How To Integrate ChatGpt With WordPress In 2023?

How To Integrate ChatGpt With WordPress In 2023?

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Do you know ChatGpt currently has 1.16 billion users and it crossed 1 billion users in March 2023? The reason behind such a massive user base of ChatGpt is its ease of use and quick resolution. 

If you want to integrate ChatGpt with WordPress then you are at the right place, here we have listed 3 different ways by which you can integrate both platforms. 

What Is ChatGpt?

Chat Generative Pertained Transformer also known as ChatGpt is a popular AI tool that offers human-like knowledge on any topic. You can resolve any query with the help of ChatGpt. However, it can not provide you with answers to questions that have occurred after September 2021. 

Advantages Of Adding ChatGpt To WordPress

Here are the top 3 advantages of integrating CHatGpt with WordPress- 

  • Solve Customer Queries

You can create a chatbot out of ChatGpt and provide quick customer support. It can solve some basic queries of your customers can keep them engaged till your customer support agents are busy. 

  • Content Writer

ChatGpt can provide you with content related to your products which can later be used as a product description. This enhances your productivity and allows you to write more content at a faster pace. 

  • Perform Easy Customization

With some easy prompts such as “Rephrase It” and “Phrase It Better,” you can easily modify and regenerate responses until it matches your requirements. This allows you to have unique content that matches your taste and brand. 

How To Integrate ChatGpt Bot With WordPress?

Here are 4 simple steps through which you can integrate WordPress with the ChatGpt bot-

  • Step 1- Create an account on the OpenAI API platform.


  • Step 2- Now here you would find a Chatbot ChatGpt plugin 
  • Step 3- Open WordPress and navigate to the setting panel and choose API/Model and enter the API key. 
  • Step 4- You can customize the chatbot’s appearance to match your branding. You can use the shortcut [chatbot_chatgpt] and link the bot to any of your pages. 

3 Apps You Can Build Using ChatGpt

Here are 3 different apps that you can build using ChatGpt-

AI Customer Support Tools

chatgpt and whatsapp integration

Creating a chatbot app for your app can help you quickly attend to customers in real-time and solve their queries using its machine learning. The best part of creating a chatbot using ChatGpt would help you to provide human-like conversation with the customers. 

You can also use this chatbot to keep your customers busy while your customer support agents are busy. Moreover, the bot can also solve general queries of your customers which allows your customer support agents to attend important calls. 

AI Social Media Assistant

As used by Snapchat you can build an AI assistant which can be used on any social media platform. You can even build a dating app that prompts and provides quick replies to users. This AI tool can also be used to generate ideas on what to post, write a caption, or how to make a post unique. 

AI Shopping Assistant

This AI tool will suggest to customers which product would look good together. Integrating a shopping assistant would help you perform upsell and cross-sell on your store which would increase revenue in your store. 



Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to integrate the ChatGpt bot with your WordPress. Here we have also mentioned 3 AI-powered apps that you can build using ChatGpt. 

However, if you are looking for a company that can help you integrate ChatGpt with WordPress or even create an app using ChatGpt then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of developers that can use all the latest technologies like Flutter, Angular, AI, and more to launch your app. 

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