7 Unique Astrology App Features In 2023

7 Unique Astrology App Features In 2023

Astrology app development features

As per research, the Astrology industry is estimated to reach $22.8 billion by the end of 2031. A stat that proves that it’s almost the right time for you to be a part of it. 

If you are in the market looking for some unique features to add to your astrology app, then you are at the right place. Here we have mentioned 7 unique features with the process of app development that you should check. 

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7 Unique Astrology App Features

Here are the top 7 unique features that you can list in your Astrology app and make it stand out from your competitors-

  • Personalized Horoscopes

Now every new or old astrology business is providing personalized horoscope features but to stand apart, you can provide them with horoscope updates directly on their smartwatches. This way they won’t need to open the app regularly but still will be connected through it. 

You can create a separate wearable app with your app to make it easier for customers to know their horoscope reports. 

  • Compatibility Test

Through this feature, customers can check their compatibility with their partners or friends based on their Zodiac signs. This can be used by the users to know who their perfect match is. 

  • Tarot Reading

Tarot card mobile app

Tarot reading is a form of cartomancy wherein the practitioner draws a card from a bulk and informs the customer about their past, present, and future. Through your app, customers can have a video call with a tarot card reader and get the solution to their problems.  

  • Astrological Remedies

Astrology remedies provide customers with solutions that nullify the negative impact of planets or other elements on the life of their customers. You can provide solutions based on your customers’ Zodiac signs, problems, and more. 

  • Astrological News And Insights

Keep your customers aware of all the latest news and insights regarding astrology and its impact on their lives. This keeps them updated and will make them regular users of your app. You can also provide affirmation based on your customer’s zodiac signs and spread positivity. 

  • Celebrity Horoscope

Provide customers with astrological updates on their favorite celebrities and their past lives and major information about major events in their past lives. Through this, you can keep the engagement level high in your app. 

  • Stones/Idols Marketplace

You can list stones, idols, and more in your app which customers can directly purchase from your store. This helps you gain commission and provides your customers with high-quality products which upscale their experience in your store. 

How To Build An Astrology App?

Here are three steps that will help you build a highly scalable astrology application-

Conduct A Competitor Analysis

The first step is to conduct a competitor analysis that will assist you in knowing their pain points which you can use to your advantage. Here are some ways by which you can know the pain points-

  • Read reviews under their social media posts.
  • Conduct surveys. 
  • Check their ranking on Google Play and read what the users have to say. 

Partner With An Astrology App Development Company

Partnering with an astrology app development company will enable you to get a user-friendly and easy-to-scale app. This step will also help you save a lot of money which can later be spent on your marketing needs. 

Additionally, as they are currently working in the same industry the company might help you get some fresh ideas. 

Choose A Tech Stack

Choosing the right tech stack will help you provide a better UI in your app based on your requirements. For example, if your app requires high customizations, then you should go with Flutter, whereas if it requires 3D rendering then you should choose React. 

However, if you are confused about which technology to choose, you can click here for a free consultation. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain some fresh knowledge on the unique features you can integrate into your app. 

However, if you are looking for an Astrology app development company that can create a feature-loaded app with a unique interface, you must connect with Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of astrology developers that can help you build an app from scratch. 

Additionally, we are also providing free project designing services that will help you know the look and feel of your app. 

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