8 Best Ways To Manage Product Return In 2023

8 Best Ways To Manage Product Return In 2023

Best Practices For managing Product Returns

According to the research, 35% of US customers use their mobile to purchase online. Return policy is the procedure to create to manage how consumer exchange and return their undesirable things to vendors. If you want to keep your customer then you make the simple procedure to allow returns and exchanges. 

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Be Upfront About Your Return Policy

Offers an extreme level of clarity and transparency of your return policy. This return policy wraps up the method of return payment, time frame, and conditions of the returns, and any prohibition. Put all these return policies clearly on your website, in the FAQ, or Website partner. Moreover, you can also send the return policy printout with the shipping to your consumer.

Recognize The Cost Of Returns

As per the studies, 79% of people won’t purchase online just because of the return shipping charges.on the other hand, if online vendors provide free return shipping may cause an increase in sales. 

Maximum customers don’t want to pay shipping costs for returns. 

30-35% of all online order products will be returned by the consumers and 65% is the vendor’s fault the reason behind the return  As a substitute for cash returns, you might also offer credit points or gift vouchers. 

Provide A Simple Product Return Tracking

When a customer has purchased a product, a maximum number of eCommerce companies offer a shipping process (when the product is packaged when the product is transported, and so on.) The product return policy process should be the same. 

Consumers will be eager to know about the status of their exchange, return, or refund product. For the return policy, it is also a very important part to provide tracking information on the product. You can also send an auto-generated text about their return. 

Examine The Nature Of eCommerce Return

Product return is maybe uncontrollable. Controllable returns can be minimized or completely removed by effective logistic management and planning, which includes dependable delivery partners, removed product summaries, suitable packaging, and a sound inventory management system. And the other hand when your customer is dissatisfied with your product they chose to meet a certain need.

Process eCommerce Returns Quickly

As per the studies, 88% of consumers would bounds or stop doing business with an outlet if it took too long to process their refund, and 77% stated they’d be less likely to refer that vendor to another social network. These figures have only gotten bigger as banking and returns techniques have sped up to keep up with the more struct customer demand.

Examine The Controllable And Uncontrollable Returns

Controllable Returns refer to returns that may probably be reduced or even removed with improved forward logistics methods. To mention a few, this involves proper packaging, incorrect product description, slow delivery time, and general poor management, etc…

Uncontrollable Returns In this case generally vendors can’t do anything about it. If the customer changes their mind or choice about the product and they will return the product. In this situation, the seller doesn’t have any option regarding returning the product.


ADDIE is a short form of Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. With the help of this, you can track and analyze the return rate. You can also develop a feedback forum, it helps you to collect customers’ feedback about your design or develop more related products. 

The consumer feedback forum is the best way to implement changes and your marketing strategy. Examine consistently your online eCommerce business strategy to stay connected with your customers.

Create Headway With Artificial Intelligence(AI)

AI is an Extraordinary technique for using visual representation in a fashion good like:- footwear, accessories, clothing, etc…The main cause of return is dissatisfaction with the fit and the color. With the help of accurate imagery, shoppers can represent their goods.

With the help of AI consumers can virtually try clothing by viewing things on models.


In the end, we hope that through this post you were able to know How To Manage Product Returns. Here we listed the 8 best ways to manage product return.

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