React Native V/S Flutter 2023: Which Is The Best?

React Native V/S Flutter 2023: Which Is The Best?

As per a study, 42% of the developers prefer Flutter, whereas 38% of them prefer React Native. But which one should you choose between React Native v/s Flutter for your business? To answer that, we have created a comparison between both platforms and listed a winner at the end. 

So, let’s dive in and check the content in this article-

Famous Apps Build From React Native And Flutter

Apps build from flutter and react native

Here we have mentioned 2 famous apps built from Flutter and 2 Build from React Native respectively- 


At first, BMW only had an app that can be used by iOS developers but due to high demand, they switched to Flutter and created an app that can be used by both Android and iOS developers. Currently, this app has more than 1 million downloads and is rated 4.1⭐ on the Google play store. 

PUBG Mobile

A battleground mobile game that has already connected more than 1 billion users. The game was developed by Tencent which also uses Flutter for other games that they develope. 


App created with Reactive Native, Walmart allows customers to order products online. Although they have an online store, it still has more than 1 million downloads and is rated 4.3 on the Google Play Store. 


A leading electronic car manufacturing company, Tesla has both apps on iOS and Android developed through React Native. The Tesla app has also gained more than 1 million downloads. 

React Native v/s Flutter: A Detailed Comparison

Here are 4 major points that will help you decide between React and Flutter- 

React Native v/s Flutter: Performance

This comparison would be based on the speed and size of the app-

  • Flutter comes with a default 60fps setting that allows the creation of a seamless application that is fast and low in size. 
  • React Native uses JavaScript to run an application that can hamper the performance of the application but very marginally. 

Winner: Flutter

React Native v/s Flutter: Architecture

  • Flutter’s BLoC is powerful, testable, and simple which reduces the app development duration and the rendering time as well. 
  • React Native’s Flux require JavaScript as a programming bridge which can increase the app rendering time. 

Winner: Flutter

React Native v/s Flutter: Installation 

  • Flutter does not use any programming bridge that’s why the developers need to download the full binary for the particular program from its GitHub repository. Moreover, the developers need a .zip file for macOS installation to use the path variable. This increases the time of installation. 
  • React Native on the other hand uses JavaScript which allows quick installation with minimal effort. 

Winner: React Native

React Native V/S Flutter: UI Designing

  • Flutter comes with customizable UI development toolkits that are fully compatible with Apple’s Cupertino and Google’s Material Design. This makes UI designing quick and easy for developers. Furthermore, you can also create high branding for your application using Flutter. 
  • As React Native uses Javascript the developers need to adjust and create components that require excess time as compared to Flutter. 

Winner: Flutter

*Note: The above comparison points are from a perspective of an entrepreneur and not of a developer. Thus we have included only the required points and missed out on some points.

Flutter v/s React Native: Best For Mobile App Development



React Native

Require different designs for different platforms. 


The app requires a design that automatically updates as per the latest device OS 


Rare or custom library integration required


Require unified design across every platform


Require Heavy Animation


Restricted 3rd party package usage


Although we can see from the comparison before this section, Flutter came out to be a winner. However, the technology that you use depends on the requirement of your application. 

Here is how you can choose the platform as per your requirements- 

Flutter For Mobile App Development

  • You want an app quickly in the market.
  • There are a lot of customizations that require specific tasks.
  • When the project is big and requires performance. 

React Native For Mobile App Development

  • Your app requires 3D rendering
  • The app requires multi-platform assistance.
  • You require the code for the web app as well. 


In the comparison between Flutter and React Native, we can conclude that Flutter has emerged as the Winner. However, you can not decide on which technology to use just based on this comparison. We have also mentioned some points through which you can decide on which technology to build your app. 

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