How To Create An App Like Zumper 2024?

How To Create An App Like Zumper 2024?

How To Create An App Like Zumper?

The demand for reasonably priced residences in the rental market is rising due to the growing population.

The need for Rental Search App Development has increased during the past few years as a result of the expanding rental market for affordable and moderately priced dwellings. Furthermore, when the number of tech-savvy people rises, there is a dramatic surge in the usage of technology.

Renowned real estate companies including Keller Williams, Trulia, and have started to offer online rental services.

The biggest rental platform in the real estate industry is Zumper, even if rental search apps like Redfin, Zillow, and are already dominating the market. With over 12 million views, Zumper has grown to be one of the greatest apps for finding an apartment to rent in the USA.

Developing an app like Zumper for rental hunting is hard. Therefore, this blog will help you understand all the important aspects of Zumper if you’re looking to develop a rental search app similar to Zumper for landlords and tenants.

Reasons To Create A Rental Search App Like Zumper

Why thus should you create and fund a rental search app?

Investing in rental search apps like Zumper has several benefits. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ll go over a few of these in this blog. These are covered in the section that follows:


Every firm can experience faster growth. Furthermore, sectors like real estate provide exceptional prospects for expansion. It’s one of the reasons you should create your own rental search app to help your company expand.

Revenue Generation Opportunity

Assuming you intend to invest and seek a return, this procedure is referred to as a return on investment (ROI). If you’re worried about return on investment, the real estate industry is exactly what you need.

Healthy Market

It is technically prohibited to downplay the health of the real estate industry. For businesses, using a valuation expressed in trillions can be beneficial. It is the primary factor drawing in the greatest number of people to create an app similar to Zumper.

These were a few reasons to spend money on a Zumper-like app. Next, we’ll talk about how Zumper operates.

How Does Zumper work?

Zumper work

Users can search for homes, apartments, or rooms to rent using Zumper based on their preferences. Zumper helps you select the ideal apartment, whether you are viewing ones in upscale neighborhoods, unusual places, or the suburbs.

Browse listings

Locate millions of rental apartment spaces in the United States. The listing allows you to peruse virtual excursions, photos, and movies in standard quality.

Set filters

To make your search experience unique, set up filters and choose the number of bedrooms, price range, and neighborhood features that you want. It is among the most notable aspects of the rental search app.

Create alerts

Users of the app receive real-time updates when new rental listings are added. The users are kept informed about apartments that fit their preferences thanks to these notifications.

Book in-person tours

When a person is interested in an apartment, they can easily schedule vacations using the app with only one click. When HD films or virtual tours are unavailable for in-person tours, users can still request them.

Pay rent

Users are able to utilize the app to pay their rent online. Users may also think about using bank transfers, credit cards, or debit cards to pay their rent all at once.


Reserve flats at Instarent and have them practically leased in just one day. In certain US and Canadian locales, this feature is available.

Features for a Zumper-like Rental Search App

You might get help from an on-demand app development company to create an app. But first, you have to prioritize the qualities you wish to take into account.

One of the most important components of any mobile app is its features. Therefore, you have to pack your app with as many features as you can in order to create a successful app like Zumper.

Furthermore, features have a significant impact on app development expenses. It is something you must thus pay great attention to. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of rental search apps that contemporary companies incorporate into their software.

Advanced Search Capabilities

A more comprehensive set of search results would improve the user experience. All search functions must take into account the following: availability, parking spaces for cars, price range, kind of property, amenities, square footage, and year of construction.

Conducting A/B research to assess the sequence of filters displayed to users based on search trends is strongly recommended.

Furthermore, since it will improve retention, users need to be able to save their searches and properties of interest.


Running linked databases with thousands of listings is important for rental channels. Furthermore, a popular resource for compiling a list of data utilizing outside programs is the multiple listening service.

One can optimize and adjust this data. To accept user contributions, there needs to be a backup plan. Filling out a form with information on the property, including addresses, features, costs, and pictures, is one way to accomplish this.

Property Page

It is yet another important component of the pages for guests and hosts. It needs to take into account the kind of lodging, a detailed description, pictures, and information on the host, including reviews and, ideally, comments.

Details about the presenter, including reviews, calendar, maps, and closest places. Users typically base their decisions on the hotel’s comfort level, its location, accessibility, and amenities; as a result, the property page needs to be as clear and appealing as possible.

Interactive Maps

Every listing needs to take into account a map view that details the surroundings of the property, including nearby schools, tourist attractions, stores, and other points of interest.

Applying map APIs and taking into account a GPS could enable customers to quickly calculate trip times between a certain property and important locations.

Your platform needs to take into account demographics such as housing data and crime rates by integrating the open databases.


It shouldn’t be necessary for users to register because that can turn them off. Furthermore, it should only be asked for when a customer requires further information. At the very least, a name, email address, and password must be requested on the registration page.

It is strongly advised to take into account social network logins, such as allowing users to register and log in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. It will increase the user’s trust in addition to being straightforward.


Users’ search histories must be used to propose similar listings. It will be advantageous for rental platforms as well as customers. Positive user experiences increase the likelihood of repeat business.

The main menu or a comparable listing option must provide access to this data.

Real-Time Messaging

The platform’s usability and engagement will be improved by a strong real-time messaging mechanism. Tenants, agencies, and landlords must all be able to text each other and exchange attachments. It is advised that users should be able to communicate with each other through voice or video calls.

User Profiles

Renters that have a personal profile stand to gain a lot. To influence landlords and property managers, they need to be capable of creating a portfolio that meets their requirements and standards. Renters can also look for roommates by using their profiles.


Maintaining a careful balance between text and visuals is important. Long paragraphs and plenty of text should be avoided, and eye-catching images should be used to maintain the user’s attention. Moreover, visual data can be obtained from calculators and housing valuations, for instance.

It is important that the manual entry process be as informal as feasible. Landlords and property managers are unwilling to move further if they think listing is very complicated or time-consuming.

Push Notifications

It may be used to mean informing users of important developments, such as price adjustments or new listings. However, these alerts have to be tailored to the recipient and not misused. Since users are more likely to delete an app when they receive offensive alerts, they must be signed in the user’s best interest.

Sending out valuable notifications will increase user investment and customer loyalty.


Users’ trust can be enhanced by ratings, especially for those who have doubts about particular neighborhoods and listings. The rental platform is more trustworthy and honest when it comes to its statistics because it allows previous tenants to post ratings for communities and landlords.

Availability And Booking Management

The ability to filter listings based on availability gives landlords and property managers the ability to decide when their properties are available for rent or showings.

Consumers in rental regions, after all, frequently have deadlines and will look for apartments that are available when they need them.

Landlords can utilize an automated calendar feature in property management software to effectively manage their schedule.

Video Tours

Similarly, real-time virtual and video tours allow landlords and property managers to give a more personalized tour of the house. This allows for unique accommodations and prompt answers to queries or concerns that are not possible with a virtual tour.

3D Tours

Virtual tours, as opposed to pictures and written descriptions, can provide a more thorough understanding and arrangement of a property. The ability to access homes whenever and wherever the user chooses is essential to allowing them to take their time and thoroughly search for a home without feeling rushed.

Users from around the world who are unable to physically visit the residence can also gain from 3D tours.

How to create an App like Zumper?

create an App like Zumper

If you’re wondering how to make a rental search app similar to Zumper, this would be helpful. Let us therefore help you to understand the procedures.

Developing the ideal rental search app requires you to take these kinds of important factors into account. Let’s investigate it a little further.

Step 1. Conduct A Market analysis

To comprehend the requirements for your product, you must carefully evaluate your business concept. Understanding which elements are included and which are optional is crucial since it will show which features the platform will employ to launch.

You can carry out a market analysis by hiring app developers. You would be in a better position to understand your primary goals, scope, obstacles, and clientele when the analysis step is over.

Step 2. Hire An App Development Company 

Selecting the best mobile app development company for your project is the next important step. Your app idea will be brought to life by the app development business you choose. As a result, this is most likely a very important choice.

The following factors should be your main priorities when selecting an app development company:

  • UI/UX design of previous projects
  • Professionals in rental search app development
  • Their technology stack
  • Their relevant experience
  • Support and maintenance services
  • The hourly rates of services

Step 3. Prototyping and Wireframing

Prototypes are linked to advanced UI models and app design; they enable designers to test the navigation and offer design comments.

On the other hand, wireframes are the procedures used in apps that provide a clear picture of the design, architecture, and organization of the app. The wireframes are incorporated by the designers to serve as a visual manual for the entire program. For wireframing and prototyping, you can hire developers for Android apps.

Step 4. Design and development

We have now reached the very laborious stage of overall development. The design process begins with the creation of a format that works nicely with the app.

Additionally, the on-demand app developers give the app exciting features and functionality that make it a useful and impactful tool.

Step 5. Testing and Deployment

In this step, the app is tested one last time by the QA team. The team gives the app the all-clear after testing it. It can then be installed and used on the Play Store.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Zumper-Style App?

The development costs of the Rental Search App may differ based on the following criteria. The following section contains a list of these:

  • Features
  • Complexity
  • Front-end design
  • Tech stack
  • Testing process

An average real estate app takes 600–700 hours to complete; if you donate $50 per hour, you may receive your app for $35,000–$30,000. However, the cost will also go up if the software requires more time and has more features.

Subsequently, development locations and the development company will also affect the cost.

For example, you might have to pay between $50,000 and $100,000 for a real estate application like Zumper if you work for an IT firm in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or another European country.

However, by outsourcing your project to an Asian country like India, where you can obtain the greatest services at a cheap price, you can cut the development cost by 40–70%.

For example, if you choose Appic Softwares as your development partner, you will receive development services that are affordable and of guaranteed quality, taking into account international standards.

Technology Stack Needed to Develop a Zumper-Style App

The rental industry must carefully consider the viability of the tech stack since it might impact the development time, cost, and scalability of the product. Therefore, to select a workable technological stack, you need to recruit specialized developers.

It is strongly advised that you will probably take into account new functionality and steer clear of scaling issues if you decide on scalable technology. Let’s say you choose dependable and prepared technology to handle large user and data loads.

Then rental marketplaces offer large databases and frequently process thousands of internet customers at once.

The technologies listed below are suggested:

  • Application Framework – Ruby on Rails
  • Cloud Data Storage – Amazon S3
  • Automation Framework –RSpec and Capybara
  • Developmental Language (Android) – Kotlin and Java
  • Data Management – CoreData and Real
  • Developmental Language (iOS) –  Objective C and Swift
  • JavaScript Framework – React.js
  • Hosting – Amazon Web Services
  • SQL Data Storage – PostgreSQL
  • Web Server – Nginx
  • Web Application Server – Puma

Final words

You may address the problems and ensure the success of your company by developing a rental search app that works as well as Zumper. Today’s consumers—including those in the rental industry—prefer to have access to all services at their fingertips.

Consequently, creating a mobile app platform for your company is a smart option if you want to grow your rental business and make things easier for your customers. Moreover, Appic Softwares is a leading Real Estate app development company that can assist you with the same. 

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