How To Make An App Like Practo In 2023?

How To Make An App Like Practo In 2023?

Create An App Like Practo In 2023?

We now choose online solutions for even the smallest of our activities since technology, and notably, the Internet has permeated every aspect of our everyday lives. Particularly during and after the epidemic, healthcare services have admirably acknowledged this user behavior and adjusted. In 2025, it is anticipated that the market for mobile health would grow to $189 billion.

62% of smartphone users, according to a recent Pew Research poll, have used their devices to get health-related services or information. Our cell phones serve as our constant companions and all-purpose solutions, and mobile healthcare has played a critical role in simplifying the lives of both patients and professionals.

If you want to create an app similar to Practo, there are countless prospects in this growing sector. The steps involved in creating apps that are similar to Practo, the features you must include to construct an app similar to Practo, and how to create an app similar to Practo are all covered in this blog.

Create A Practo-like app

The patients or app users, the doctors or healthcare service providers, and the clinics or hospitals are the three key stakeholders in Practo, a one-stop app for all healthcare services. Patients and other app users can use the app to read health information, order prescription drugs, and question, find, or consult healthcare specialists.

The doctors who have registered on the app can use it to schedule appointments, show open times, and interact with and keep app users.

The app can help clinics and hospitals run more efficiently during the course of the day. The software can be used by hospital employees to manage transactions, keep patient information, plan appointments, and manage the doctors’ database.

Top Features You Need To Include In A Program Like Practo

Practo is a one-stop shop for all medical services a patient might require. The outstanding features that have been introduced to the software increase its utility to the fullest. Here is a list of essential features you should think about including in your app if you intend to create one similar to Practo.

  • Account Creation And Login

Whether a patient, a doctor, or a clinic, all app users must register on the system and set up an account. To remember their settings and provide a better experience, the app would require each user to check in before they could use it.

  • Message And Call

Message And Call Feature In Practo

Through call or chat, app users should be able to schedule an appointment or contact a doctor. People may schedule virtual appointments and receive immediate online consultations if the video call option was added.

  • Search

The software should allow users to look up and find the doctors or other medical specialists they need. By including filters, you can make this search even more convenient for app users and help them focus their queries for more accurate results.

  • Schedule Appointments

Include this function so that app users may check the available times for their preferred doctor and reserve a time that works for them.

  • Payment

Give app users the option to utilize a payment gateway of their choosing to make secure purchases. The more payment gateways and payment types your Practo clone software offers, the more people you may persuade to use it to make a payment.

  • Reviews

The review function would enable two-way communication between your Practo app and the app’s users. When app users provide feedback for the doctors they’ve consulted, it aids other app users in making an informed decision about a doctor based on their priorities.

  • Health Records

Allow users of your app to save their medical records so they can readily access them later or share them with their primary care physician when necessary.

  • Obtain Medications

To enable users of your app to fill prescriptions by ordering their medications from within the app, add a store feature or a hyper store feature.

  • Management Of Appointments

For doctors and clinics, this function is crucial since it allows them to manage all of the appointments and prevent double bookings and missed appointments.

  • Gains And Transactions

Healthcare facilities or clinics would definitely benefit from this feature as it would allow them to keep track of all their transactions and have access to accurate profit data at all times.

  • Administration Panel

Your Practo clone app’s admin dashboard would provide an overview of the app’s functionality, including all orders in motion, all appointments, and more.

  • Profiles Of Users

It will be possible for hospitals, doctors, and patients to each build their own user profiles. The physician profiles will include information on how to reach them, any open appointment times, reviews, credentials, specialties, and more.

  • Notifications

Sending information about transactions, impending appointments, discounts, promotions, or offers is easy with push notifications. Additionally, notifications are a fantastic way to reactivate inactive app users.

How Can An App Like Practo Be Created?

We previously covered Practo’s definition, functionality, and necessary features in the blog post up top. The major issue, which is how to create an app similar to Practo, is now addressed.

Anyone may create apps that are similar to Practo using Appy Pie’s useful, inexpensive, and simple-to-use solution. Let’s examine the procedure.

  • Name your Practo Clone App Here

You should pick the appropriate app category, design theme, and layout after naming your app. Add your company’s logo and use your company’s colors to make your app more distinctive.

  • Add The Necessary Features

Without writing any code, add each feature from the previous list using the drag-and-drop interface. The app can now be customized to your liking.

  • Launch Your App After Testing!

You can test your app on actual devices once you are pleased with its operation to identify and correct any bugs. The app stores of your choice can now host your app.


By concluding this we hope that you were able to gain knowledge on how to create an app like Practo. However, if you are looking for a Healthcare app development company, then you should check out Appic Softwares. 

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