Best Bike Rental Apps Of India In 2024

Best Bike Rental Apps Of India In 2024

Best Bike Rental Apps Of India In 2024

In India, bike rentals have grown significantly during the past ten years. Many of the nation’s bike aficionados are able to follow their passion by renting motorcycles even when they lack the funds to purchase their own. These motorcyclists can affordably, conveniently, and comfortably travel the entire nation. It is the greatest option for visitors who like to comfortably enjoy the city’s interior splendor, small streets, and architecture. There are motorcycles ranging from high-end models to average ones.

You get to pick how long you want to hire your bike for. Among the typical bike tenures that bike rental applications provide are

24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, one week, and one month, maximum

More than a month

The duration and bike of choice will determine the cost of the bike rental.

Bike Rental Business in India – Market Overview

According to Morton Intelligence’s official research, the Indian 2-wheeler industry was estimated to be worth $ 38.76 million in 2021. Bicycle rentals in India will see growth exceeding a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% between 2022 and 2027. The market value will total $63.82 million by the end of 2027. Aside from this, the main drivers of the explosive rise in Indian Bike Rental Apps are the country’s burgeoning tourism industry and people’s penchant for daring activities.

In India, the bike rental app industry is expanding at a rapid rate. A lot of firms are attempting to create profitable bike rental platforms with amazing bikes and affordable prices. You can use these bikes to go within a city or between cities. Harley Davidson, Duke KTM, and Royal Enfield are a few of the well-liked bikes that bikers rent. These are high-end bikes, which may come with a higher price tag than average bikes such as the Hero Splendor, Bajaj Discover, Honda CBZ shine, etc. Additionally, people are hiring bikes for their daily commute or for a single workday.

The duration and bike of choice will determine the cost of the bike rental. However, the distribution of the top bike rental app based on duration is shown below:

How does a bike rental app work?

An app for renting bikes operates quite simply. The app’s goal is to offer users a hassle-free experience while offering the greatest bikes at the best prices. Both iOS and Android smartphones are supported by the majority of the apps. You can reserve a bike, locate a local bike station, and make safe payments with these apps. The entire procedure is:

Step 1: The user registers and logs into the application.

Step 2: Enter the date of booking and the pickup location.

Step 3:Examine the list of bikes that are offered.

Step 4: Mark your location and reserve a bike.

Step 5: Verify all the information on the review cart page before to completing the payment.

Step 6: Lastly, complete the payment to validate the reservation.

Step 7: Upon payment, the bike can be picked up by the rider on a scheduled day or, for an extra fee, delivered to their address.

Step 8: The cyclist will return the bike to the assigned bike station after using it.

Best Bike Rental App in India:

You can use one of the many Indian bike rental applications to locate your ideal ride. The list is as follows:

We’ll go into greater depth about each of these applications.

Drivezy: Vehicle, Bicycle, and Scooter

You can hire a bike from Drivezy for a little security deposit. Wheelstreet offers bike rentals in five major Indian cities: Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. In response to user requests, the Android application has undergone a recent redesign and overhaul. Its extremely easy-to-use user interface makes it straightforward for users to book a bike with little effort.


  • Option for Home Pickup and Drop.
  • 10% off your first reservation for a car, bike, or scooter.
  • autos with airbags and ABS.

Current Score: 2.4

1 million or more downloads

Android app URL

  1. Rent a Bike Howdy

If you require a self-propelled two-wheeler for your everyday trip can be rented. This app’s “commute mode function” can solve every issue you have with your daily commute. You can pick up a car from any of their Bangalore locations and drop it off at the same place or another. The fees are based on the distance traveled and the time spent, and they include gas and two helmets. The location and finish time don’t need to be fixed. It works well for hanging out, taking friends out to lunch, and the everyday commute.


  • Every type of motorbike scooter available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Before you decide to reserve a bike, try one out.

Right now, 3.1

Download count: 10,000+

Android app URL

  1. Motorcycles ONN

The fleet of ONN Bikes offers an excellent selection of bikes, scooters, e-scooters, electric bikes, Honda Activas, and other well-known motorcycles. If this is the user’s first time using the bike, all they need to do is schedule it at the closest ONN station and finish the KYC process. The company has just started selling electric cars, but only in Pune and Udaipur.


  • accessible in six Indian towns
  • Eco-friendly, intelligent electric bikes
  • No headaches with ownership and no surging costs
  • inexpensive and easily accessible

Currently rated at 3.2

500K+ downloads in total

Android and iOS app URLs

  1. Ride your bike

You can try this app if you’re looking for one that lets you reserve bikes, self-drive cars, or taxis. GoBikes offers four different time slots for renting bikes: eight, twelve, twenty-four, and forty-eight hours.


  • operates in every big city
  • Choose from a vast selection of bikes.
  • round-the-clock roadside support
  • Free helmets

Right Now: 3.0

10T+ downloads in total

Android app URL

  1. The Haunted Ride

To reserve your ideal book, download the Wicked Ride app if you’re a motorcycle fan who wants to ride a Harley Davidson, Avenger, Royal Enfield, KTM Duke, or Ducati Monster. The company owns a sizable collection of high-end motorcycles.


  • Insurance and extra spares are included with rental motorcycles to support extended travel.
  • Take part in travel adventures to various destinations.
  • Simple method for booking, picking up, and returning
  • Motorcycle rentals with no down payment

Right now, a 2.7

More than 100,000 downloads; app URLs for iOS and Android

Bike Rental Apps in Bangalore

  1. The Byke Movement

You may reserve bikes for rent in Bangalore using this additional bike rental app. You may choose from an amazing selection of bikes at Bykemania, including Avenger, Himalayan, and Harley models. You have to reserve a bike through this app if you want to go sightseeing while on vacation in Karnataka.


  • Helmets are free for the rider and the pillion.
  • Reserve bikes for one hour, twelve hours, a full day, a week, or a month.
  • 20% off when renting a bike for a week.
  • 60% off when you reserve a month’s worth of choice models.

Right now, a 3.8

Download count: 100,000+

Android app URL

  1. The Brothers Royal

With just five motorcycles when it began operations in 2015, this first-rate bike rental service is currently available in over 40 locations. The organization offers a dependable and superior bike rental experience, meeting the urgent need for economical and efficient travel. In addition, this app’s name appears while searching Google for the greatest bike rental app in Banglore.


  • Every feature of an app for renting bikes
  • A user interface that is easy to navigate and friendly

Right now, 3.7

500K or more downloads

Android app URL

Bike Rental App in Chennai

  1. OnRoadz Rent a Bike

Together with automobile rentals, this organization provides bike rentals in Chennai and other locations. The business is well-known for providing tailored offerings that help customers effectively surpass their rivals by offering lower prices.

  • Many different bike models, including the Yamaha R15, Honda Dio, and Royal Enfield Classic 350.
  • Obtain Customer Support Around-the-Clock.
  • Special customized discounts for loyal customers


Right Now: 3+

More than 100 downloads

Android app URL

  1. Calm Bikes

Reliable Chennai motorcycle rental firm Relax Bikes provides affordable rental prices on a variety of models. Those who enjoy riding a variety of bikes on a budget might choose to use Relax Bikes Services. This organization offers cheap coupons and is rated as the finest bike rental app in Chennai.


  • Low-Risk Savings Account
  • Complimentary Towing Support
  • To accept complimentary helmets.

Right Now: 3+

More than 100 downloads

Android app URL

Bike Rental App in Pune


The company’s goal is to give customers in Pune easy access to transportation options. They are a well-known company in the industry that provides bike rentals in Pune without requiring a security deposit. The company primarily deals with three types of bikes: cruisers, regular bikes, and scooters.


  • Offer Hourly Bikes with No Security Deposit
  • Run social media campaigns that give customers access to bikes for a certain price.

Net address:

  1. Gearz Vehicle

Bicycles are available for rent on this app for hourly, weekly, and monthly periods. Customers can reserve bikes online for a payment of Rs. 300; the remaining amount can be paid when the bike is picked up. Aside from this, they maintain complete transparency throughout the process in order to build stronger bonds with the customers.


  • The company submitted its motorcycles for servicing once every seven days.
  • Online bike reservations and document submission available.
  • Roadside Support Services.

Right now, 3.7

1k+ downloads in total

Android app URL

Bike Rental App in Hyderabad

  1. Sukuto App

This program aims to provide users with a smooth and easy way to travel. This application is currently available in Hyderabad and all other major Indian cities. They are able to captivate their target customers by regularly introducing fresh products into the market.


  • Deposit Security
  • Required upkeep for vehicles
  • Cars being cleaned in front of patrons

Currently rated at 4.0

5 million downloads

Android app URL (Sukuto Partner App URL)

  1. Rent an Electric Scooter from Bounce

Bounce’s goal is to lower the average rate of carbon emissions and it only works with electric automobiles. Consumer preference for electric vehicles over those with gasoline or diesel engines has increased as the trend for electric vehicles has intensified. “Bounce Electric Scooter Rental” has effectively established its brand inside the top bike rental app directory in Hyderabad.


  • Every bike has an electric engine.
  • provides environmentally friendly car services.
  • Due to intense competition, prices are reasonable for customers to choose from.

Currently rated at 4.0

Over 5 million downloads

Android and iOS app URLs

Bike Rental App in Delhi

  1. Freedo

Their objective is to lessen people’s reliance on private automobiles. The company’s inclusion in the list of top bike rental companies in Delhi comes from the fact that they hire bikes on a weekly to annual basis.


  • Reasonably priced Weekly to Annual Plans
  • Users and insured bikes simply need to pay the rental costs; no further expenses are needed for maintenance or insurance.

Right now, a 3.8

10k downloads in total

Android app URL

  1. Ogonn

The organization provides the most reasonably priced solutions for renting bikes in Delhi. By providing Ogonn with some advance notice, customers can use Ogonn’s interstate bike facilities to transport their bikes from one state to another. In addition, the business based its security money costs on the models of bikes and scooters.


  • Provide bike facilities on interstate roads.
  • alternatives within budget.
  • Within a weekly or monthly timeframe, offer motorcycles.

Current Score: 4.1

5K+ downloads in total

Android app URL


These bike rental apps offer users a convenient and efficient way to explore cities and travel in India. With their user-friendly interfaces and wide range of options, they provide a seamless experience for users seeking transportation solutions.

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