How To Integrate Adobe Creative Cloud With AEM?

How To Integrate Adobe Creative Cloud With AEM?

How To Integrate Adobe Creative Cloud With AEM?

Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) work together well to make a streamlined environment for creating and managing content. The Creative Cloud suite, which includes tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, works well with AEM, a powerful web content management system. This integration lets content makers and marketers speed up their work by making it easy to switch between AEM’s tools for managing content and Creative Cloud’s tools for designing and editing. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to connect Adobe Experience Manager to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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What do you think AEM means? 

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a method for managing web content that makes it easy for users to create engaging digital experiences. It gives you everything you need to handle your content and digital assets. It lets businesses make, manage, and distribute content across all digital touchpoints.  You can also handle PDFs, web forms, videos, images, and so on.

AEM changes how you run your business online. With this, you can quickly and easily post a website for your customers, a social page where they can interact with your brand, or a blog where they can find a lot of information about your business. 

How does Adobe Creative Cloud work? 

The Adobe Creative Cloud, which is also called Adobe CC or Adobe Cloud, is a platform that has all of Adobe’s PC and mobile apps in one place. A regular subscription service is used to keep it running and get it. There are 20 fully finished apps that come with an Adobe CC subscription. 

AI features have been added to Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom. These are some of the new features in the Creative Cloud. With Adobe Express, this can help your content stand out fast. In addition to the great apps, Creative Cloud memberships come with tools for working as a team and a community where you can show off your work and see what others are working on. One million and more free pictures, drawings, videos, and other things.  

How to connect AEM to Adobe Creative Cloud through the Adobe Asset Link

How to connect AEM to Adobe Creative Cloud through the Adobe Asset Link

Using the Adobe Asset Link, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) can be connected to Adobe Creative Cloud. This makes it easy to manage and view assets on both platforms. To set up the connection, follow these steps:

  1. Put the Adobe Asset Link Plugin in place.

  • Make sure you can enter your AEM instance as an administrator.
  • Sign into AEM, then go to the Tools panel.
  • Using the Package Manager, you can send the package that contains the Adobe Asset Link plugin.
  • After the plugin is installed, it can be used in the AEM dashboard.
  1. Make Client IDs for APIs

  • The Adobe Developer Console can be reached.
  • Make a new project and give AEM and Creative Cloud API Client IDs.
  • Write down the Client IDs and Client Secrets so you can use them in the future.
  1. Set up the link to Adobe assets in AEM

  • Go to the “Tools” part of AEM and look for “Cloud Services.”
  • Set up the Adobe Asset Link cloud service by entering the Client ID and Client Secret that you made in the Developer Console.
  • Set up the authentication system. Depending on how your company is set up, this could mean using OAuth or JWT (JSON Web Tokens).
  1. In Creative Cloud, set up Adobe Asset Link

  • Open any app from Adobe’s Creative Cloud, like Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Go to “Window” > “Extensions” > “Adobe Asset Link” in the top menu.
  • In the Asset Link panel, click the “Settings” button.
  • Use your Adobe ID and the Client ID and Client Secret you made earlier to prove who you are.
  • There will be a link made between Creative Cloud and AEM.
  1. Connecting things

  • When Adobe Asset Link is turned on in Creative Cloud, you can view AEM assets right from the Adobe application.
  • Without leaving the Creative Cloud interface, you can search, view, and choose assets from your AEM repositories.
  • If you change an image in Creative Cloud, you can easily save it back to AEM.
  1. Working together and getting news:

  • By looking at the latest versions of assets saved in AEM, designers can work together well.
  • When you make changes to files in AEM, those changes show up in Creative Cloud. This makes sure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date content.
  1. Workflows for Assets

  • Use AEM’s workflows to keep track of how files are approved and reviewed.
  • Users of Creative Cloud can send assets through these processes right from the Asset Link panel in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  1. Maintenance and figuring out what’s wrong

  • Update the Adobe Asset Link plugin in AEM and the Creative Cloud apps on a regular basis to make sure they work well together.
  • If you have problems, you can look at Adobe’s instructions or call their support for help.


What are the benefits of combining AEM and Creative Cloud?

Adobe Experience Manager Assets is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that can be combined with Adobe Creative Cloud to help DAM users work with different creative teams and make it easier for them to work together when making content. Let’s look at some of the most important reasons to do this: 

  1. Easy creation and management of content

The Adobe Creative Cloud gives creative teams an ecosystem of solutions and services that they can use to make digital products.  It has a number of cloud services, like storage that syncs with your desktop or the web, desktop and mobile apps, and markets like Adobe Stock.

  1. Workflow was streamlined

By connecting AEM to the Creative Cloud, the process of making content products can be made smoother. Marketers and content managers can get to the files they need directly from AEM, and designers can use their favorite Creative Cloud apps. 

  1. Better management of assets 

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a feature of AEM that organizes Creative Cloud files automatically. This unified asset repository makes it easier to find, get, and use assets, which encourages a more organized approach to managing material.

  1. Customization and focusing

When you mix the power of AEM and Creative Cloud, you can make it easier to make personalized content for specific audiences. Marketers can also use data and analytics from AEM to help them come up with more interesting and useful experiences for users. 

  1. Content is sent out faster 

The integration makes it possible to post and update content more quickly. Changes made in Creative Cloud can be reflected quickly in AEM, which shortens the time it takes to get new content and ads out there.

  1. Digital marketing efforts have been improved

By combining AEM’s marketing tools with Creative Cloud’s design tools, businesses can make marketing strategies that are both visually appealing and effective, which leads to better results. 

How much it will cost to connect AEM to Creative Cloud

The cost of integrating Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with Adobe Creative Cloud depends on a number of things, such as the size of the integration, how hard it is to set up, and what the company needs. Here are some things that can change the total price:

  • Licences and Membership Plans

AEM and Creative Cloud both have license or subscription costs that you have to pay for. The price will depend on how many users there are, what features they want, and how much access each user wants.

  • Getting things done and making progress

Most of the time, integrating AEM with Creative Cloud requires custom development to get the processes and connections that are needed. The cost of development can be affected by how long it takes to build and how hard it is to integrate. 

  • Tools or plug-ins from a third party

At the time of integration, it may be necessary to use tools or plugins from a third party to help transfer data or improve performance. And these tools could have costs of their own. 

  • Transfer of Data

So, this is one of the most important parts of the current assets, and if it needs to be moved from one system to AEM and Creative Cloud, it adds another cost that needs to be thought about at the time of integration. 

  • Services for consulting

Organizations may hire outside experts or agencies to help them plan, implement, and get the most out of the integration. There may be an extra cost for these skilled services.

Because each organization’s needs are different, it’s hard to give an accurate cost quote without more information about the integration project. You can find more information on the main Adobe site. They can give you a thorough breakdown of the costs based on how you plan to use the software and how it will be integrated.

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Businesses can bridge the gap between managing content and making it because Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Creative Cloud work together so well. Working with these two not only makes the team more efficient, but also makes sure that users get great material that is consistent across all digital platforms. By working together, these two groups can create the right mix of creativity and a better digital experience. 

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