Tesla Mobile App Features & How To Develop A Similar App?

Tesla Mobile App Features & How To Develop A Similar App?

How to create an app like tesla

The Tesla app has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play store and is currently ranked #23 in the United States. It’s a feature-loaded application informing users about their recent trips, battery level, and more. 

To help you gather information about more such features of the Tesla app, we have compiled this blog with steps to get your app as Tesla developed. 

So, let,s check the content of this post-

Top 5 Tesla App Features

Here we have listed the top 5 features that you can perform from the Tesla app that you should check out- 

  • Phone Key Feature

Here we have listed all the features that you can perform if you connect the Tesla key to the Tesla app-

  • Keyless Driving- Once your phone is added as the key you don’t have to carry the Tesal key, all you require is your device and you can open the door of the car and drive away without carrying the keys. 
  • Driver Access- You can add or remove driver profiles from the app, all the new drivers will have access to all the features that you have except roadside assistance & purchasing upgrade. 
  • Temperature Control


Now through this feature, you can directly change the climatic control of your car depending on your requirements. Some additional features that Tesla has recently added are-

  • De-frosting the windshield through the app. 
  • You can change the temperatures of the seats as well. 

All these features can be used before you have entered the car, which provides a comfortable environment for you. 

  • Car Controls

This feature of the Tesla app has gone far away from just switching the car on and off. You can honk, blink the dripper, and more to find your parked car. Here are some additional features of the Tesla app that allows you to control the car- 

  • Open trunk/frunk- Whenever your hands are full of groceries, you can use this feature to open the trunk of your car and store all the groceries. Additionally, the other way to open the frunk of your car is through the touchscreen inside the car which makes the app a more convenient feature. 
  • Open windows- Whenever you feel that the temperature inside the car is a bit hot, you can quickly open windows by just clicking on a button inside the app. 
  • Open Garage Door- If you have Homelink hardware in your Tesla, then you can easily open and close the door of your garage through the app. 
  • Charging

Now most EVs just inform the customers about the battery percentage in their vehicle. However, Tesla lets you open the charging port, and decide how much percent you want the car to be charged.

Through the app, car owners can also locate nearby superchargers and charge their vehicles. 

Range Status

Under the same category, you can also check the range of the vehicle which means how far the vehicle can travel.

  • Summon/Smart Summon

A very unique and quite advanced feature, through this you can move your vehicle without even sitting inside it. Now this was developed to move the vehicle out of the garage or from a tight parking spot. 

Now through the Smart Summon option, you can easily select a location and the car will automatically drive to that location. However, this feature is still in testing and is not available for Tesla customers.  

How To Develop An App Similar To Tesla App?

To develop a similar to the Tesla app you need to follow these steps-

Partner With An App Development Company

The first step is to partner with a mobile app development company that can use the technology in your vehicle and create an app for that. Make sure to list all the features in your vehicle that should work with your app. 

Now make sure that the company you choose has an experienced team of developers that can use the latest technologies like AI, Flutter, and more to launch your application. 

Provide An Easy UI/UX To The Customer

Now branding and an easy user interface play a very major role in scaling up customer experience in your store. Thus, inform the company about how you want the app to look and feel and also decide on a tech stack you want in your app. 

For example, Tesla was built through Flutter which allows it to be on both Android and iOS with just a single codebase. 

Conduct Regular Testing

Make sure that there is regular testing of every new feature listed and how it is performing. You can check every single feature of your vehicle. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain fresh knowledge on features in the Tesla app. Here we have also mentioned some steps that you can take while developing your Tesla application. 

However, if you are looking for an automotive app development company that can create an app for your EV business, then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of developers that can work on the latest technologies like Flutter, React, Angular, and more. 

Additionally, we are also providing a free project prototyping service that allows you to get a design of your app with the idea of how it will function. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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