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10 Benefits Of Drupal That You Must Know!

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Drupal is routinely ranked among the best content management systems, sometimes known as CMSs, which are available to power your website. If you have never investigated Drupal before, it is possible that you are not familiar with the benefits that it offers. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, an agency, or an organization, Drupal can help you build highly effective websites and applications. Let’s investigate the reasons why the numerous advantages of Drupal have led to the formation of a community that is both dedicated and extensive.

1. It’s Open-Source, Which Attracted A Large, Collaborative Community

It's Open-Source, Which Attracted A Large, Collaborative Community

Because Drupal is open-source, which means that it is free to download, use, and alter to some degree, this characteristic may first pique your interest in the content management system. The open-source nature of Drupal has resulted in the growth of a sizable community of over one million Drupal developers and users who are able to provide prompt responses to concerns regarding the installation, use, or customization of Drupal. This is the primary selling point of Drupal. If you have problems, it’s likely that someone else has already answered them if it’s a common problem. If this is the case, all it takes to get the answer is a quick search on a discussion forum to make any necessary adjustments and get your website functioning the way you want it to. Because Drupal relies on PHP libraries rather than proprietary code, all you need to do to find someone who can answer your questions is locate someone who is knowledgeable about PHP. The end result is a level of collaboration that surpasses that of virtually all other software, many alone solutions for CMS.

2. It’s An Enterprise CMS

There is no justification for businesses to create new processes from scratch. You now have access to the Drupal core that you’ve grown to rely on as a result of using Drupal Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform Distribution. On the other hand, you also have access to pre-made solutions for enterprise problems as well as samples of the most successful enterprise models to emulate. Enterprise CMS has important components such as country and domain configurators, which will be of particular benefit to international organizations. Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) features such as a theme, search engine optimization (SEO), integration, content moderation, teaser, workbench, paragraph, and multisite configurators are all included. 

3. Developers Made It Future-Proof

While the creators of certain CMS never appear to get caught up with issues, the developers of Drupal continually look toward the future and pay it forward. Examples of this can be seen in the way that developers have implemented RESTful web services and the JSON:API into Drupal, turning it into a full platform rather than simply a blog framework. In addition, core contributors to the community made certain that Drupal websites would be responsive, user-friendly on mobile devices, and simple to optimize for search engines. This was done to ensure that the websites would be able to keep up with the lightning-fast changes that occur in marketing and internet usage.

4. Drupal is Flexible

It doesn’t matter if your website is a blog, wiki, eCommerce site, or something completely else; you can build it using Drupal because the content management system was developed to be a cost-effective starting point that can be extended for your particular requirements. Because of its flexibility and capacity to expand, Drupal websites, even those that have been heavily customized, can deliver long-term cost benefits for enterprises that are superior to those offered by WordPress installations. Keep in mind that Drupal’s core modules will provide you with a solid starting point for the basis of your site; however, there are over 36,000 community-created modules that you can use. You have the option of delving into the code of your website in order to make it work for your company, or you may incorporate modules that will perform the work for you. Just think of all the opportunities! Because no two businesses have the exact same requirements, no two builds of Drupal will ever be exactly the same.

5. Drupal Handles Code the Right Way

Because it makes use of up-to-date development tools, Drupal ensures that its code is of a high standard. This results in a website that is of a higher quality and more uniformity across platforms. These tools are used to enforce quality standards throughout the application, beginning with the code and finishing with the user-facing experience across all devices. Drupal is responsible for developing and maintaining these tools. The owners of the sites will notice that the add-ons follow to the best code practice, which means that visitors to their sites will have a better user experience and a faster loading time as a result of the clean code. In addition to this, automated code updates eliminate the necessity for human intervention, which, in turn, lowers the probability that a user will make a mistake. Because Drupal maintains a distinct divide between its code and its content, you will have an easier time properly managing your website if you choose to use it.

6. Your Websites Will Be Attractive

In addition to the vast selection of modules that may be integrated into your Drupal website, you also have a great deal of leeway in terms of the way that it appears. Specifically for Drupal websites, designers have developed thousands upon thousands of high-quality themes. In the layout editor of most websites, you can select typefaces, alter color schemes, add stock photos, and make other adjustments to the aesthetic of your website. In spite of the fact that using Drupal to build a website does not require you to have any knowledge of code, you still have the option of developing your very own customized template from the bottom up.

7. Drupal Is Secure

Drupal’s open-source structure and big community mean that the code is scrutinized from every possible perspective, in contrast to competing content management systems, which are known for their lack of security. This identifies security vulnerabilities that Drupal’s dedicated security team can work to strengthen or close in real-time.  You will never be required to wait for the newest functions or the most recent security patch because updates are released promptly. And because there are so many community members to test every facet of Drupal, the platform as a whole is more stable, which benefits everyone. There are also modules built and provided by third-parties that can improve the safety of your Drupal website. You can add CAPTCHAs to your website to defend it from bots and spam, and you can use honeypots to discourage hackers from accessing your website. Modules can be installed that force users to sign out after a predetermined amount of time, and you can reduce the possibility of human error by installing modules that need robust passwords that are often changed.

8. It Offers Scalability

Drupal is a content management system (CMS), but it’s also a lot more than that. The multisite capability of Drupal makes it possible to share resources across numerous websites. This makes Drupal an excellent choice for businesses, as well as designers and Managed Service Providers who are responsible for maintaining multiple resources on behalf of their customers. The scalability of Drupal is further enhanced by user-friendly automation tools. These solutions take the hard work out of constructing or managing websites or apps using Drupal by reducing the amount of labor that is required. Additionally, those teams that deploy Drupal to multi-tiered environments will be pleased to learn that Drupal’s configuration management system enables updates to be deployed between environments in a manner that is repeatable. This not only ensures consistency and quality, but it also ultimately leads to a lower cost of ownership than other platforms.

9. You Can Access Content Moderation and Architecture

Because Drupal facilitates content moderation, it is much simpler to involve every member of your team in the process of developing and amending content. Because Drupal allows a variety of processes, your organization will be able to discover the optimal approach to content production based on the needs you have for a workflow for creating content, all while avoiding the danger of prematurely posting material. Additionally, Drupal gives you the ability to show structured content in a variety of different view modes. 

10. Drupal Boosts Website Performance

Drupal Boosts Website Performance

Drupal websites are quick and do not have a clunky feel due to the clean code that is used. Some of the features that contribute to this speed and smoothness are image optimization, JavaScript minimization, caching, code enforcement, and content delivery networks. This is highly crucial not just for the ranking your website receives in the search engines, but also because your visitors will want your website to load quickly. It may come as a surprise to you that a website that loads in a fraction of a second less time might result in more conversions and a decreased bounce rate. This is excellent news for you, but it is terrible news for your competitors.

It’s possible that putting Drupal through its paces on your own will provide the clearest picture of its adaptability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. If you’re ready to give Drupal a shot, talk to our team about the project you’re working on right now.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to know the 10 benefits of Drupal. However, if you are looking for a Drupal development company, then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of Drupal developers who can help you create Drupal software as per your requirements.

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