9 Challenges While Hiring Indian Developers + Solution

9 Challenges While Hiring Indian Developers + Solution

challeneges while hiring indian developers

With a 62% share of the US market, India is one of the top countries in the world for outsourcing IT labor.

In the field of software development, outsourcing has emerged as the preferred option for many companies looking for quick and easy fixes in 2023. In order to turn app concepts into reality, India is one of the best places to connect with the talent pool of software developers.

Gold’s study found that American developers were outperformed by Indian programmers by 11% in math and logic assessments.

India, which is quickly becoming the world’s software superpower, is one of the greatest places to find the best outsourcing services for a range of development requirements. Employing developers from India can be a smart choice if you want to get access to affordable, high-caliber tech know-how, but there are a few obstacles that companies may run against when filling positions.

This post will examine the top 9 issues that arise when employing Indian developers and offer the best fixes for them:

9 Challenges While Hiring Indian Developers With Its Solutions 

Through 2028, the Indian software market is expected to expand by more than 11.31%.

Technical Expertise 

The job market is difficult in the digital age we live in. Once upon a time, you can become tired of looking through a long list of resumes with different experience and ability levels and thinking about a talent scarcity. Geographical restrictions typically present this difficulty for companies using a one-directional approach, making it more difficult for them to find candidates who are a good fit for the position. 

If this talent search is not stopped, it will rank among the most difficult recruitment tasks facing numerous corporate sectors. 

More than 6 million tech specialists are thought to be lacking in the US, costing the country $162 billion in lost income. 

As a result, in order to find software engineers in India who fit the correct profile, companies must either hire more people sooner or incur higher acquisition costs.


In order to go beyond the obstacle of “How to hire top developers in India?” The hiring procedure should be made as efficient as possible. By addressing it, the hiring cycle can be shortened by 60%.

  • For the position you’re seeking, create a job description that is clearly stated and illustrated. To create a list of necessary qualifications, experience, positions, and duties, you can also use JD creation tools.
  • To assist you in locating the best candidate for the position, use keyword optimization for relevant geographic areas, experience, skill sets, and income expectations ranges. 
  • To locate the finest candidate for the needed role, you can also make use of the appropriate talent acquisition tactics.
  • To find the best portfolios and hire Indian developers within the necessary time and budget, use the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Evaluating The Right Talent For The Job

How will you know whether this applicant is a good fit for your career in software development? This represents the main obstacle that companies encounter while recruiting new employees. 

Nine out of ten recruiters will concur, based on the hiring poll, that finding the perfect candidate for the job that is advertised is difficult. 

 Recruiters and hiring managers typically invest over 20 hours a week reviewing and evaluating several resumes in order to select Indian developers for positions. When preparing to outsource work processes, over 69% of businesses find it difficult to assemble specialized development teams. 


To describe the job need, a comprehensive job description that lists the necessary skills—such as specialized experience and hands-on programming language knowledge—must be provided.

  • To gauge a candidate’s proficiency with the necessary technologies and problem-solving abilities, evaluate them using the answers they submitted for your coding quiz round and practical exams. 
  • Seek applicants with relevant experience or those who have worked on related projects. 
  • If you are a coding enthusiast who would like to contribute to the community, think about making contributions to open-source projects. 
  • Establish trial periods to recognize their potential as contributors to the software development team.
  • Verify references to learn more about the dependability, effectiveness, and work ethics of prospects. 

Assessing and Examining the Eligible Talent Pool for Employment

It can be difficult to vet as part of cross-checking and validating the details. Hiring problems are made worse by including ground operators and local sourcing to make sure the information is correct.  

It can be difficult to locate the proper fit in a remote location, according to 33.1% of recruiters. 

The length of the evaluation process is affected by work on the verification process, including background checks, legal issues, and financial limitations. The competitive global job market makes it difficult to hire top personnel due to optimized operations and responsive processes.


  • The screening procedure for hiring programmers from India serves as a filter to identify unfit applicants and boosts the effectiveness of the hiring process overall. It is imperative that you possess comprehensive information and astute approaches to verify individuals’ work experience and suitability for the suggested tasks.
  • Work along with respectable talent acquisition firms that can expedite the screening process and supply pre-screened applicants.
  • Use hands-on coding exercises and competency-based assessments to gauge candidates’ aptitude for problem-solving and practical work. 
  • Explore social media sites and virtual professional networks such as LinkedIn to establish connections with prospective employees who possess pertinent job experience and competencies.

Long Hiring Cycle

Because of the mismatch between the supply and demand of competent workers, recruiters searching for a mobile app developer for hire in India may encounter a protracted hiring process. Hiring managers find it difficult to discover and secure qualified candidates for an extended period of time. They are working to fill the position in order to avoid financial and operational setbacks associated with open recruiting. It’s not like they always get the best applicants in a week; occasionally the process of interviewing and shortlisting applicants takes longer than anticipated.  

On average, hiring managers and recruiters dedicate over 60% of their weekly hours on identifying and vetting potential candidates. 

Recruiters may claim that a candidate has been chosen by another organization in an effort to retain an interest in them.


  • Steer clear of everything that could impede the hiring process. 
  • Identify the most effective approaches to improve a poor hiring process.
  • Think about the hiring phase and double-check that all the necessary steps and qualifying rounds have been included for talent to finish the skill test. 
  • Make sure you have included all specifications for the software development hunt in India by double-checking your JD. 
  • Create a carefully thought-out talent-screening framework. You are getting closer to locking down the prospect as the best fit the more sophisticated your hiring algorithm gets. 
  • Requesting comfortable working hours will allow you to assess the candidate’s productivity with clarity. 
  • Wrap up the screening process by going over every important factor you should take into account before selecting the best applicant.

Building Employee Value Proposition

The effectiveness of job postings is closely related to brand perception. Companies with minimal online presence, no information about their work culture, negative reviews, and inaccurate information are typically not taken into account by applicants who are interested in learning about the company’s principles and concern for its workforce. The process is known as EVP (Employee Value Proposition) creation in the technical language. 

Potential candidates’ resumes are 50% less likely to be received by companies when they contain inaccurate information or have no online presence. 

When it comes to digitization, employees typically check a company’s exposure to new technologies and platforms for advanced skill learning first. A lot of businesses are not very active online. Hiring applicants who are more eager to learn about the workplace culture or environment therefore becomes challenging. 


  • Develop a strategy for employee branding that addresses growth, culture, pay, and perks. 
  • Hiring software developers in India can be made easier by including basic information about the company’s name, technical support, approximate personnel count, and work atmosphere on portals like Ambition Box, Naukri.com, Indeed, etc. 
  • Engage staff members and customers on several social media networks, such as Clutch and HubSpot, as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • By focusing on branding and marketing techniques, you can significantly shorten the recruiting process and receive positive feedback on your job postings.

Lack Of Research

The employment of global talent from the greatest country, as opposed to fixing it in one place, has become generally recognized by corporations due to developments in the recruitment process. In order to identify suitable candidates for software development, recruiters might think about difficulties in the hiring process.

They risk missing out on the talented applicant pool and losing time and money by adhering to the standard recruitment process and not conducting adequate research on the hiring process at offshore sites. It’s becoming one of the main obstacles in the offshore hiring process for a lot of large corporations. 


  • Examine the hiring procedures used in India and understand how these modules function to find the most talented software developers in the country. 
  • Make contact with an offshore recruiting partner to gain valuable insights into the problems and solutions associated with software development.
  • Choose to handle the employment procedure in an accommodating manner. 
  • Give detailed information about the necessary skill set, the candidate’s career path, and business choices.

Payroll & Salary

One of the key components of the hiring process is payroll. Due to wage discussions, many hiring decisions are marked as pending. 

“It’s tough to gauge the market when it comes to salary and compensation,” the recruiting managers said. “Companies may end up losing the best candidates more than 50% of the time when they reach that funnel stage.”

Hiring managers follow the stated budget for salary; they do not negotiate. India’s software developers work with several pricing schemes. They might occasionally be employed on an hourly basis. If not, they likewise operate within set budgets.


  • Prior to beginning the hiring process, clearly define your work model and budget. 
  • Examine the cost structure to determine the minimum and maximum compensation for software developers in India according to their level of expertise and experience in the workplace. 
  • Additionally, you can look for the greatest talent on Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and Upwork.
  • Referrals are available through organizations and networking avenues. 
  • Look through LinkedIn to find the top software engineers in India.

Understand Regulatory Norms

You should be aware of regulatory tax laws and savings guidelines as you gradually hunt for the ideal team for software development or hire an Indian developer. Businesses frequently overlook this crucial step in the employment process, which typically results in a drawn-out hiring procedure.


  • Prior to hiring specialist development teams in India, you should gather all necessary information on legal requirements.
  • To guarantee compliance with employment and tax legislation, take into account appropriate benefits, remuneration, and benefits.
  • studies on the labor laws and business cultures in the areas where the Indian government operates. 
  • Adhere to recommended guidelines to reduce monetary and legal hazards.

Onboarding And Employee Retaining

A survey indicates that merely 12% of workers think their companies have an effective onboarding procedure.

47% of businesses report difficulties with employee onboarding as a result of infrastructure access issues.

The hiring procedure depends heavily on the companies’ employee retention rate and seamless onboarding. Another major difficulty for recruiters is going above and above to find committed development teams in India, only to struggle with employee retention. Workers who are dissatisfied with the work environment or who violate the established terms and conditions typically quit their positions.


  • During the interview and onboarding process, be explicit about the job tasks and responsibilities. 
  • In order to give your employees the greatest possible working environment, you should address cultural differences during the offshore hiring process. 
  • Focus on establishing relationships for the remote developers inside the team. 
  • Engage them in a variety of activities and events to build a bridge that will enable them to relate to others from different cultural backgrounds in an effective manner.

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These days, one of the greatest off-sourcing strategies that many companies have developed is hiring qualified developers in India. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to acquire the greatest expertise within a set budget and timeframe.

When looking to hire developers in India, addressing these obstacles and using appropriate recruiting plans and techniques might result in good hiring outcomes.

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