Top 10 Tech Product Ideas For A Pet Care Startup

Top 10 Tech Product Ideas For A Pet Care Startup

Tech Product Ideas For A Pet Care Startup

Good reason for the Pet Tech market to be so big. People of all ages have been getting pets more over the last few years, but millennials (people aged 25 to 40) are the ones who have them the most. These people now make up almost a third of cat owners. This has a big effect on the market as a whole.

Millennials bring their normal habits into their relationships with pets. To begin, they often use tech and online services to keep their pets safe, sound, and content. Second, they can afford all of this because people in this age group usually make more than the average amount of money. That’s why pet health and wellness systems and devices that work well are so profitable. We made an infographic about televet care in 2022 that shows how big the virtual veterinarian market is. These same things are true for the other segments, such as pet wearables, connected projects for cats and dogs, and video monitoring goods for pets. 

We’ll talk about the newest Pet Tech ideas in our blog post. After that, we’ll talk about the most famous projects from pet tech startups and explain why they were so successful.

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Pet tech trends: figuring out what customers want

In the Pet Tech business, the US has always been at the forefront of new ideas. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic pain, but it has also led to more investments in the field.  

This is what we see today:

There are more and more homes with pets all the time. At the start of the pandemic, a lot of cats and dogs were taken in from shelters. Things have kept getting better since then: in 2022, 70% of US homes will have a pet, up from 67% in 2021.  

The US is still spending a lot of money on their pets. The fact that prices are going up doesn’t stop them. Every second pet owner is ready to spend more on certain types of goods. Some of these are ethically made and good for the environment.

The most important group of cat owners is millennials. Twenty-five to forty-year-olds: one in three have a pet. They choose to adopt “fur babies” and are willing to spend a lot of money on the best food, goods, and services for their pets.

People who have pets these days like technology. That’s why pet tech startups are eager to add new ways to track pets and talk to them online to their services and goods.

The money spent on pet products today is more like the money spent on human goods. How do people who have pets use technology? 

10 pet tech product ideas to help pet startups get started

More money is put into the market when customers are interested. Pet Tech projects are being asked for more than ever by tech service providers these days.

Do you want to make the best product for pet owners who are good with technology?

We at Appic Softwares are ready to be your trusted technology partner. We have a lot of experience with pet tech.

There are four main types of products on the market. Let’s talk about them and look at some real-life examples of how they did well.

I. Pet products that are linked

There are many items in this group, such as smart pet doors, dog fences, and toys.

1. PupPod is an interactive dog game

This interactive toy with multiple levels has all the right parts to train a dog and keep it busy and motivated. 

The answer is made up of several parts that work together:

  • Some kind of PupPod. The pet will enjoy this puzzle toy, which also helps with physical and mental exercise.
  • When the dog gets its reward, a feeder throws it a treat. It has a built-in HD camera and the ability to live-stream.
  • A mobile app that lets you run a game from anywhere

Be the first person to use smart technology to help pets with everyday jobs. PupPod was one of the first companies to combine a regular product with the development of smart pet toys. The customer’s trouble was that they couldn’t play fetch with their dog all the time. PupPod offered a tech-based answer. People who are the first to use new tools are more likely to get customers.

2. PetSafe’s Safety Containment System 

Because cats and dogs are naturally curious, their owners need to take steps to keep their pets from running away. But no one wants to put wires along their fence and make their yard and home look like a jail. 

GPS cat fences, like the one made by PetSafe, might be the best choice. This usually includes the following parts:

  • A wall known as a radio fence or a portable fence. It shows a movable transmitter that can be used to mark off an area for pets. 
  • A collar for a pet that has a receiver that gets messages from the unit 
  • Alerts the pet, either by sound or feeling sent to the collar 

If a pet tries to cross the safety zone, the collar sends out a radio signal that tells the pet not to keep going. Wireless gates work well and keep people safe. For instance, a study from the University of Lincoln in 2016 found that electronic containment devices don’t have any effect on the health or anxiety of cats. 

When making a tech solution for pets, think about both the wants of pet owners and the comfort of the pets. Dogs and cats that roam are a big problem. PetSafe and other smart pet fence software options take care of the problem in a stylish and safe way, without turning a home into a cage for pets or their owners.

3. Robotic Litter Box That Cleans Itself

One of the most annoying things about taking care of pets is cleaning the litter box. Luckily, smart cat litter boxes can do this unpleasant job for you. 

Product that cleans itself automatically cleans itself after a cat uses it. Even though there are a lot of choices, they all work pretty much the same way:

  • There are sensors in the litter box that tell you when a cat has used it and when it leaves.
  • One more part is an electric motor. It starts the process of cleaning.  
  • The smart litter box starts cleaning itself as soon as the cat leaves. When the Litter Robot is used, the motors spin to separate the clumps and then scoop them into a container below. Once it’s full, the container closes up to keep the smells and clumps inside. Some litter boxes have automatic rakes or special granules that clean the trash.
  • A Wi-Fi mobile app lets the cat owner keep an eye on the cat’s bathroom habits and the amount of waste in the litter box.

List your customers’ most annoying and unpleasant problems, and then offer an innovative IoT Pet Tech option that is easy to use. Every cat owner would love a smart cat litter box that works well and doesn’t need to be cleaned out every day.

4. Secure Pet Door with a Flap

Pet doors that are used to be problematic: 

  • Guests you don’t want may come into the house. 
  • Pets might be scared to put their heads on the door.  
  • A pet may use the door, making it hard to lock other animals out (or in).   

These risks are taken away by smart pet doors. An RFID chip is often used in these gadgets, like in a pet’s microchip or a tag on a smart collar. The part sends a signal to a smart pet door, which then recognizes the pet’s presence. The system opens the door as the pet gets closer and locks it automatically when the pet goes inside. 

Different models and makes have different extra benefits. As an example, Sureflap models might have:

  • Make your own Connect Hub app to handle the smart door from your phone.
  • Choose which pets can enter and leave the house, if the owner has more than one and doesn’t want all of them to.
  • A timer can be set to automatically lock and open the door at a certain time.
  • Built-in draft stoppers keep the cold out and the heat in, or the other way around.

When looking for new possibilities, don’t just follow the rules. Connectivity technologies are used in a simple smart pet door development project to make pet doors safer. The things it can do can get bigger based on your Pet Tech product idea. For instance, an IoT software development business can make Google Home and Alexa work together. It can also add voice control or an app that lets you handle it from afar.

II. Wearables for pets

Wearable tech for pets today does a lot of different things: 

  • Keep an eye on and track pets 
  • Let their owner know about it. 
  • Get vital signs 
  • Give doctors the information they need.

Here are a few of the best models on the market right now.

5. The Wagz Smart Dog Collar

Wearable tech for pets lets companies add a lot of new features to a standard pet item like a collar. Built-in sensors are used by high-tech GPS dog collar software options. They check on a pet’s health 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can also be used to keep track of pets’ activity and help find them if they get lost or run away.

In the market for pet wearables, smart dog collars are very common.  The global market for GPS pet collars is expected to hit almost $654 million by 2026. 

One great gadget that lets you track and control your pet is the Wagz smart pet collar. In addition to standard features like a GPS module built in and a step clock, the solution has the following:

  • A built-in microphone that lets you give voice orders from afar
  • A camera on the collar that lets you stream live video
  • A geofence setting that lets dog owners set up a virtual fence and get alerts when their dog leaves the designated area
  • A barking recognition algorithm to figure out how a dog is feeling 

Add more value. When there are a lot of products on the market, add-ons help them stand out. You can hire an outside software development team to make MVPs so you can get feedback from the market quickly. Their wide range of tech skills may allow them to work on all stages of product creation, from researching new ideas to designing devices and making apps for phones.

6. Smart Harness for Inupathy

Usually, making a smart dog collar means putting GPS on the dog’s harness so that the owner can find the dog. There are a lot of these kinds of gadgets out there right now, but the Inupathy solution stands out.

A heart rate monitor is built into the dog’s belt as part of the product. It picks up signals and figures out how the dog is feeling based on those cues. The app and the harness both show the color of each mood, so the dog owner can see what the pet is feeling at any given time.

When there is a lot of competition, come up with a unique way to get people to notice you. A popular feature that many pet tech product makers offer is a way to track your pet in real time. But adding extra features, like the ability to focus on the dog’s mental state, is unique and appealing to dog fans.

If you have the right technical service provider, your offering will take over the world. Now is the time to get in touch with our experts about software and hardware services for new businesses.

III. Taking Care of Your Pet at Home 

We’ve already talked a lot about health tech for pets in this blog post about taking care of dogs. There’s no doubt about it: the televet business is booming. Let’s look at how leaders get their share of the market instead of just numbers.

7. Dog and Cat Telemedicine Platform VetNOW

The VetNOW site is one of the most well-known ways to find pet care services. It makes sure that doctors and pet owners can talk to each other in real time. In addition, it gives:

  • High quality technology for teleconsulting and virtual pet exams
  • Integration with other veterinary tools and professional software is seamless.
  • Advanced control of medical data, with safe storage and safe sharing based on roles 
  • Tools for managing the work flow in a veterinary office, such as virtual booking, appointment reminders, and survey tools

Think about more than one thing you need to do. The platform is used by both cat owners and veterinarians. Pet telemedicine is more than just a website and an app for phones that let you make video talks. It’s a community of televet software that aims to completely change the way we get vet care now.

8. Tests for Pet DNA by Orivet

Orivet is the world leader in testing DNA from pets. These kinds of tests help you figure out what breed(s) of pet you have. This is how customers can find out about their pet’s special needs and any genetic diseases that might affect it.

In the past, these test kits came with an envelope that could be used to send in a sample of your pet’s blood. After that, labs work on the sample and give back the results.

Orivet has taken things a step further and chosen to have a special pet care app made. The tool gives you all the DNA information that Orivet found. It also has helpful information about different breeds and other tips for cat owners. The app became popular very quickly and makes the product stand out in the market for genetic testing, which is very competitive. 

Technology makes a well-known object better in new ways. Plan out how you can use new technologies like RFID tags, mobile apps, and more to spread the word about your business. We already said that the new generation of pet owners loves everything that is smart and linked.

IV. Video platforms related to pets

On-demand pet care services cover all the important parts of having a pet. These can be anything from social media sites to video monitoring tools.

9. The Petcube Video Platform

Video streaming is an important part of sites that can be used for more than one thing. Pet cameras that offer more than just high-quality video and two-way audio are used by these kinds of sites. First, a pet camera should be able to see in the dark and track motion. It should also be able to quickly rotate 360 degrees and be strong enough to resist being chewed or played with by a pet. Second, it should be simple to connect to a mobile app so that it can be controlled from anywhere. Third, a lot of pet cams come with extras like a laser pointer, a holder for treats, and an alert that goes to your phone when the camera hears your dog barking. 

Petcube is one of the ways to keep an eye on your pet. People want to see their pet like a family member when they have to leave their furry friend. This product meets that need. 

The people who came up with Petcube chose to solve this problem by making a way to check on pets’ well-being. At first, they used a Wi-Fi pet camera that was linked to an app on their phone. No matter how far away the pet is, the owner can walk with it, talk to it, and watch it. Since it first came out, the company has released a number of new pet cameras, some of which have built-in doctor chat, a treat dispenser, and an interactive laser toy. 

It doesn’t matter how easy your product description is—make the best product you can, and it will pay off. It might not make sense to have another smart home device that is only for talking to pets. But the Kickstarter effort for the Petcube product raised $500,000. Petcube later got $14 million in seed money. The reason is the claim of the best cameras made just for pets. These have good night vision, two-way audio so the pet can hear the owner’s voice, a wide-angle view so you can see any animal moving, and other features.

With all the new consumer electronics that have been marketed with billions of dollars, it might be hard to stand out. But every Petcube owner who is happy with their pet shows us that it was worth it.

10. The media platform for the Dodo pet

Izzie Lerer, a student, made the Dodo website as a hobby in 2014. It quickly became the best place to watch movies about pets on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Group Nine Media took care of the Dodo and began to reach more people. Vox Media now runs the site, which has 115 million users.

Dodo has been able to add more goods to its line thanks to its loyal customers. So, the company started offering pet insurance and teamed up with stores.

In the Pet Tech segment, the Dodo launched Fetch Forward, an online platform that focuses on predicting future health care needs for pets. The solution uses information from the past about more than 750,000 dogs to find out about their health at all times of life. Pet owners of more than 500 breeds can use this tool to better handle their pets’ short- and long-term health risks. 

To grow, build and use a strong brand. Once you have a group of loyal customers who know your business and goods, take it to the next level. The most important thing you have is the trust of your customers. For old players, it’s a lot harder to break through the usual barriers.


At the end of 2023, it looks like the area of making apps for pets will be very successful. Different kinds of goods and services can now be seen in new ways thanks to the business. Appic Softwares can create, build, and send you a prototype of any Pet Tech product idea you have.

So, What are you waiting for?

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