On-Demand Dog Walking App Development: Know Everything

On-Demand Dog Walking App Development: Know Everything

On-Demand Dog Walking App Development

A service that walks dogs is a useful and important niche these days. There are about 63.4 million homes in the USA that have dogs. At the same time, at least 40% of dog owners should work more than 40 hours a week, but they often don’t have time to care for their dogs. But your dog needs care no matter how hard you work. This is where interactive tools for walking dogs come in handy.

Appic Softwares has written a full guide on how to make an on-demand dog walking app in this post.

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Share of the Market

Share of the Market

The market for dog walking apps has grown a lot in the past few years and will continue to bring in a lot of money for businesses in the future.

The market for pet care was worth $2567.5 billion in 2019. It’s going to get to $2,567.8 billion in 2020. The major things that caused the market to grow were more money being spent on care, health maintenance, and food. That growth is only going to speed up, with a CAGR of 8.7% from 2020 to 2027. By 2027, it will have reached $5001.6 billion.

Wag (U.S.), Rover (U.S.), Swifto (U.S.), Barkly Pets (U.S.), DogBuddy (Europe), and Pawshake (Australia) are well-known companies in their niches.

How does a service that walks dogs work?

When people need someone to walk their dog, they can use an app that does the same thing as other on-demand apps. That is, a dog owner signs up and gives specific information about their pet, such as the breed’s characteristics, its dietary needs, vets, medications, collars, leashes, and harnesses. After that, a user can look for a dog walker or sitter who is accessible and book a service on demand or ahead of time.

Important KPIs

Before making a dog walking business app, you should think about these core niche KPIs.

Getting into the market is very hard, especially when you have to fight with well-known dog walking apps like Wag! or Rover. To make your application stand out, you should think about what makes it valuable. This is how it works.

1. Think about your idea before you go making an app for walking dogs

The evaluation process generally has several steps that help you figure out the pros and cons of a potential dog walking service, as well as its viability and the features that the app must have.

You need to pick a business plan (either a dog walking service or a service aggregator) and a group of people you want to reach. If you want to hit the niche with your own unique service, look into current and future niche trends like smart pet toys, smart feeders and bowls, smartwatch support, and social media integration.

2. A look at business

Business analytics help you figure out what the most important problems are for your target group, make a good business plan, and offer a service to solve them. Planning projects and estimating budgets are standard parts of business analysis.

3. Study of the market and competitors

Before you start making an on-demand dog walking app, you need to do a lot of research on the market and your competitors. This will help you figure out if your idea is competitive or needs to be changed. By looking at the solutions of niche stars and current industry trends, you can get useful information to make the application more up-to-date. Another important step is to study your competitors. This helps you improve your business plan and avoid potential problems by looking at their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Proposition of Value

If your dog walking app looks like other famous ones, it will hurt your brand’s reputation and overall success. Customers choose unique options. One needs to come up with a unique value offer that will get people to buy and keep them buying. A dog walking service should take good care of pet owners’ dogs and make sure they are safe while walking and sitting. People who walk dogs should be able to make extra money with your app. By giving pet owners and pet providers special features, you raise the app’s chances of success and get ahead of other apps that do the same thing.

5. Pick the right business model

The dog walker marketplace gives you two choices:

  • Dog Walking Service

It is used by well-known companies that give professional dog walking services through a separate agency or agency chain. For this to work, pet owners must get dog care from a certain agency through its own app instead of hiring a third-party pet care service.

  • Service Aggregator for Dog Walking

Animal lovers can find pet care services from all over the area thanks to an aggregator that brings together many of them on a single website. It brings together a number of groups in this model. When a pet owner asks for a walk, all dog walkers in the area are told.

6. Referral and loyalty programs

With the right loyalty program, you can thank people who use it. Such a thing could be a deal for pet owners who bring in new users. Or giving dog walkers extra money for a job well done. This practice will help keep current customers and bring in new ones.

7. Find a tech company that can make full software solutions

If you want your dog service app to do well, you should hire a good software vendor. These companies handle everything, from business analytics to platform support after the app is released. Pay attention to their case studies and tech stack when picking partners to help you make on-demand solutions.

8. Think about UI/UX design

When making UI/UX design, the most important things to remember are to keep things simple and easy to use. Make sure that your service is easy to use. This is because dog walking apps need to have a lot of details in their design. Make the shapes of the control buttons easy to understand. Do not add too many functions or pictures to the interface.

Things that every dog walking service must have

When making an on-demand dog walking app, there should be three types of users: dog owners, walkers, and service administrators.

When making apps for dog walking businesses, you need to be very careful. There are three different types of people who might use an app: pet owners, dog walkers, and service workers. Because of this, you should use both basic and advanced features to meet the wants of all types of users. Let’s find traits that will appeal to each type of user.

  • App for Pet Parents

This is what a cat parent app needs to have:

  • Authorization with Two Factors

Pet owners should turn on two-factor verification, which requires a password and either an email address or a phone number. This will help make sure that info is safer.

  • Option to Sign In to Social Media

People can use their social media accounts to sign up for and log in to the app.

  • Making a profile

The dog walker makes an account to handle the walking and sitting tasks. They also give information about pets, like how they act, what medicines they need, what their breed needs, and so on.

  • Multiple languages and ways to pay

Your dog walking app is easy to use and understand because it can be translated into multiple languages and accepts different types of payments (cash, card, and digital wallet). Besides that, these choices help reach a bigger public.

  • Look for dog walkers.

With a navigation tool, pet owners can quickly find the dog walker who is closest to them. Once the match is over, the pet owner can set up a walk and make changes to it based on their needs.

  • Make or cancel an appointment

Keeping track of appointments lets families book the next walk right away or set up a normal date and time for what they need.

  • GPS Following

Pet owners can see in real time how far their dogs walk and when they start and stop their walks.

  • Check out the dog walker’s profile.

Dog owners can see information about pet walkers, such as their gender, age, area, experience, photos, and social networks.

  • Module for an advanced calendar

This tool will make it easy for people to schedule or cancel walks. The dog walkers will then add times and days to the calendar when they are free. This way, everyone will know ahead of time about upcoming walks.

  • Texting inside an app

This is something that all famous dog walking apps must have. Owners and walkers talk about details with each other through texting.

  • Walk Record

People who walk dogs can write down everything that happened during their walks with this feature. It’s possible to write down how long the walk was, who the dog played with, what other dogs it met, and other things.

  • Report in Detail of Dog Walker

While on a walk, pet care professionals can text or send a picture report to pet owners to let them know how the walk went.

  • Alerts for notifications

Any app for a dog walking business needs to have push alerts in order to work. Dog owners will find out about changes and important news when they get quick alerts.

  • Sending live video

The ability to send pictures or videos while walking is a great way for owners and walkers to get to know each other and build trust. People who own dogs can use this feature to make sure that their beloved pets are safe and sound.

  • Reviews and ratings

Make it possible for people to review or wish your dog walking service. People who own pets will be able to trust the services they want to use more with this tool.

  • Profits from Referrals

Rewarding users and backing loyalty programs are also great ways to keep them coming back. People will be more likely to use your service regularly if you offer referral programs, coupons, special deals, or savings.

  • The filtering feature

People who own pets will be able to choose and sort walkers based on their needs and tastes.

  • Professional Advice Chosen

People who use your dog walking app, whether they’re new to it or a pro, can share and receive tips on pet care, diet, training, and other topics.

  • Dog Play Date

The playdates feature will help two or more dogs get to know each other.

  • Part of the community

Make it possible for people to join together in groups and neighborhoods through your dog walking service. Owners and walkers will be able to share important information, like how to care for, feed, etc. their pets. It will also help people trust each other and connect with each other.

  • App Managers’ Dashboard: One Place to Take Care of Things

You can see and control all of the information at the same time with the help of a dynamic panel. This feature lets you keep an eye on profiles, check licenses, handle requests, add grooming features, important information, and more.

  • Management of Catalogs

List of dogs that need to be walked so that supply and demand are balanced. An administrator can use one space to make, store, and change digital material.

  • Job Assignment on Its Own

AI is being used to automatically assign dates based on the schedules of dog walkers.

Administrators of loyalty or rewards programs can handle bonuses for owners and walkers.

  • Easy to Sign Up and Login for the Dog Walker App

Make it easy for people to sign up for your dog service app. Personal information like a picture, name, age, gender, address, phone number, and email address should be included.

  • Option to Sign In to Social Media

People who walk dogs can use them to stay private, and dog owners can look at the social media accounts of people who might walk their dogs.

  • Requests in real time

Dog walkers get calls for appointments right away, so they can handle them quickly.

  • Texting inside an app

Dog walkers can talk to pet owners about details through an in-app texting feature.

  • Sending live video

A dog walker can live stream the walk and send a picture report.

  • Report on the dog walker

Pet walkers give full reports about the walk and any problems that came up.

  • Hours of availability

Dog walkers can list the hours they are available to walk dogs or sit and relax.

  • Order Management and Status

Pet sitters can accept or reject orders and let dog owners know what the state of the walk is (approved/rejected, started/completed).

  • What Dog Owners Should Know

People who own dogs give information about themselves and their dogs. It can talk about the pet’s habits, behavior, food, health, oddities, and so on. Dog walkers need to know everything there is to know about pets ahead of time.

  • Getting There

This tool will help people who like to walk find the best way to get around.

  • Making a profile

Dog trainers give you information about their skills and rates.

  • Summary of Earnings

Dog walkers can keep track of their jobs, meetings, and money.

  • Notifications by push

Dog walkers are told about new requests and changes to the service.

  • The filtering feature

Pet owners can pick dogs based on where they live or what breed they want.

  • Program for rewards or loyalty

A loyalty program gives stuff to people who do a good job or bring in new users. They might also get extra gifts or bonuses.

How to Make Money with Your App

It is very important to plan out how you will make money ahead of time.

When you’re making an app, think about how you can make money from it. Here are the main ways that dog walking services can make money:

  • Getting paid for deals

You will get a cut of the money that people pay you to walk their dogs.

  • Promotion by means of ads

Ads can help dog walkers get found and stand out in searches.

  • Ads inside the app

There are extra goods and services that you can market.


Dog walking apps are a profitable and important business right now. There is always room for a great new idea, even if the market is already full. Please feel free to call us or send us a message. Appic Softwares have all the tools we need to come up with unique solutions for dog walking services.

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