Top 10 Companies To Hire Flutter Developers In Poland In 2023

Top 10 Companies To Hire Flutter Developers In Poland In 2023

Hire flutter developer in poland

The open-source Flutter framework was created by Google for creating mobile applications. Using a single codebase, enables developers to produce applications that are natively designed, highly functional, and aesthetically beautiful for both the iOS and Android platforms. Dart is a simple-to-learn and quick-to-develop programming language that is used by Flutter.

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Why Is Flutter So popular?

Flutter’s distinctive features and advantages have made it a popular solution for creating mobile apps:

  • With Flutter’s hot reload functionality, developers can make changes to their code and see the consequences in real time without having to restart the application. This functionality streamlines the development process and saves time.
  • Developers can design gorgeous user interfaces that are responsive and look great on any device with Flutter’s vast variety of customizable widgets.
  • Because the code for Flutter apps is natively compiled, they run quickly and efficiently.
  • Flutter’s capacity to produce stunning animations and images is another benefit. Flutter comes with powerful tools and libraries to make animations, transitions, and unique graphics quickly.

Flutter App Development Companies

Appic Softwares

A Poland market leader that provides excellent app development services. And to make matters even better, Appic Softwares provides the most cheap solutions for hiring dedicated Angular Developers. The developers’ earlier experience working at other companies may be useful to you. 


  • Developers can help you with UI/UX updates, integration services, migration, and other activities. 
  • The business offers fair pricing. 
  • You can pay them an hourly charge, a monthly rate, or an annual rate based on your requirements.
  • Because the business signs an NDA, your data is secure with us. 

Service Line:-


You may trust Nintriva as one of the top providers of flutter app development services to create high-caliber, scalable business solutions. They have a group of enthusiastic and committed technicians, designers, and engineers who are altering industries and raising standards of performance.

The business uses robust Flutter development tools to create compelling user interfaces for dynamic, cross-platform mobile applications. 

They consider Flutter to be a dependable and affordable option for enterprises because to its capacity to create stunning native apps quickly and with a single codebase.

The mobile app development company Nintriva is well known for producing feature-rich, action-packed apps that offer a seamless user experience while maintaining high performance and dependability. Nintriva stands out in the app development sector thanks to its dedication to excellence and passion for innovation.

Flutter, Angular, React, Swift, Yii, Node Js, Vue, Kotlin, Ionic, Magento, Next Js, Java, PHP, MongoDB, and MySQL make up the tech stack.


  • Notable Projects or Clients
  • eCommerce App Development
  • Gaming App Development
  • Cross-platform Development
  • Mobile App Development for iOS and Android
  • User Interface/User Experience Design
  • Notable Projects or Clients


Cleveroad is a full-cycle online and mobile app development company that provides specialized software solutions to suit the particular requirements of enterprises.

They offer flexible collaboration options and a staff of software experts with demonstrated skill, making it simple to assemble a focused development team for your project. 

End-to-end software development, POC/MVP development, and legacy software modernization are all offered by Cleveroad.

Flutter app development is a crucial area of competence for Cleveroad. They can create high-performance, native-like mobile apps with Flutter that are delivered on schedule and within your budget. 

Cleveroad assists companies in releasing apps and updates more quickly while retaining native-like performance with an emphasis on lowering time to market and enhancing end-user experience.


  • Web development 
  • cross-platform app development
  • Android and iOS App Development
  • Design the user experience and interface


ItCraft is a second-seasoned Flutter app development firm with more than ten years of expertise in creating and designing unique apps.

Through the whole web app development process, from verifying their concept to creating an excellent digital product, their team of more than 100 experts advises clients.

ItCraft has a team of experts with the essential expertise to confirm customers’ ambitions, assist them in meeting consumers’ expectations, and deliver game-changing digital goods with regard to Flutter app development.

They are aware that apps are created by people, for people, and they take into account all pertinent factors to deliver high-quality digital solutions that put clients’ business objectives first.


  • Web Development, 
  • Mobile App Development
  • Custom Software Development


Surf is a development firm with a track record of giving customers excellent solutions they have more than 12 years of experience building top-tier mobile and internet applications for both the B2B and B2C industries. Global companies like KFC, Mars, Burger King, SAP, and others have confidence in their apps. 

Surf has an advantage in the market for Flutter app development services thanks to their collaboration with Google and internal R&D facility. 

As a result, they have distributed a number of Flutter apps globally, showcasing their experience in the area.

Surf offers a single codebase for any screen, which can help their clients save up to 40% in terms of both time and money. Additionally, from verifying their vision to generating an excellent digital product, their skilled team helps clients at every step.


  • Flutter App & Web Development 
  • Mobile App Development for iOS and Android
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Business Analysis

Droids On Roids

Since its founding in 2017, Droids On Roids has been a Flutter app development firm using Flutter technology.

They may reduce development costs and time by using Flutter to build multi-platform apps that work on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux all from a single code base.

They have a group of 20 seasoned Flutter developers who are adept at creating native apps in a methodical, quick, and focused manner.

In order to detect roadblocks and accommodate novel solutions, Droids On Roids places a strong emphasis on reliable delivery. 

They place a high priority on staying within budget and optimizing value. Droids On Roids produces high-quality products rapidly by continuously automating all repeatable processes and utilizing intelligent tools.


  • Web app development
  • UI/UX design 
  • Flutter app development
  • Mobile app development for iOS and Android

Binary Studio

 A cross-platform development environment is used by Binary Studio, a development company, to assist SMBs in developing effective and adaptable mobile solutions. 

With more than 18 years of expertise, they put a strong emphasis on creating lasting strategic alliances with clients and providing top-notch services all through the application development lifecycle.

Their offerings include creating cross-platform applications from a single codebase, migrating to new environments, integrating third-party services, ensuring flawless functionality in a variety of user contexts, and optimizing performance for quick and responsive user engagement.

Customers may count on Binary Studio to provide them with dependable and cutting-edge Flutter solutions for their mobile app development requirements.


  • Web Development 
  • Custom Software Development 
  • Mobile App Development 
  • UI/UX Design


Tobler offers top-notch flutter mobile app development services to assist businesses in realizing their creative concepts. Toobler’s team of developers can produce engaging apps that are customized to your company’s objectives. They are also suited for businesses of all sizes.

Although Toobler has expertise in creating Flutter apps, they presently concentrate primarily on creating Digital Twins.


  • Web app development
  • Custom web app development
  • Internet of Things app development
  • Digital twin development

Emizen Tech

Emizen Tech is an organization that creates mobile and e-commerce applications and offers effective, scalable, and affordable solutions to different industry verticals. They are renowned for being among the top firms that design Flutter applications. 

Emizen Tech has been able to adapt its functional methods and styles to fit the unique needs of its clients despite Flutter’s advanced level of survival. 

Their knowledgeable and experienced Flutter development staff can assist in drafting the quickest and most cost-effective solutions for cross-platform development projects, guaranteeing that the finished result satisfies the users’ particular requirements. 

They are renowned for fervently creating attractive, feature-rich, and functional mobile apps that meet the precise needs of their clients. 

They believe in delivering the highest-quality performance in all types of application development and have established themselves as a trailblazer in Flutter app development thanks to their staff of skilled and informed developers.


  • Web Development 
  • Flutter App Development 
  • Cross-Platform App Development 
  • Hybrid App Development


Iteo is a company that creates Flutter apps and uses its 11 years of knowledge to match particular frameworks and procedures with the needs of its clients’ companies. 

They specialize in delivering solutions that produce the best results while staying within the client’s budget by utilizing the appropriate technologies.

One of their favorite technologies is Flutter since it enables speedy testing of mobile apps across various markets. Additionally, developing a native app rather than investing in a cross-platform one is a far better option for launching a new business. 

They adhere to technological trends, employ the most highly suggested contemporary instruments, and guarantee product quality.

By selecting the most well-liked partners, they are able to keep their clients’ apps current and effective, giving the audience the ideal outcomes.


  • Web & Mobile Development 
  • Flutter App Development 
  • Enterprise Software Development 
  • cloud Services 
  • Designing digital products 
  • Developing an online store


We hope that through this post you were able to choose the best company to hire Flutter developers from. But if you’re not sure which business to pick, we advise you to check out Appic Softwares.

They have a team of skilled Flutter developers who can work carefully on your project and offer you insightful advice.

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