A Complete React Developer Salary Guide For 2024

A Complete React Developer Salary Guide For 2024

A Complete React Developer Salary Guide For 2024

Facebook created React Native, an open-source framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications, in 2015. React Native has been the most popular mobile development framework for the longest, accounting for 42% of the global market between 2019 and 2022.

The React Native community is still vibrant and companies are still looking for seasoned React Native Developers for new and continuing projects, even if Flutter has overtaken them. This article covers the average career path for React Native Developers as well as the salary variations between experience levels and technical statures.

What Is a React Native Developer?

A React Native Developer’s primary duty is to develop the front end of mobile applications. These screens are made to function with multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Android TV. However, the same backend code can also be used to generate natively displayed applications with React Native.

Therefore, a React Native Developer must be knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to construct UI components. Additionally, they must be knowledgeable about API services and cross-platform infrastructure. Furthermore, since React-Native is a framework built on ReactJS, any prior understanding of ReactJS is always appreciated, even though it may not be necessary.

Why is React Native so Popular?

The surge in the creation of mobile applications over the last several years may be the primary cause of React Native’s growing popularity. The $206.85 billion global market for mobile applications is anticipated to develop at a forecasted 13.4% compound annual growth rate to reach USD 565.40 billion by 2030.

It’s also important to keep in mind that mobile development with platform-specific tools can be quite time-consuming due to the need to create apps specifically for each platform. Because of this, React Native provided much-needed relief when it initially launched as a cross-platform development framework that made it possible to reuse codebases across numerous platforms. Moreover, it was a JavaScript framework, a language that most developers were already familiar with.

These elements contributed to its rapid growth in popularity for mobile app development. React Native is really used in some of the most popular mobile applications, including Netflix, Instagram, Uber, and Facebook.

What Factors Affect a React Native Developer’s Salary?

Geographic Location

Salaries for React Native Developers vary by region in the world. The usual causes of this discrepancy are variations in the rate of inflation, the cost of living, and supply and demand. While developers in Africa and Southeast Asia make substantially less money, the highest incomes are found in America, Canada, and Europe. This table presents a comparison of the average yearly salary for React Native Developers in various areas.

Country Average Annual Salary
United States $125,945
Canada $90,526
India $6,000
China $36,000

Seniority Level

An expert with more job experience is likely to be a dependable resource with well-developed problem-solving abilities and a broad skill set. Additionally, having advanced experience makes you capable of leading teams and managing projects, two abilities that are crucial in any field or company.


Although having a lot of experience at work is a given, with dedication and hard effort, you may sometimes acquire the skillset of a Senior React Native Developer early in your career. Because of this, the amount of remuneration you can anticipate is also influenced by your command of the required skill. 

Company Size and Stature

Salary ranges for React Native Developers are also influenced by the companies you work for. Because different businesses generate different amounts of money, compensation packages differ amongst them. Bigger (and wealthier) businesses will always provide more than startups or mid-sized businesses. 

What Is the Average React Native Developer Salary in the U.S.?

In the United States, there is intense competition for jobs as React Native Developers, and salaries vary greatly based on the previously mentioned variables. In light of this, we examine average pay rates for React Native Developers in the United States utilizing information from the following reliable sources: 

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • PayScale


A professional marketplace connecting companies and job seekers is called ZipRecruiter. It enables businesses to advertise openings, and job seekers to look for and apply to available employment. Furthermore, ZipRecruiter maintains a database with salaries for a wide range of job openings worldwide. 

The average yearly compensation for a React Native Developer in the United States is $139,250, according to ZipRecruiter. Professionals in the mid-level make $132,916 while junior candidates can begin at as low as $37,500. Senior React Native Developers earn an average of $191,500 per year on their part. 


Indeed is a global job platform with about 300 million monthly users.

On Indeed, mid-level developers make an average of $137,105 per year for React Native work, while junior developers start at about $93,000. Senior React Native Developers make approximately $200,000 a year.


Employees of the past and present can anonymously rate and review their employers on the Glassdoor website. The reviews touch on their past employment history, the company culture, and the pay scale for their role. Glassdoor is a fantastic resource for finding out about the entire salary range for React Native engineers.

The average salary for React Native developers is $104,418 according to Glassdoor. The salary range for junior developers is $65,000–$81,000. On the other side, senior professionals may earn up to $170,000 annually.


Payscale offers comprehensive information on compensation ranges for various job titles. In essence, the information is detailed and covers the possible pay range based on the job title and the necessary skill set for it. It helps you locate better-paying employment and also offers a career tracker so you can evaluate where you stand on the income scale relative to the market.

Payscale reports that the average income for a React Native developer is $100,000; however, a thorough research reveals that actual earnings vary depending on expertise and title. The average annual salary for a junior react developer is $94,475; senior developers make approximately $127,958. 

The average yearly income rates for React Native Developers across the four platforms, grouped by experience level, are shown in the table below.

Experience ZipRecruiter Indeed Glassdoor Payscale
0 – 1 Years $108,000 $93,629 $81,000 $94,475
2 – 5 years $132,916 $137,105 $104,418 $100,000
6+ years $157,500 $200,770 $170,000 $127,958


Our 2024 React Developer Salary Guide offers crucial information to help you make wise decisions in the ever-changing world of pay trends.”

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