Top 10 Flutter Development Companies 2023 (With Rating And Location)

Top 10 Flutter Development Companies 2023 (With Rating And Location)

Flutter Development Companies

As per the survey 46% of developers used Flutter. Are you a startup entrepreneur looking for affordable mobile app development services or ready to hasten the time it takes for your product to reach the market? Regarding the advancement of Flutter, you are correct.

Since 2020, cutting-edge development firms have increased their availability of Flutter for creating affordable mobile solutions. Particularly when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development, Flutter is unquestionably a fantastic option. In essence, Flutter enables the development of high-quality apps with quick performance, a visually appealing UI, and affordable costs.

Top Flutter App Development Companies

We conducted extensive research to compile a list of the top 10 Flutter app development businesses. To learn about the services that various businesses provide, as well as their portfolio and reviews, we consulted open sources like Clutch and Goodfirms as well as their websites.

We used a grading system to compare and rank the top 10 Flutter app development businesses based on factors including location, hourly rate, project budget minimum, portfolio, and client feedback.

Appic Softwares


Location:- Jaipur, India

Launched in 2018. Appic Softwares has currently produced more than 200 mobile apps for both Android and iOS. The apps were 95% delivered on time and within budget. They offer a skilled group of developers who can help you quickly launch your app and website.

Key Feature

  • They provide services to more than 15 different industries, such as astrology, finance, and online shopping. 
  • Appic Softwares can launch your application using cutting-edge technologies like Flutter, React, AI, and others.
  • They have worked with some of the most prestigious companies, such as Adani, Tata, Avas, AU Small Bank, and Avas. 


Flutter App Development Companies


Location:-Delaware, New York, Washington, D.C

Surf has been developing apps with Flutter technology since 2019. The team’s over 25 seasoned Flutter developers have successfully built future-focused IT products for over 12 years for businesses in the fintech, medtech, food tech, and e-commerce sectors.

Surf created mobile apps for entrepreneurs from Y Combinator and Société Générale in the finance industry. One of its clients in the healthcare industry is the digital health startup Wellacy Health. Additionally, they released custom ERP systems for KFC and SAP as well as mobile and web apps for MARS and MARS powered by Flutter. 


Flutter App Development Companies


Location:- USA

Founded in 2009, TechAhead is a US-based developer of Flutter apps. Utilizing cloud and IoT technology, it offers its clients services for digital transformation. They concentrate on creating mobile and web applications that put people first.

The majority of TechAhead’s concentration is on apps for health and wellness. If you are a small or medium-sized firm searching for reasonably affordable prices for Flutter development services, this company is the perfect option.

Droids on Roids

Flutter App Development Companies


Location:- Wroclaw, Poland

A Flutter development company based in Poland called Droids on Roids primarily focuses on native and cross-platform mobile development for startups and businesses. They have a wide range of projects in different industries in their portfolio.

Twenty developers make up the Droids on Roids Flutter team, which has been utilizing Flutter since 2017. A developer or designer makes $60 / €55 per hour.



Location:- New York, USA

Flutter App Development Companies

The largest Flutter development company on our list is Vention. There are 3000 software engineers working for it. They collaborate with rapidly expanding tech startups and venture-backed businesses. Vention offers a wide range of development services, including blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) development, AR/VR, AI, and more.

Consider Vention more closely if you want a large selection of Flutter experts to choose from because they have the most talent. Vention is a better choice for larger enterprises because of its higher charges for Flutter developers and project budgets compared to those of other businesses.


Flutter App Development Companies


Location:- Krakow, Poland

Poland’s Krakow-based Softnauts is a tiny but seasoned Flutter app development business. Custom online, cross-platform mobile, and product design are its main areas of focus.

The entire range of services required to produce a product is offered by Softnauts, including requirements gathering, design, development, and testing. They adhere to the Agile principles in their work.


Flutter App Development Companies


Location:- Ahmedabad, India

Large-scale outsourcing of the Indian Flutter development business with about 250 employees. Services offered by Mindinventory to its clients include the creation of AI software, product reengineering, machine learning, and data science solutions.

If you also need marketing support and cutting-edge technology development, like blockchain, AI, and machine learning, Mindinventory is an excellent choice.

Magora Systems 

Flutter App Development Companies


Location:- London, UK

A UK-based Flutter development company is called Magora Systems. In addition to creating websites and mobile apps, the business offers marketing services to its customers.

The team at Magora Systems firmly believes that a project’s success depends on two key tenets: user-centered design and software scalability. Totally agree!


Flutter App Development Companies


Location:- Gateshead, UK

Arch, a UK-based software firm, is the following Flutter app development company on our list. It offers its clients services for web and mobile application creation, hosting, support, and upkeep.

In 2019, 20, and 22 of Clutch’s top 100 agencies were listed as Arch. The business holds Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation. They carry out projects using a fixed-price model. Due to their specialists’ prices, which range between $100 and $150, Arch is not recommended if your project budget is tight.


Flutter App Development Companies


Location:- London,UK

CoreBlue from the United Kingdom is last but not least on our list of Flutter development businesses. It functions with both the government and companies of various sizes. It supports its clients’ digital transformation and workplace modernization.

Young and ambitious, CoreBlue is a business. They have received accreditation and certification for a number of quality and security standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, HM-Government G-Cloud 13, Cyber Essentials Plus, and Cyber 101, among others. They mostly work on banking and nonprofit initiatives in their portfolio.


We hope that through this post you were able to choose the best company to hire Flutter developers from. However, if you are confused about which company to choose from, then we suggest you try Appic Softwares

They have a pool of talented Flutter developers that can delicately work on your project and provide you with helpful insights. 

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