How To Create An App Like Unacademy?

How To Create An App Like Unacademy?

How to Create An App Like Unacademy?

Want to learn how an e-learning app like Unacademy is created? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to cover how to create an app like Unacademy and how you can get one of these for yourself.

What is an unacademy?

Unacademy is an e-learning platform that is mostly famous for JEE and NEET exam preparation. The goal of Unacademy is to create the biggest online knowledge base for multilingual education in the world. Unacademy empowers outstanding teachers with technology and builds a community of self-learners. The goal of Unacademy is to democratize education for all those who wish to learn by collaborating with the most brilliant brains.

What does e-learning mean?

The delivery of instruction and training using digital resources is known as electronic learning or E-Learning. Despite having its roots in traditional education, e-learning is delivered via internet-connected electronic devices like computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. Users may now easily learn whenever and wherever they want with little to no limitations thanks to this. In essence, eLearning refers to instruction, learning, or training that is provided online via a computer or other digital device. 

How do I create an app like Unacademy?

Although developing a mobile app similar to Unacademy might be challenging, if you follow these guidelines, you can produce excellent educational software that appeals to your intended user base.

  • Know Your Audience

It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of your target audience, including their age, gender, background, and the extent to which your app concept will help them both now and down the road. You can proceed to the next stage once you have identified your target audience.

  • Develop An App Idea

You may be asking yourself, “How can I create an educational app that stands out from the competition?” While there may be a number of contributing factors, the most important one is whether or not your app idea actually addresses a problem faced by your target demographic. Select a concept that will have value over time, then add features that will set your mobile app apart and increase user productivity.

  • Invest in Market Research

After you have a clear idea for your app, the next stage is to thoroughly analyze your rivals and other industry trends so that you may develop an original e-learning application. Examine the many topics that are in vogue and make an effort to supply your audience with content related to those issues. With your e-learning mobile app, strive to identify the problems that your audience is facing and offer a desired solution.

  • Select a Development Approach

Choosing between creating a native app and a cross-platform app is now necessary. You may be asking yourself now, What makes the two different? Native applications are those that are created specifically for a certain operating system, like iOS or Android. Cross-platform programs, on the other hand, are designed to function across many operating systems. A programming tool that facilitates native or cross-platform development should be chosen. After you have a firm understanding of it, it’s time to take the following action:

  • Create Wildframes and Mockups

Now that you are familiar with your app concept, its features, your intended users, and your strategy for developing the app, it is time to begin the process of generating a basic blueprint of the mobile application. Because the e-learning program has so many vital components, it is very necessary to ensure that every nugget of data is stored in the appropriate location. Creating a detailed wireframe for the application is an important step in the process of making a one-of-a-kind app before it is released to the public.

  • Work on Final UI/UX

What do you think the design’s purpose is? It might be for the sake of aesthetics alone, or it could be to enhance the app’s use. To achieve the same level of success as Unacademy, it is essential to have a well-researched design for your mobile app.

Advantages of an E-Learning PlatformAdvantages of E-Learning Platform

  • Flexibility

Courses are available to students at any time and in any location. Students are no longer required to physically present themselves at educational establishments. They don’t need to go anywhere; they can just study at the convenience of their own homes. These classes are perfect for people who are already employed full-time or for those who are unable to go to a traditional college or university. 

  • Self-Paced

Students can select a class based on how well they will do with the material. No atmosphere is competitive,” which is analogous to a traditional classroom. In contrast to attending a class with sixty other students, the individual student receives “personalized attention.”

  • Economical

When compared to typical college campuses, the costs of attending classes online are far lower. Learners spend less money on things like travel, hotels, and course supplies.

  • 24*7 Support

Constant commentary from teaching professionals is distributed at the appropriate moment. Dispute resolution through real-time online chat Participation in discussions with other students and professionals who share similar interests and are enrolled in the same class


Did you manage to obtain any information on creating an app that resembles Unacademy? If you would like further information on Unacademy and the technological stack they utilize, please let us know in the comments. Nonetheless, Appic Softwares is a great option if you’re searching for an e-learning app development firm with skilled developers that can produce an app for you more quickly. With the newest technologies, we can develop a popular app with a branded experience, plenty of features, and scalability. 

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