makes us a trusted name in the on-demand space is that we can turn market research and customer study into a well-planned, built-to-succeed application. What happened? An app that’s ready to compete in the digital world. When you work with us to make an app for pet care, you can see for yourself what makes Appic Softwares different.

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