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5 Best Ways To Test Laravel Website

Do you know there are currently 821,174 live Laravel websites around the globe? If you are planning to develop a Laravel website or looking for the best Laravel testing methods, then we are here to help you. 

In this post, we will share with you the 5 best ways by which you can test your Laravel website. Let’s have a look at the content in this post-

Benefits Of Laravel Framework

Here are the top three benefits of developing a website through Laravel-

High Security

Laravel Website development

Laravel comes with high-security features that repel hackers and cyber criminals from your websites. It uses a bcrypt hashing algorithm that does not save any password in the database. Furthermore, if we compare Laravel to other PHP frameworks, it is easy to create a great user authentication and restricted access feature in Laravel. 

Impressive Website Traffic Handling

Laravel website development company

As a business grows the traffic on the website grows with it and thus Laravel’s unique message queue feature allows you to put off certain website tasks like pop-ups, email marketing, etc. allowing your website to process requests at a faster rate. Additionally, it reduces the cost of hosting and keeps the website server healthy for a long period of time. 

Easy Third-Party Integration

Laravel third party integration

You at some point in time might require to make third-party integration like leedfeeder, PayPal, and more to enhance the performance of the website. Due to Laravel’s clean API third-party app integration, it is much easier to integrate third-party apps as compared to other PHP frameworks. 

5 Ways To Test Laravel Website

Here are the 5 best ways by which you can test your Laravel website- 

Unit Testing

Laravel comes with a built-in unit testing feature called PHPUnit which makes writing and running tests easy. Through it, you can test individual components or units of the website such as controllers, services, or models in isolation. 

Feature Testing

This testing allows you to view the website from an end viewer’s perspective by simulating the interaction with the website. It comes with an easy-to-use syntax called Dusk for running and writing feature tests. Through this syntax, you can run a website directly from a real browser like Google. 

Integration Testing

Larvavel comes with a user-friendly testing framework to test third-party integrations known as TestCas. It allows you to check multiple components of the website to ensure that they are compatible. Additionally, TestCase allows you to test the website as a whole to ensure that no fault is left unchecked. 

Load Testing

As per a survey, 70% of the users admitted that page speed is a factor in deciding to buy a product from a store or not. Thus, testing the load for your website is crucial. To help you with that Laravel provides you with tools like Artisan and Apache JMeter.

Both these tools help you in stimulating a high volume of traffic to your software. By this, you can test the performance and scalability of your website. 

Acceptance Testing

With the help of Laravel’s feature called Behat, you can write tests in natural language. It allows you to test the website and ensure that it meets the requirements. 


In this post, we have mentioned some best ways by which you can test your Laravel website and ensure that it’s meeting your expectations. Although, are you still in a dilemma on whether to choose the Laravel framework for your website development or not? To help you whit that we have also mentioned 3 major benefits of choosing Laravel over other PHP frameworks. 

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