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Why Choose Adobe Commerce As a B2B Ecommerce Platform?

Adobe Commerce For b2b

You cannot hasten the process of choosing the best B2B eCommerce platform for your company. The basis of your company is its website. It not only serves as a powerful instrument for generating leads, but it also conveys your mission and core principles.

Your 93% B2B buyers won’t have a rich, frictionless, and intuitive buying experience if you use an outdated platform. On the other hand, Adobe Magento Commerce is enough for B2B business demands. It’s an excellent option for B2B eCommerce firms thanks to its robust and adaptable features.

Additionally, Adobe Magento Commerce has a number of key advantages over competing platforms, including native B2B capabilities, open-source status, customization options, and simple backend system connectivity.

Both large and small B2B vendors have long preferred Adobe Magento Commerce. More than 12% of all online retailers use the PHP-based eCommerce platform. It supports more than 250,000 active sites, making it one of the most well-known content management systems (CMS). 

Before getting into why Adobe Magento Commerce is the best option, let’s first discuss the several factors that will influence your choice of eCommerce platform.

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How To Choose The Right Digital Commerce Platform?

CX value is the most important factor for any organization, whether it is B2C or B2B. 

For contemporary B2B purchasers, a wonderful customer experience has become essential. Therefore, your eCommerce store must be a comprehensive reflection of the following factors if you want to increase your B2B market share.

Determine your target audience and their needs.

Customers are everything for brick-and-mortar stores, both online and offline. 

B2B brands, however, have a much smaller consumer base with specific needs than B2C businesses. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you understand your potential customers, where they originate from, where they live, and how to best serve them. 

Preliminary market research is necessary for B2B manufacturing companies to find out more about:

  • The fierce rivalry found online
  • Examine their online shopping platform’s offerings
  • Find the best channels for sales and marketing. 
  • Learn about the normal industrial cycles of operation.
  • Determine the crucial phases of the customer’s lifetime.
  • Draw out a diagram of the crucial steps in the sales cycle.
  • List the main social media channels your target audience uses.
  • Consider your target market’s problems from every angle.
  • Brainstorm hopes to resolve these problems through its products.
  • Complete all the items you plan to sell online.

Create A List Of Products You Will Be Selling Online

Even though not all B2B products may be purchased online, some of them make great additions to your online product portfolio. As a result, you can sell two different kinds of goods via the Internet: quick orderable goods and goods that can only be purchased from sales representatives. 

You may develop a B2C experience for the first category of products by listing the product online, enabling simple filtering, fast pricing, and comprehensive product descriptions that include photographs. For each sellable good, you must design an online landing page with CTAs.

Create your online store

A number of B2B eCommerce platforms have a range of capabilities that let you build specialized landing pages with in-depth product details and online comparison tools. You can avoid having to start the development process from scratch by using these tools. Instead, you can use its visual styles, plugins, integrations, and customizations for a landing page on a website right away. By utilizing these well-liked channels, you can quickly put together your online store, save money, shorten the go-to-market period, and launch your store in days and weeks as opposed to months and years. 

You can choose a platform that takes you on the proper digital transformation journey based on the features of the platform and the needs of your business.

Create An Ecommerce Support Staff To Provide Ongoing Help

B2B customers would need this support, as opposed to B2C consumers who don’t need one for every purchase. Make sure you have backend personnel on hand to handle any technological difficulties or problems with order processing. Help them with large-volume negotiations and customized estimates.

An Introduction to the Adobe Magento Commerce Platform 

You’re now prepared to begin your B2B eCommerce manufacturing transformation, therefore it’s time to decide which enterprise solution you require. Your company requires a platform that can handle heavy traffic volumes and is versatile, scalable, and adaptable. 

Which B2B eCommerce platform should you use, then?

The Adobe Magento Commerce platform is the solution. 

The eCommerce sector is dominated by Adobe Magento Commerce on a global scale. It has produced more than $189 billion in GMV, was named the best platform for an eCommerce solution by Digital Commerce 360, and is regarded as having the largest eCommerce ecosystem. It supports a variety of eCommerce scenarios, including physical and transactional models.

The go-to-market process is accelerated by this feature-rich solution, which also offers distinctive and tailored consumer buying experiences, establishes your company as a leader in innovation, enables end-to-end omnichannel experiences, and leaves room for expansion, growth, and scalability.

Amazing statistics demonstrate Adobe Magento Commerce’s potential. 

Achieving digital objectives is made possible for businesses by Adobe Magento Commerce. It offers unprecedented scale, performance, and corporate growth potential, preparing organizations for the future. 

You can have a better understanding of the strength of Adobe Magento Commerce by looking at the data below.

  • Sales increased by +159% because of 2X faster performance.
  • +2.5X more people creating accounts +110% more people making repeat purchases 
  • 71% less time was spent ordering.
  • 25% increase in website traffic
  • Increased conversion rates by 16%
  • 6% fewer people ditch their shopping carts overall.
  • Costs for creating new material were decreased by 61%.
  • 93% reduced downtime on the site

Additionally, the Adobe Magento platform and its extensive commerce capabilities give your business solutions strength through connections, extensions, and features that will enable you to create flawless customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Why Is Adobe Commerce The Right Choice For Your Business?

Some might argue that since Adobe Magento Commerce was first created for B2C, it isn’t profitable enough for B2B. But that’s not the case! 

Although the Adobe Magento platform was initially designed for business-to-consumer transactions, following the release of a standalone software package in 2016, it has evolved into a well-liked B2B eCommerce platform. The current Adobe Magento 2.3 version has several benefits and essential features that make it an effective solution for B2B companies.

Here are some of the B2B features that Adobe Commerce possesses-

  • Native B2B Functionality

B2B clients can enjoy tailored experiences from Adobe Magento Commerce, including customer-focused catalogs, customizable pricing lists, and promotions and content that is specifically aimed at them. 

You may manage company accounts, buyer roles and permissions issued, workflow approvals, client credits, order and quote tracking, and account history using its B2B self-service capabilities. 

Overall, order by SKU/CSV uploads, quick reordering, assisted selling, quotation workflow, requesting, and requisition lists all help Adobe Magento Commerce streamline the purchase process.

  • Create Effective And Powerful Shopping Experiences

Create effective and powerful shopping experiences fact that Adobe Magento Commerce produces dependable and simple purchasing experiences is its best feature. Website designs are made interesting and useful by its page builder CMS, headless commerce, segmentation and targeting, multi-site capability, and reference themes.  

Additionally, customers may find products by using layered navigation and filtering, AI-driven product suggestions, and intelligent searches powered by Adobe Magento. 

The Adobe Magento platform’s drag-and-drop merchandising, automated sorting criteria, promotions & coupons, rich product pages, and product availability information can all help you increase conversion rates.

  • Allows You To Manage Client-Based Catalogs With A Wide Range Of Products

With Adobe Magento Commerce, you can manage more than 1 million products across thousands of categories from a single dashboard. Additionally, you can establish new clients and catalogs that are tailored to particular market segments. Integrations with third-party PIM systems like Akeneq, InRiver, Jasper, and others are possible with the Adobe Magento platform.

  • You Can Reach Your Customers Anywhere & Everywhere

You can use email templates and mobile-responsive designs to reach customers all around the world with an Adobe Magento solution. With the aid of marketing automation and eProcurement technologies, you can sell on a variety of platforms like Amazon. Additionally, you may interact with your consumers through real-time online chat, providing them with the information they need.

  • Allows You To Manage Different Sales Channel

    • Inventory management enables you to centrally manage and allocate your whole worldwide inventory from a single location.
    • Intelligent sourcing for cross-channel order processing
    • Offering pick-up in-store, ship-to-ship, and ship-from-store options through omnichannel fulfillment.
  • Enforce New Business Models

Using subscription, digital goods, marketplace, and virtual goods models, Adobe Magento Commerce improves your online selling procedures and revenue streams.

  • Provides Actionable Insights

Data analytics are made possible by the Adobe Magento platform’s robust report-building and visualization tools. These can be combined with other data sources to delve deeper, produce meaningful insights, and enable data sharing that is easily available to teams. The pre-built custom reports can be used to efficiently and effectively construct your files.

  • Secure Adobe Cloud Commerce

Adopt the Adobe Magento cloud commerce solutions to prepare your company for the future with quicker time to market, improved performance, reduced IT expenses, and full-fledged security. You can build your company in this way to meet your changing needs and wants and enter the eCommerce market safely. 

Using Marketplace extensions, you may increase the functionality of your store and easily link to any third-party system, like Salesforce, Oracle, Manhattan, Informatica, InRiver, etc.

  • One Stop Solution 

You can create an online store using Adobe Magento Commerce. Through channel partners, you may manage numerous brands’ accounts simultaneously and seamlessly. Furthermore, you can easily integrate your ERP and CRM solution with your Adobe Magento Commerce store and instantly live it online. 

B2B companies can use their self-service facility to handle multiple clients, track quotes, check in-depth purchase histories, and manage credit online. Such prospects increase the effectiveness of your company by providing a unified platform-based experience to your B2B customers across many brands and locations.

3 Top Brands Using Adobe Commerce


Running a large, global technology company can make it challenging to localize experiences for different regions. Give the example of HP Inc. As one of the world’s top producers of desktop computers and printing technology, HP Inc. enjoys a growing global e-commerce sector.

The modern, 450,000-square-foot headquarters for the Asia-Pacific division is staffed by more than 3,000 workers from more than 35 different nations. HP may use Adobe Commerce to significantly enhance the user experience and deliver new features more quickly in order to achieve its commercial objective. They launched 116 web pages utilizing the agile methodology the year before, and they plan to add 110 more the next year. 

Helly Hansen

Blizzard survival is something Helly Hansen excels at. The company was founded in 1877 as a result of the necessity for a more effective defense against Scandinavia’s ferocious winds and waves, which was felt by a Norwegian navy officer named Helly Juell Hansen. Using coarse linen drenched with linseed oil, Captain Hansen and his wife Margrethe established a company that created water-resistant oilskin coats, breeches, and wrappings.

In 2016, European Hammond, a well-known Norwegian explorer and mountain climber, agreed to collaborate with Helly Hansen as they established a new e-commerce business. In order to introduce our digital transformation strategy, they switched platforms in 2016. They accomplished it first among customers.

SCUF Gaming

In Suwanee, Georgia, SCUF Gaming creates and manufactures high-performance controllers for the 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, 80% of whom are pros in e-sports. In order to enhance comfort and gaming, SCUF handsets are handcrafted, independently tested, and covered by more than 100 patents. There are countless combinations that could be made.

Thanks to developments in digital commerce, businesses may now provide a unique experience that increases sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. SCUF was given the go-ahead to replace the outdated Magento integration platform for its e-commerce gateway with Adobe Ecommerce. This technology provides the highest levels of integration, durability, secrecy, and adaptability to realize SCUF’s exacting vision.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on how Adobe Commerce is an effective B2B ecommerce platform. However, if you are looking for an Adobe Commerce development company that can help you create a B2B Adobe Commerce website then you should check out Appic Softwares. 

We have an experienced team of Adobe Commerce developers who can help you create a fully personalized Adobe Commerce store that is feature-enriched and easy to use. 

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