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How to build an App like Go Mechanic? 

How to build an App like Go Mechanic?


On-demand car service apps are fueled by the human comfort of getting their car serviced without standing in queues for booking an appointment prior to getting your car serviced or bargaining for cost-cutting at a local Garage.
Go Mechanic was one such app that conquered the market on the basis of the same principle. On average it is noted that a car owner spends around 2000 to 20000 on car servicing while getting their car serviced from a brand-operated service centre. On opting to go with a local workshop, the owners are left with a luck-by-chance probability of either getting quality service for a cheaper bill or getting their money wasted for poor labour. 

On-Demand car service apps incorporated both models. For instance, Go mechanic is a brand, enough to garner people’s trust and they leverage upon the prices offered by them as well. The prices, which are not very different from what is offered by the Local Mechanics, became their selling factor as the car owner gets a value for money service on which he relies his trust. 


Additional features such as live tracking, live chat with the appointed mechanic/garage, in-app calling, Geo-location tracking of the vehicle etc. make the app much more feasible to have.
Let’s get into the details of the requirements of building an on-demand car service apps platform, shall we? 


Essentials to build an on-demand car service app. 

1. Market research and knowledge. 

Knowing the market, its tactics, and its nature is good for every individual planning to set foot in any business. This business is no different either.
It is always good to study the tactics and decide what all you need to include in the apps for the better relatability of the users with the platform. 

Service provider platforms are not an unfamiliar niche to the market, rather it is one such niche that challenges every newcomer and threatens the existing bulls as well. 


The market is never stable and is ever-evolving. The market changes its pace with every emerging trend and takes a step back when the business flow is affected. One such popular example would be the 2020 pandemic; speaking in terms of the business in concern, the car service apps industry. The market crashed, people were in their homes, no need of getting their vehicles refuelled, no need to get the cars at home service.
It took a while for the market to recover from the catastrophe and recover. But once the world opened up, the business was booming as ever. When the cars began crowding on roads, the traffic in garages improved as well. That is the reason why Go Mechanic’s revenue for the 2021 Financial year was a whopping 68.5 crores!

Market research and analysis help aspiring service providers get a grip over the matter and happenings. It also helps in getting a performance prediction as well.

2. Finding an apt app development partner. 

It is as important as market research to find yourselves a reliable development partner. A development partner who understands the needs/requirements put forward by you and incorporates the clean coding methods is someone you should be looking for, as that person would provide you with the most polished product. 

Today, at every crossroad, there is a developer who would accept your contract for petty money and give you a mess of a product that guarantees no scalability and user experience. 


For you to find a professional that has your best interests in mind, you should be looking at the previous products that the developer/ development agency has delivered and the credibility of their work. 

Let me just slide in a little marketing of our development services; We at Appic Softwares believe in quality over quality and that might be the reason for the stupendous growth this organisation has showcased in recent times. We provide services in mobile app development as well as website development. You can look at our portfolio and find a convincing reason yourself. 


Coming back to the elephant in the room, finding a reliable development partner would be crucial for the platform’s overall performance. Some developers might give you an over-the-top User interface design combined with an average backend architecture which hinders the smooth functioning of the app, leading to a poor user experience. Hence hire a mobile app developer and designer who comes with an exceptional eye for creativity.


User experience also commonly known as UX is another major aspect of app development which brings us to our next sub heading.

3. Out-of-the-world UI and UX designing. 

In-app development, user experience plays a huge role. Today in IT firms, a separate job title named UX researchers is prevalent and growing, such as the importance of having a smooth and credible user experience. User experience as its name suggests is the user’s experience while using the app. It includes the placement of buttons, margins, bars and images that would appeal to the user to have a pleasant experience while being on the platform and not irritate them or infuriate them. 

The core objective of having a smooth and hassle-free experience while booking is increasing the screen time on the app. If the user likes what he sees and experiences, he might spend more time on the app, exploring the other contents of the app. 


Appic Softwares provides the best User experience designs in the form of modern and to-the-point wireframes that grip the user’s attention and increase the overall look and feel of the app.
A good User experience has the following things which matter the most. 

  • Good and justified placement of the elements such as buttons, toggles, bars and images. 
  • Proper margining and spacing between elements
  • The justified flow of the screens
  • Remarkable reachability of user requirements. 


4. A stupendous design

The key element of any product sold is the visual appeal that it provides to its users. A good User Interface is the second stepping stone after a remarkable UX design.
The combination of UI and UX designs defines the visual appeal of the platform. 

The crafting and designing of UI require creativity and skills, hence it is very important for you to find a professional who can do justice to your imagination. 


5. Features of the platform. 

In the market, there are several contenders if you decide to step foot in the Service provider industry. The pre-existing giants such as GoMechanic and Urban company, since we are talking about the service provider Niche, have been adapting to the user preferences and demands in order to find the exact element that pleases the users. 

Like the popular saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”, the experiment is the basis of progress. You ought to experiment with the features until some of them click with the users and that becomes your selling point. 

It is a hit-or-miss process and takes time and effort for reaching that point. 


The key features of a Car service apps provider platform that are popular today are:-
a) Service listing: For users to choose from.

b) Geo-location and Geo-Fencing: For users to track the vehicle location and for service providers to provide pick and drop services.

c) In-app Chat: For users to maintain communication with the service-providing professional (Mechanic) during the car service.

d) In-app calling: For communication with service professionals

e) In-app payment: For making the payments and claiming refunds.

f) Booking management and history: For bookkeeping purposes. 


6) Expert development partner. 

Development is the core of the app and it depends on the developer you choose to craft the way forward for your application.
It is a time taking mechanism and people spend millions of dollars to bring their vision into reality. A developer is responsible for coding and building the app architecture in a sustainable manner that enables the developer and the future developers to easily make changes to the existing prototype.
An app’s journey is a never stopping process. You might have to re-invest in the platform from time to time in order for the upkeep and maintenance of the platform. 


On-demand car service app development is not an easy task and finding professionals who can aid you in the process is not an easy task either. In order to help you make a decision, you can also check the live projects of Appic Softwares and decide for yourself about the credibility and quality of work we provide. 


7) Seamless booking and execution experience for users and Mechanics

This would be the major use case of the app. Allowing the users to book a service for their cars and the seamless experience that a mechanic has while making a booking and executing the process will be the selling point of the application.
The people who use the app for making bookings and the mechanics who take the bookings are both the users of your platform and it is your responsibility to provide a seamless experience to both the user groups. 


8) Smooth payment execution

The most crucial point of developing the platform is making revenue out of it. And developing a solution that does this effortlessly in a manner that won’t hurt the user to spend a little extra for the smooth experience you provide will be the game-changer. 



Getting an app developed is not a big deal in 2022, but getting a quality app developed is a gigantic task. Having the right connections and partners whom you can rely upon for the development, maintenance and enhancement of your dream project is the key.
I highly recommend you get in touch with us at sales@appicsoftwares.com for getting all your queries answered and all your requirements addressed. Who knows, you might get your ideal development companion. 

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