How To Use ChatGpt With Microsoft Power BI?

How To Use ChatGpt With Microsoft Power BI?

ChatGPT  (Chat Generative Pertained Transformer)  is an Open AI Tool. Do you know in just 5 days of its launch, ChatGPT cross 1 million users? Now ChatGPT Integrates with multiple applications to offer a better user experience.

If you are looking to Integrate your Power BI with ChatGPT then you are at the right place. In this post, we have mentioned detailed information about how to use ChatGPT with Microsoft Power BI that you must check it.

What Is Power BI?

Power BI is a complete business intelligence and data visualization application that offers customers across multiple sectors a number of advantages. 

There are a number of built-in AI features in Power BI that facilitate more effective data analysis and visualization. Quick insights, Smart Data Discovery, Natural Langauge Querying, AI-Powered graphics, and Automated Machine Learning are some of these features.

The market share and popularity of Power BI are the results of numerous variables. First off, Power BI is easier for companies already utilizing Microsoft products to adopt because of its interface with other Microsoft products like Excel, and Sharepoint. 

Second, People without a lot of technical know-how can create reports and dashboards because of its comparatively simple Interface.

By extending these capabilities through an integration with ChatGPT using Python, a fresh and intriguing method of reviewing current reporting content is made possible.

How To Obtain ChatGPT API?

  • Acquire an API Key: Registering for an API key is required in order to access the ChatGPT API. On the API website, you can accomplish this.
  • Select a Programming Langauge: Several Programming Languages, including Python, in this case, have SDKs and libraries for the ChatGPT API.
  • Install the SDK:- Installing the Open AI library for your chosen programming language is required once you’ve made your decision. In most cases, a package manager like Pip may be used to accomplish this.

Install SDK

  • Generate new assistance of API: Using your API key and any other necessary setup variables, you can build a new instance of the API after installing the SDK. I advise testing this out in a Python IDE first, such as Visual Studio code.

Power BI chatgpt integration

  • Generate a request to the API: you can start sending a request to the API once you have created a version of it. For Example:- 

ChatGpt with Power BI

  • Analysis of the response:- You can handle an API response as you need to once you get one. To test that it functions, you could, for instance, take the created text from the answer and display it.

How To Enable Python in Power BI Desktop?

To enable Python in Power BI Desktop, you need to follow these steps:-

  • Install Python

Make sure Python is set on your system. You can download the latest version of Python from the official Python website( and follow the installation instruction.

  • Install Power BI Desktop

If you haven’t already installed Power BI Desktop from the official Microsoft website( Ensure you have the latest version of Power BI Desktop Installed.

  • Open Power BI Desktop

Launch Power BI Desktop on your computer.

  • Enable Python Scripting 

In the Power BI desktop, go to the “file menu” and select “option and settings” followed by “options”.

  • Select Python Scripting 

In the options dialog box, navigate to the “Preview features” section on the left-hand side. Then, To enable Python Scripting, choose the checkbox next to it.

  • Configure Python Option

After enabling Python Scripting, “Click on Python Scripitng in the left-hand navigating pane. Here you can specify the Python executable path by selecting the appropriate Python installation you have on your computer. If Python is installed correctly, the Power BI desktop should automatically detect the available Python Installation.

  • Restart Power BI Desktop

Close and reopen the Power BI desktop to apply the changes.

  • Verify Python Integration

Once Power BI desktop restarts, you can verify that Python Scripting is enabled by going to the “Home” tab and checking if the “Python Script option is now available in the “External tools” group.

  • Write Python Scripts

With Python Script enabled, you can now write and execute Python scripts directly within the Power BI desktop. You can access the “Python Script” option from the “External tools” group on the “home” tab to open the Python Script editor.

How To Call ChatGPT API From Power BI?

  • Obtain API Access

First, you need to have access to the chatGPT API. you should check openAI to ensure you have the necessary API Credentials and permission to make API calls.

  • Set Up Power BI

Install and open Power BI Desktop on your computer. Ensure you have the latest version of Power BI Desktop Installed.

  • Get Data From Web

In, the Power BI desktop, go to the “Home” Tab and click on “Get Data” from the “External Data” section. Choose the “Web” as the data source.

  • Enter API Endpoint

In the Web connector dialog, enter the API Endpoint URL provided by Open API For the ChatGPT API.

  • Configure request Headers

In the web connector dialog, you may need to configure request headers such as specifying the authorization token or API key required to authenticate your API request. Consult the Open API documentation or guidelines for the specific headers and authorization method required.

  • Customize API Request

Depending on ChatGPT API’s input requirements, you may need to customize the API request parameters. For example, you might provide a user message or context to receive a relevant response.

  • Test and Validate

Once you’ve configured the API Endpoint, headers, and request parameters, you can click on the “OK” button or “OK & Load” button to test the API call and load the data into Power BI.

  • Transform and Visualization the API response

After loading the API response data into Power BI, you can apply any necessary data transformations and build visualization, reports, or dashboards based on the ChatGPT API’s response data.


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