How To Create An App Like Duolingo In 2023:A Complete Guide

How To Create An App Like Duolingo In 2023:A Complete Guide

Create An App Like Duolingo

According to a study, the U.S. market for e-learning app development will increase by $13 million between 2020 and 2024. The evidence is convincing enough to highlight the value of language learning applications like Duolingo. With 500 million downloads and 40 million active users, Duolingo is one of the most popular e-learning programs or language learning applications. It was created in 2011. 

Professionals claim that COVID-19 has increased e-learning software income by 330%, yet only a select few companies have experience creating educational programs like Duolingo. This site is for you if you’ve come to the same conclusion. It will help you learn everything there is to know about creating educational apps. Let’s continue, then.

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What is the Duolingo App?

The online language learning tool Duolingo is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. It provides users with a platform to understand words and learn a new language from scratch. 

The following are some of the best benefits of using language-learning programs like Duolingo:

  • It provides a tool for learning more than 30 languages.
  • This program is accessible to users of all ages, including adults, students, children, and teachers.
  • Through entertaining games and exercises, it encourages creative learning methodologies.

How Does a Language Learning App Like Duolingo Work?

Businesses that are considering developing educational applications frequently ask how these apps actually function. So, we’ve given a rough overview of how Duolingo and other language-learning programs operate here.

  1. After signing up for the e-learning software, users are presented with a list of available languages.
  2. The application requests the user’s expertise level when they select a language.
  3. If the user is unsure, the app administers a test to determine their proficiency in the selected language.
  4. The program starts off by giving users simple words, and as time goes on, the complexity increases.
  5. To help consumers pass their entry-level, apps like Duolingo give three free trials. Users must retry the entire level if they fail.

In order to assist users in improving their language-learning abilities and becoming experts, language-learning software operates this way.

How to Create an Educational App Like Duolingo- Step-by-Step Process

Duolingo, a mobile app for language learning, had 8.2 million active users in 2020, and that number is anticipated to rise in the future. Therefore, companies considering the creation of mobile e-learning applications need to pull up their socks and adhere to a proper plan of action. 

A step-by-step process for creating an effective e-learning program like Duolingo has been mentioned.

Step 1: Determine Which Language Learning App You Want to Use

Before beginning to design a mobile app, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the educational app. Research the market for the various language learning applications, then pick the one that works best for your company. Start preparing your e-learning application’s features, functionalities, tech stack, and other components after that.

Before beginning the development process, acquire a thorough idea of what your educational app will look like.

Step 2: Select a platform for developing educational apps

When deciding whether to create an app for Android or iOS, businesses frequently struggle. Finding the development platform most suited for your e-learning app is always advised. The platform you choose for your mobile app will have a significant impact on its performance in this cutthroat market for online learning, so make an informed decision. Currently, there are 1 billion iOS users and approximately 1.7 billion Android users.

However, choosing a platform for mobile app development shouldn’t be done based solely on these numbers. Instead, you should base your decision on factors like the length of app development, location, complexity, target market, business requirements, etc.

Step 3. Use Modern-Age Tech Stacks

Choose the tech stacks in accordance with the language education application development platform you select. Various platforms have varied tech stack requirements and working procedures. Java and Kotlin, for example, are programming languages used to create Android apps, whereas Objective C and Swift are used to create iOS apps. The same holds true for other Duolingo development components of the educational program.

Step 4: Consider Attractive UX/UI

Creating an application that is uninteresting or badly designed results in nothing more than removal. The majority of the time, people remove an application because they don’t like it or because the design is inaccurate. Therefore, keep the design appealing to prevent repeated uninstallations of your e-learning software additionally, bear the following in mind:

  • Usability of the app
  • Architecture for Information
  • Wireframe
  • visual style 

Step 5. Start E-learning app development

Once you have completed the aforementioned stages, you may begin creating a language-learning software similar to Duolingo. Choose an MVP version of a mobile app if your budget is tight or the expense of developing an education app is expensive.

To draw people to your e-learning program, you should also first provide a free language-learning membership. You can ask consumers to sign up for a subscription after a month. Do adequate study on the top language-learning apps, such as Duolingo, Mondly, Mango, etc., before creating your own.

Step 6. Test your mobile application

Before publishing your language learning app on Google Play and the App Store, test it for bugs to ensure that it is completely error-free. You can use it to find the app’s flaws and other mistakes that can be quickly fixed. It will speed up the process of creating educational apps while also raising the likelihood of future financial success.

Step 7 Launch Your Language Learning App 

Once you’ve completed all of the aforementioned stages, it’s time to begin your e-learning program. Launching an app, though, is just the start of taking your company to new heights of success. Start focusing on your app’s marketing as soon as it is successfully launched to broaden the audience for and exposure of your mobile app.

Therefore, there are seven steps involved in creating an instructional tool similar to Duolingo. It’s time to put the instructions into practice so you can have a well-developed app in your possession now that you are familiar with the procedure to follow while developing an e-learning app.

For better results, you can even engage a professional education app development business. Include the following features in your language-learning app in addition to paying attention to the development process.

Characteristics of an Educational App Like Duolingo

Include the elements listed below to make your language-learning software stand out among hundreds of rivals.

1. Register

Any smartphone app’s most important feature is this. Keep the enrollment process as straightforward as the Duolingo e-learning software. Social networking can also be used to make signing up simple and quick.

2. Manage Profile

Users can manage their profiles using this tool while monitoring their online assignments and other activities. Users can also save lectures or instructional films for adjustments at a later time.

3. Select Your Language

By enabling this function, users will be able to select the language they want to study using your language-learning program. The length and difficulty of the learning program are other options available to consumers. You absolutely must include it as one of the key features so that users of all ages may use your software.

4. Choose Courses

To provide a better user experience, you can combine this functionality with it or keep it distinct. Users can sign up for online language learning courses using this option based on their budget.

5. Complete an online review test

According to experts from leading educational software development firms, including this functionality would make your app more user-friendly. For instance, users can take an online revision test to assess their performance and improve their skills. The users will be able to pinpoint their main areas of weakness and make the necessary corrections as a result.

6. Present a Certificate

Give the users a certificate to increase the credibility and authenticity of your language-learning program. To award certificates to suitable people, all you have to do is work with institutes in collaboration. By making your application more user-friendly, it will assist in gaining the consumers’ trust. Choose from the top educational software providers, and the professionals will assist you with the same.

7. Making a Payment

Every user favors using an app with a simple and secure payment process. Therefore, in addition to concentrating on the development of educational apps, incorporate several payment gateways to enable users to pay with any method. This is another essential feature if you want to gain customers’ trust quickly and keep them using your app for a long time.

8. Support and Help

An education app is no different from any other application in that it must include a support and assistance function. Therefore, remember to include this feature when creating a language learning application like Duolingo. By including this option, users will be able to quickly get answers to their questions about services, courses, payments, etc.

9. Gamification 

Include some gamification in your language learning app to make it more entertaining and stand out from the competition. It will capture consumers’ interest and make learning easier. The nicest thing is that adults will use your app and be loyal to it as well as kids who will like using it.

So, these are some of the essential components of a Duolingo-like language learning program. Now that you are knowledgeable about the feature you should add in your app, start working on it. It is best to hire professionals from an education app development firm if you lack experience. In order to keep your app working for years to come, you can also inquire with them about the maintenance service for educational apps.

What is the price of creating educational apps like Duolingo?

Now that you are aware of the features, functions, and detailed steps involved in creating a Duolingo language learning app, let’s examine the variables affecting the price of creating educational apps. A mobile app’s price isn’t fixed; instead, it varies from one app to the next. Nevertheless, the typical cost of developing a Duolingo app ranges from $95,000 to $160,000, with an hourly rate of $60.

Cost-related factors for developing e-learning software

  • A platform for UX/UI Design Development
  • Time in Hours
  • Location App Difficulty
  • Time and Labor
  • Size & Type of App

These elements have a significant impact on how much it costs to develop an app. Here is a thorough time-based cost estimate for several language learning app development procedures to give you a better understanding.


Finally, we hope that this blog has provided you with knowledge on how to make an app similar to Duolingo. However, you should check out Appic Softwares if you’re looking for a mobile app development firm that can assist you in developing an app that is comparable to Duolingo. 

To deploy your app, our skilled team of developers may leverage the newest technologies, like Flutter, React, AI, and more. 

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