A Complete React Native Developer Salary Guide 2024

A Complete React Native Developer Salary Guide 2024

A Complete React Native Developer Salary Guide 2024

Facebook created React Native, an open-source framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications, in 2015. React Native has been the most popular mobile development framework for the longest, accounting for 42% of the global market between 2019 and 2022.

Even though Flutter has surpassed React Native, the React Native ecosystem is still thriving and businesses are still seeking experienced React Native Developers for new and ongoing projects.  This article covers the average career path for React Native Developers as well as the salary variations between experience levels and technical statures.

What Is a React Native Developer?

The main responsibility of a React Native Developer is to create mobile application front-end designs. These screens are designed to work with several platforms, such as iOS, Android TV, and Android. Nevertheless, natively rendered applications can also be created with React Native using the same backend code.

As a result, in order to create UI components, a React Native Developer needs to be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also need to be familiar with cross-platform infrastructure and API services. Furthermore, even if it might not be required, any prior knowledge of ReactJS is always welcomed as React-Native is a ReactJS-based framework. 

Why is React Native so Popular?

The rise in popularity of React Native may be attributed mostly to the rise in the production of mobile applications in the past few years. With a predicted 13.4% compound annual growth rate, the $206.85 billion global market for mobile applications is expected to reach USD 565.40 billion by 2030.

It’s also crucial to remember that creating apps uniquely for every platform makes mobile development with platform specific tools quite laborious. Because of this, when React Native first came out, it offered much-needed respite in the form of a cross-platform development framework that allowed codebases to be reused across many platforms. Furthermore, it was a JavaScript framework—the majority of developers already used this highly popular language.

These components supported its explosive rise in popularity for the creation of mobile apps. React Native is really used in some of the most popular mobile applications, including Netflix, Instagram, Uber, and Facebook.

What Factors Affect a React Native Developer’s Salary?

Geographic Location

React Native developers’ pay varies depending on where they work in the world. This disparity is typically caused by changes in supply and demand, the cost of living, and the rate of inflation. The richest developers are located in North America, Canada, and Europe, whereas those in Africa and Southeast Asia earn significantly less. The average yearly pay for React Native Developers in different regions is shown in this table.

Country Average Annual Salary
United States $125,945
Canada $90,526
India $6,000
China $36,000


Seniority Level

The pay for a React Native Developer is mostly determined by experience and seniority. An expert with greater work experience is probably a trustworthy source with a wide range of skills and strong problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, extensive experience enables you to manage projects and lead teams—two skills that are essential in any industry or business.  Senior professionals get paid more because of this diverse skill set.


While extensive job experience is a must, you can occasionally advance early in your career to become a Senior React Native Developer with commitment and hard work.Because of this, the quantity of compensation you should expect is also determined by how well you possess the necessary expertise. It is usually preferred to know a lot of abilities but comprehend none of them than to be proficient in a small number of them.

Company Size and Stature

React Native Developer salary ranges are also affected by the organizations you work for. Compensation packages range throughout firms since they create varying amounts of money. There is never a guarantee that larger (and wealthier) companies would provide more than startups or mid-sized companies.

What Is the US Average Salary for React Native Developers?

React Native developers face fierce competition for work in the US, and compensation varies widely depending on the aforementioned factors. Given this, we use data from the following trustworthy sources to analyze average pay rates for React Native Developers in the United States:

  • ZipRecruiter
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • PayScale


An expert job board for companies and candidates is called ZipRecruiter. Businesses may advertise job openings, and job seekers can look through and apply to available positions. Furthermore, ZipRecruiter maintains a global database of salaries for a wide range of job ads. 

In addition, ZipRecruiter keeps a database of salaries for different job positions across the globe.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a React Native Developer in the US is $139,250. Mid-level professionals earn $132,916 on average, while younger applicants may start out as low as $37,500.Senior React Native Developers earn $191,500 on average a year. 


A global job platform Indeed has over 300 million monthly users.

According to Indeed, junior engineers start at roughly $93,000 per year, while mid-level devs make an average of $137,105 for React Native jobs. The annual salary of a senior React Native developer is about $200,000.


On the website Glassdoor, both present and past workers can submit anonymous employer reviews and ratings. The reviews cover their work history, the culture of the organization, and the salary they were given for their position. Another great resource for learning about the whole pay range for React Native developers is Glassdoor.

According to Glassdoor, the average compensation for React Native developers is $104,418. Junior developers might make between $65,000 and $81,000. Senior professionals, on the other hand, can make up to $170,000 per year.


Payscale provides detailed information on the pay ranges associated with different job titles. Essentially, the information is comprehensive and covers the potential salary range according to the job title and the required skill level. It assists you in finding higher-paying jobs and provides a career tracker so you can assess your financial position in relation to the market.

The average salary for a React Native developer is $100,000, according to Payscale; however, further investigation shows that actual compensation varies according on experience and position. Junior react developers typically make $94,475 per year, while senior developers make about $127,958.

The table below displays the average annual salary rates for React Native Developers on each of the four platforms, broken down by experience level.

Experience ZipRecruiter Indeed Glassdoor Payscale
0 – 1 Years $108,000 $93,629 $81,000 $94,475
2 – 5 years $132,916 $137,105 $104,418 $100,000
6+ years $157,500 $200,770 $170,000 $127,958


Facebook created the open-source React Native framework in 2015. Creating user interface (UI) components for mobile applications that will run on various operating systems is the responsibility of a React Native developer. Because React Native is cross-platform compatible, most mobile developers prefer to use it for their work instead of writing separate code bases for each device.

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